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  1. I legitimately think a R33 GTST looks better than a RX7.
  2. Kinkstaah

    I have never, ever, EVER heard of ANYONE EVER Leaving IT and regretting doing so. Source: Been in IT since 2000, asking 100% of colleagues who have left IT.
  3. Kinkstaah

    The info on them is shaky at best unfortunately as they really arent that popular a build for reasons I'm not too sure on either. The AWD 25neo from stagea into a GT-Four is a sure fire winning combo, though I would expect (just hunches) that you will find several things that are NA-spec and not GTR spec. If you must assume, assume NA but definitely the way to go is to examine the thing thoroughly before you decide to tinker with it. A lot of the things that people say are the same, aren't with R34's, Series 1 vs Series 2 differences in parts that "are the same and have the same part number" see also: NA vs GTT parts. Hope for the best (yay GTR spec things) but plan for them not to be, and DEFINITELY budget for them not to be, to be safe. But if you get your hands on the car and start looking, you're likely to be the most knowledgeable guy around about them lol
  4. Kinkstaah

    There's a big thread on them - I bought and used and then sold an ARD 150amp alternator and it works exactly as it should, and bolts directly in, 100%, no dramas whatsoever in any way. 10/10 would use again except I... am doing a LS engine conversion so lol. ARD150 definitely better than the OEM 80 one.
  5. R34/R33/S14/S15 Hardrace front castor arms. For when you want so much castor you give no more f***s about your inner guard linings and want as much caster as possible without it moving around over a bump.Removed because I sadly do care about my inner guard liners and need no such caster now, Work absolutely perfectly. Has marks and scratches as seen as you'd expect from used suspension components and I can't fathom the buyer who buys aftermarket suspension items and wants them to look unused or doesn't plan on using them...Will ship, prefer local however if plausible. $200
  6. Kinkstaah

    Feels tune-y. But nothing should have changed after replacing a fuel tank.
  7. Kinkstaah

    What tyres? None, there's no way they're fitting on a stock guarded R34 GTT. None. NONE. Mount the rim once, laugh, and put up for sale.
  8. Kinkstaah

    Actualy I have to admit that, as much as I wanted to hang s*** on the Commodores or Falcons, if they got surprised by a 450kw auto 4 door sedan there were ALWAYS massive thumbs up out the sides of windows and such, on the rare occasion this occured on a private road etc. But yeah, Prinny is literally made for XR6T's. What?
  9. Kinkstaah

    Can confirm living in Glen Waverley, hondas and other P plate cars (86's oh god 86's everywhere) still around droning everywhere which makes me happy. You'd have to expect HWY to be dominated by XR6T's, I mean think about it it's a cheap readily available 4L turbo which is pretty terrible at anything that isn't pulls from 80kmh. Not going to find one of them at the top of a mountain of your choice.
  10. I may actually be interested in the harness if no one else is, the one I have has to be entirely unwound to fit through the slots in my current seats, which is a slight bit annoying as I don't see myself changing my seats to fit the harness I currently have.
  11. Kinkstaah

    I don't know this, honestly - But is there any data on just how often 90's Nissans or corollas or whatever else is considered "reliable" and how often they were recalled/fixed under warranty etc? It may very well have changed, but just going through daily society in the office carpark I see many euros, and the opinions of people who own them don't exactly scream "I wish I didn't buy this euro" or "I'll never do that again" etc.
  12. Kinkstaah

    Are there actually any real horror stories regarding modernish Euros anyway? They all seem to be motoring along, at least at the same rate as any other car their age. I mean my little french baguette is honestly easier to work on than the R34 is and everything seems in pretty good nick for its relative age. At least nothing obviously out of the ordinary. Given they all have german electrics now, I'd wager your golf/polo/whatever is likely similar.
  13. Kinkstaah

    Why not a golf/polo exactly? Do you not want an answer to your question lol Sometimes things are popular because actually good/fit for purpose
  14. Kinkstaah

    Megane or Clio will beat all of the above. But cause car racist, get a polo GTI, the older manual only ones. Cheap, clean, nice, worse than a Megane in every way (cross shopped both) but perfectly OK for daily duties. Comes pre-modded for your enjoyment. Technically not a golf.