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  1. You will know, I mean know if you have permanently dropped a cylinder. Anyway the options are: 1) Rebuild the motor 2) Enjoy motor until 1) So...
  2. Well your 9+35 became 9+15 with the spacer, which will definitely rub. So... there you go. Use a smaller spacer, (or no spacer).
  3. I got a DAB box for digital radio with my full android head unit. The answer is "surprisingly quite a lot clearer" lol
  4. Your options are. MCA ($$$$$) BC Coilovers ($) Shockworks ($$) Or go full f**king retard like I did ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) BC or Shockworks is the best bang for buck. With a GT though I would say BC's is about as much as you'd realistically ever want to go. The GT is at BEST a comfortable neat styled cruiser like a Nissan Camry of similar year. Treat it as such lol
  5. Did sell it, and it went to England! Unless you're the buyer of mine (who actually only had one arm and one functional leg...)… GO MANUAL.
  6. I was in that situation and I upgraded the speakers. Reason: Music on in car 100% of time spent in car. In traffic, parked at lights, cruising around, while car warming up, middle of thunderstorm. Extra injector requirement is something like 0.01% of time spent in car.
  7. True* except you'd never have to return the vehicle to stock, just to it's "Engineered" state. I.e he may have to change his bonnet, but would never have an issue with the V8 being there. In any case for all prospective buyers of this actual car, this is not an issue!
  8. Having run the gamut on my own car I can say it's not really as hard as you think. That said I was also willing to casually drive to NSW from Victoria for some of the required testing, and tune the car myself for emissions, and... so maybe not everyone is willing to do that or has better things to do with their life.. Also, that car may be engineered, and old mate decided to change the steering wheel and bonnet later.. as many of us here are reported to do
  9. Also the 45K one is not the same as the others 😛
  10. I recently went through this. Honestly given how this can only really occur with non-standard stuff its where you'd begin. It's almost always a device is on (when the car is off) and its draining power that way. Common suspects, Audio systems, reverse cameras, ODB2 connectors, Dashcams, Alternator Diodes failing so alternator is always 'excited' In my case it was the alternator being wired to the horn fuse, so it was always excited. As this was an engine conversion (I didnt do the wiring) this is in the category of "Stuff that changed".
  11. GTR's did infact drop under 40k (for R34's) before the crazy price hike. Anyone who has ever looked under one or in the engine bay of one or knows skylines in general, knows that when you mod one, for performance's sake, you're effectively paying $100k (lol) for a heavy AWD system.
  12. Having gone through engine conversions, I think the smart move here is not to put a RB26 into a S15, mainly because the amount of power the SR20 can do is going to be enough for most sane applications in that platform. Plus you could probably sell the RB26 and more than pay for a reasonable SR20 rebuild and have a fun vehicle 😛
  13. It is a pricy thing to do, but the truth is a good clutch is important as you use it, I dunno... about 200 times an hour when you think about it.. I paid a little less, but I supplied all of the parts to begin with. To drive in, drive out, with new bits and that it is well worth it. Sadly these days you never know with R33 GTST Gearboxes, a lot of people have started to use Z33/Z34 CD009 gearboxes or others, as these boxes often get used for drifting and the price has gone up. However the car is going to be so much better for having a manual in it.
  14. From what I can gather you drove this thing a few times, thought "Sweet jesus this is hardcore" and then reconsidered what you were even thinking initially. This is fine and realistically the car is a pretty hardcore one to just step in to. What won't change though is the initial line of thinking before you bought what you bought, and if you have no fun car at all you may find yourself longing. Not saying this specifically is the car for you, but I would still expect to think of something that does suit what itch you were initially looking to scratch cause they rarely stay away! Fun cars don't need to be batshit crazy or scary!
  15. Why would you choose anything that isnt a G series Garrett in 2019? That said the GTX2860 realistically is a pretty good unit. MX5 down here in Vic uses them to great effect at Winton doing 1:28's which is fast as fk. If anything it's refreshing that someone in 2019 is not going "Yeh bruh insta story needs 600+kw to even trend"
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