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  1. My brother owned one of these and had constant problems, including head gaskets and various other calamities, and it only had 130,000 or so kms on it. He sold it and bought a BMW 320i (E90) which he had reliably for the next 10 years. Strange shit can happen.
  2. Driveline wise, the Sedan has a longer tailshaft. That's it. They are the same car under the panels for everything anyone worries about.
  3. For dragstrip use, none of the turbo options truly matter. For daily driving, none of the options really matter one way or the other. Given the description you may as well go with the easiest thing that fits and one that sounds the best to you. Realistically it's the new G Series Garrett. The BW EFR is a great turbo, worthy of consideration - but it's strengths and your use case just don't overlap.
  4. There's many many variables that can cause this and your post hasn't got enough detail. Presumably the engine isn't stock, so advise relating to a stock motor is going to be incorrect. Need to know the variables at play so you can rule them in/out. This is what the search will tell you unless you can provide the information. My guess is you have an atmospheric bov, or some kind of unmetered air scenario.
  5. Oh dear. This is one of those where the sound is not ambiguous and "she'll be right". Something is very off there. Especially given how audible it was.. at the rear of the car.
  6. They are measured from the guard line above the center of the rim, downward to the center of the rim. Expect that you will need to lower your pressures for the track day. If you go out with 32psi cold for your first run, this can end up being 50psi when you are at the end of that session due to the heat put into the tyres. So expect the first session to be pretty greasy. Expect to have to let considerable air out. Can you do this before and go out on like 25psi cold before you go? Yeah you can, but you need to kind of know where to set it, lest you take too much air out and not get them up to the right pressure when hot. Don't sleep on this and be like "ah it'll be fine" the difference between a 50psi tyre when hot and a correctly inflated tyre when hot is massive, and these are keeping you on the road out there when you're doing 200+. Spend the couple minutes after the session and check them 😛
  7. Let the man have his wooshie noises. Note: Wooshie only applicable if using MAP based ECU. (or you plumb it back, losing some wooshie)
  8. Except a smaller turbo often has more area under the curve. Realistically if you're serious you would evaluate the RPM ranges you use most commonly and do some math to determine where you'd get the most gains. DBW and TC can make for better lap times for better auto-management of torque so the driver can have an easier time getting the thing out of a corner. A bigger, laggier turbo making less power in this scenario (if its noticeably less than the amount that TC and DBW combined with the smaller turbo can provide) would be slower. But yeah if you're at this point you probably have telemetry you can lean on on to see what RPM's you're actually in, when you're in them, and how much average power you're making when you want it. I won't say bigger is better but generally if you're under 5000rpm you may be in the wrong gear.
  9. When GT3 racecar manufacturers (Mclaren, Porsche, Acura, Nissan, many other mfg's) all have 500 HP engines lasting 60 hours of use time, or, 12,000km of use (I mean, its track kms though obviously) you know that if they could have made that more reliable... they would have - given they have a massive interest in doing so by having a more reliable motor than their competitors. And they are not cheap cars, nor cheap engines... But um... nah mate I have 1000kw for 8 years no breakdowns bruh #bulletproof
  10. Why would it be legal? Has it been crash tested? Ever seen one ever on a production car? Want to think as to how a chassis mounted wing somehow doesn't protrude a) above the roofline b) wider than the body lines c) beyond the rear bumper People who really require a chassis mount wing don't ask questions about buying one off a shelf. They would have made various other aero by themselves or a very expensive motorsport team. It is very obvious that this one is intended to be bought for clout only.
  11. You let the Nissan out Realistically, 300kw. Use it. Enjoy it. Potentially even use it again 😛
  12. The R34 has a much faster reacting oil pressure display. Other Skyline owners hated me when I was like "what, the OEM oil pressure works perfectly?" When I re-shelled my car, I noticed my oil pressure display was slow. I re-bought the OEM nissan sensor and it was fast again. Me thinks in this case it was the sender being updated in some revision, at least in this one, specific case!
  13. There is one in Vic, at Docklands. ABMarc hire time out. It costs about $2000 a session, with a good 2-3 month wait time, pre-covid. The other one is Sydney at Botany RMS. This is free. Making an appointment was super easy.
  14. All of the brands and prices are likely going to be different here. These cars aren't new, and everyone here has been here for well over a decade and know the game. Everything is custom made. Intakes for your turbo, manifolds, exhaust are all custom to every application. Lines, hoses etc - Custom to every application. Dyno tuning is custom to every car. The G25/G30 Garretts are likely the simplest fit if you aren't doing all the labor yourself. Mainly due to the fact they're physically smaller. I would go a full race manifold simply because they're good, and USA based. All the stuff in AU will be going 6boost et al which are australian based. Intercooler, eh - If you have a guy who is going to make you a full custom exhaust, it's not a stretch for the same guy to make up intercooler pipes to suit whatever core you have available locally that can fit. Same story for intake/pod/airbox if you want one of those. If you can get a plug in ECU it will save a lot of time and heartache. ---- You could go smart and forget about a custom manifold, and a custom turbo and get in touch with Hypergear for a truly bolt on applicaiton that will make the power. 350whp is possible with: Stock exhaust manifold Stock turbo that has hiflowed internals (which means it bolts up perfectly to stock lines, stock intake etc). This will be much simpler, but you'll still need an exhaust of some description, though you COULD get away with an off the shelf dump pipe, making your exhaust guy's life much easier. Still need an intercooler of some description, but you could get by with a return flow kit (blitz etc) that will work fine for that target. The only other fabricatory thing you'd need is some kind of metal intake to the turbo, as the silicon can suck shut under that much vacuum. Still need ECU, Injectors, Coilpacks (likely), and fuel pump that isn't too hard to fit/mount, and make sure you get 14V to that pump instead of the OEM 12. Will this perform as well as a full race/garrett small G series turbo to make the same peak power? No. Do you care? Depends on your budget and very much on how much access to custom fabrication you have.
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