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  1. Kinkstaah

    Its theoretically possible, but you need custom/different guards. No, you can't flare it to fit that much, not without getting them repainted etc etc. The cheapest way is to replace the guards. You're about 15mm too far out as it stands. I was able to fit a 9.5 +27 inside my R34 GTT guards. Sell and buy some different wheels. The LMGT2's do actually come in 18x9 +32. I would have bought a set of these but they don't clear my (much larger than OEM) brakes.
  2. Kinkstaah

    The easiest way is to get under the car and check and see re: cats. Yes, without a cat you know about it. If people following you get headaches in the hills, you have no cat. It is possible to have a really rich tune and have rear bar discoloration etc with a cat, so ideally you'd be checking both the tune and the state of your exhuast.
  3. Kinkstaah

    You can't. What size are the rims?
  4. Above is the GTX3582 and below is the 7670. The 8374 is going to be bigger. The 3582 fit barely well enough on a damn stock RB25 manifold that it was too close for comfort to pretty much everything (hence going high mount, after!) Without knowing what car it is it all comes down to how much room you have and how much bigger it is than a R32/33/34 because its complete guesses either way. At least on a 34, a stock manifold which is about as compact as it gets was struggling with a 3582. Get the G Series, if ONLY for its compact size.
  5. Racechrono Pro is suprisingly OK to do this, all you really have to do is get the raw video (from any source) and get it onto your phone for the app to see it. You can then overlay them on top of one another to sync them up. Then Racechrono Pro will export the completed video to another file on your phone which you can then copy off and upload etc. Other than moving the file to/from your phone to actually merge them, it's quite intuitive to actually use
  6. Low mounting a 8374 is lol. It is a huge turbo, in the context of low mounting one in a RB. My 7670 was much, much, much larger than a GTX3582 and that was a squeeze to low mount. (The GTX3582, the 7670 low mounting was a non-option) The answer on low mounting a single nowdays would have to be the Garrett G series - They are much more compact for the power they put out. Definitely 100% without any doubt ever that is the turbo you want to get if for some reason you demand it to be low mounted.
  7. I agree, after using them on the track I had this problem after half a session pulling back into the pits But some people use them with little to no issues After I discussed the above photo with Brakes Direct, they sent me a set of DBA XP, but they also said they didnt have a great deal of info on them either, They should at least work for the street, but they are rated a bit tougher than the A1RM but fill the segment the A1RM is 'supposed' to be filling. If you have them, and have nothing else its worth a go. Worst that can happen is you buy another set of pads for track days which is hardly the worst plan to have..
  8. They are actually a new pad designed by DBA to enter into that market. I got a set for free from Brakes Direct due to my Forza pads taking near forever (7 months!) to ship from Italy, which was an issue on the Forza end, not the Brakes Direct end. However, I haven't tried them as my car is laid up right now. They SHOULD sit in that light track/A1RM/FP3 kind of segment. They should be well into the whole "Well I'm about to go to the track for the first time but want something semi-streetable..." kind of thing.
  9. Kinkstaah

    This is where I say buy Jussi's sedan and sell commodore, etc etc.
  10. Kinkstaah

    Intercooler pipe gone or blown turbo. Don't *try* and make boost in this scenario, surefire way to actually kill the turbo by spinning it too hard as it'll try and make 500psi on its way to making 0psi.
  11. Kinkstaah

    Honestly, the best way to do it is buy someone's project you can vouch for. There are no unmolested virgin R34's, nor should there be, and the ones that may exist are absolutely not worth the $.
  12. Kinkstaah

    Kerbs are not really your friend on a racetrack. Not really. They do stuff like that more often than they don't, every track has a couple of 'safe' ones and yeah the rest uh.... avoid to .. avoid stuff like the above happening!
  13. Kinkstaah

    +1 for this. That said, have used WITHOUT gps receiver, still gets pretty good/usable/awesome data. Would try it on its own first nowadays with updated/modern phones.
  14. I have to ask, what wheels and size are those? The original ones. The ones you were replacing. The OEM+ look you're referencing looks really nice. From experience, 450rwkw + reliable is uh.... it's going to be a tough ask depending on what you refer to as 'reliable'. Consider selling a child or two or maybe a house to get there.
  15. Is this car actually stock? I saw this behaviour when I had a R34 GTT and someone had replaced the standard triple gauges (in the center) with aftermarket gauges. However they had just repurposed the OEM wiring and sensors, so all the gauges read incorrectly. Given the car does NOT have a stock temperature gauge that reads (in C) how hot the car is, it makes me wonder if these are aftermarket gauges that are setup incorrectly. But I definitely remember the oil one - It read very similar numbers to that until I changed the sender to the correct sender.