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  1. Yeah you'll only save in time. Ultimately unless you are DIY'ing yourself you have to trust someone external to you anyway. Whether thats the seller (who is usually another customer) you're still trusting *a* machine shopt or *a* builder whether you deal with them directly or indirectly. I'd personally prefer a motor that's done ~25,000kms and a few track days/many dyno runs and is still holding together just fine like mineeee... over one freshly built anyway. Reputation tends to matter a lot with these things. In 2018 it's really hard not to argue just ordering a RIPS RB30 bottom end as soon as you buy any R chassis and have it ready to go and it'll be all you need.
  2. lol I'll sell you my 2.8 with VCT for far far far far less than that one on FB. RB26 tax is absurd.
  3. Without changing turbo or intercooler? There is no way.
  4. Well there we go. This is what a 9.5 +27 looks at the front of a 34 with a pulled guard. This is wih a 265 tyre and is about 0.1mm from rubbing on everything on lock. I've lowered it a touch since then, but it's pretty easy to see that there's no way +15mm is going to fit in that guard. I always flirt with re-shelling the car (as opposed to painting). Looks like the R33 GTST got a few more points in that regard Sorry to hijack thread - There's a lot of info on SAU that suggest fitment for R33 GTST and R34 GTT is so identical it's almost "the same", clearly it isn't!
  5. Still doesn't really seem possible, I had a full roll, and pull, and semi-flare to get 18x9.5 +27 at the front. Those wheels are a full 15mm further out than what I have up the front of a 34. And mine sits like this: Guess I'm off to get a R33 then, the geometry isn't as close as people tend to say it is here!
  6. They also seem to be pretty crazy numbers, cause if real then it's time to re-shell into a R33 GTST instead of a R34, especially the front.
  7. Cheers, helps contextualize the times. My eyebrows were raised looking at the times if a AD08R was considered 'semi slick' which sometimes it does get categorized as!
  8. Change your diff settings. Most of the cars have default diff settings of full lock on decel, and partial lock on acceleration. This completely changes how the cars actually drive around, or put on the viscous diff option. The Skylines then drive like Skylines, though I can understand why you'd want locking on decel to overcome understeer on a race car on a road chassis if you're a skilled actual racing driver, I clearly am not
  9. What is considered a "Street Tyre" and "Semi Slick" for the classes there?
  10. +1 for SL Customs. I actually went out there to ask questions about front bumpers and honestly his pricing was pretty damn reasonable for the competency he was showing. Definitely worth a call/chat if you can book in advance.
  11. Obviously this is where actually driven cars crash the party, and security gets involved.
  12. The ARD ones are available and work perfectly, I have the 150A one and my electrical system is much happier now
  13. Birds, buy a R34 sedan, noone will ever attempt to look at it, let alone steal it. I get wistful happy thoughts every time I park in a carpark somewhere, but alas, no bites.
  14. Strange, I would have thought that plumbing one line directly to the bottom of the gate should be the most spike resistant/basic way to set up the gate especially if looking for low boost, like how most IWG's run. It still makes no sense to me how this can happen by adding the solenoid in the middle of the vacuum hoses, when connecting the hose directly does not have this spike, with the solenoid unplugged, doing literally nothing. Is it an example of the Dunning Kruger effect when you: 1) Try something, then get stuck 2) Ask for help 3) Take that help on board, get the problem sorted 4) Post up results so other people can find it?
  15. Update: Plumbing the lines like this fixed it. Seems that it really didn't like being in the simplest possible method. Bit of playing with PID and start duty afterwards, now right as rain.