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  1. For any future searchers, all of the above is now sold except:
  2. You don't get more power, what you get is a lot more knowledge about how to make your engine run right. It is a slippery slope, self tuning. You kind of get to the point where you realise everything else was a bit of a half-effort-not-completed job, and its a lot of satisfaction getting things running actually right. Better ECU's give you better control over what is happening with the engine. Better control = better running engine everywhere, not just WOT pulls from 4500RPM upwards.
  3. https://www.whichcar.com.au/reviews/2020-renault-megane-rs-trophy-r-first-drive-performance-review "The result is a car that on a circuit, with height lowered and dampers set to medium-rare, feels every inch as good and connected as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, just front-wheel drive and less accelerative. There’s equivalent feel, finesse, grip and loads of traction." And the truth is the rest of the RS lines are basically these style cars with full interiors, at least the clio RS variants and the Meg 225, 250 et al. At least I'm gonna be 100% certain I will be like "shit, wish I didnt sell that" when I inevitably sell mine because 1 car lyf. They're just so different when driven in anger compared to the staple of cool cars nowadays, i.e Golf GTI/Golf R. That said the Cooper S is pretty cool too, but not quite the same thing, Renaults just got beaten to the ground much harder with depreciation lol.
  4. Yes, methinks the love/hate relationship I have with Nissan is probably due to that 50/50 split. With GM involved I have the ultimate three-way going on now!
  5. Its not really so much the power (mine has a tune on it) It's the handling.. especially when you go into any kind of twisty road, the differences are night and day. I have the cup version. It's basically the same car as a RS250/RS265 though I prefer the dynamics of the RS225 (it has less braking/liftoff oversteer, it has better visibility) Took mine to Winton when the 34 failed its first pre-trackday test with LS mode, did about 90 hotlaps with 0 faults and was 4 wheel sliding it around Winton, just a brilliant little thing, most trouble free track event ever. Only realised after the day that it was running stock shocks as well which is just a crazy thing after Nissan life.. Pretty big Renault fan now lol.
  6. The only thing better is a Renault Megane RS225. Also, going to be selling mine soon, unrelated ofc
  7. The Turbosmart plumb back Kompact Bov for a RB25 is what you want. Alternatively, swapping a stock one on for the inspection is an issue. If you want 'performance' over the stock BOV and the ability to never worry again about legalities, at the cost of 'wooshy sounds' the kompact plumb back is what you want,
  8. FYI - These are reasonably cheap new from Kudos et al - I just sold my old ones off as a bundle recently. I want to say new they are probably similar price of a 2nd hand SMIC, and obviously they last like 20 years.
  9. Plus with an exhaust they sound stupidly good, like "I am sorry please excuse me you have no right to sound that good" good for a 1.4L engine. Same motor as the little fiat 500 Abarth
  10. You have not gone blind. I have gone blind. I wanted $250 for the lot. Note: The price from Nissan for both items via Kudos or Taarks is ~$550.
  11. New fan hub and fan for RB25DET Neo. Will likely bolt onto other RB20 RB25 and RB30.You may notice the fan looks a little busted up. While new, it did have an enounter with an engine cover, and the engine cover lost.However it still keeps temps down at the track and works perfectly and has no cracks whatsoever. If you are fancy you could sand down the rough edges of the fan with some sandpaper. Or just flat out not use it as the hub itself is well worth it alone relative to a brand new one which this one basically is.
  12. Small turbo kit on a 86 is one of those "enjoy it/great little car" combos. Right up there with a little turbo MX5 at similar power. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and act smug when people who look cool on forums blow up all their money in broken engines.
  13. Conversely, I ran/run a 25row, and yeah the fitting is POSSIBLE (on either side of the car) but it gets into the area of wondering how many of those extra rows are actually getting airflow. However at the track I would pull an indicator out and see oil temps a little cooler than above, about ~105C, down from 150C without the cooler at the same track in the same conditions. There will be expletives fitting it though, but it can be done.
  14. I think it does need to be said a lot, repeatedly, everywhere, because it certainly isn't common knowledge/accepted truth that making big power on a RB involves reguarily tearing the motor down, especially with the levels of boost that E85 promotes on social media. Also the LS Ecu has two timing maps, one for high octane and one for low octane, but all the car actually does is use how much knock it is reading to interpolate between the two maps, safe to say I don't really feel like putting 91 in the car ever.. even if it is "supposed to run on 91", even if the GM ecu is great at it, and it's OEM etc.. far more peace of mind putting better fuel in it.
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