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  1. Hi all, I have just been given a Pod filter and I was going to replace the tubing from the filter to the air intake manifold on my 2008 Subaru Impreza Rs. Currently I am unsure if firstly what sensor I am looking at is a mass airflow sensor and also how to reinstall the sensor on new piping. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, quite new to the EJ20 and have no clue what I am doing.
  2. To be honest, I have but I have just never been a fan. I don't know why but it just something about the wagon Liberty I like. But i have heard good things so i'll add it to my list of options, thanks
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm currently debating whether i get myself a Subaru but I have heard about problems with more used and abused motors and i did also hear the Gearboxes have provided some issues for owners. I have seen a Liberty manual wagon going for 8k but Unsure whether it is in great mechanical condition. If worse comes to worse I can just pick myself up a reliable 80 series Landcrusier which are bulletproof and just hold onto it for a year or so and flog it off for a similar price since they hold their value quite well. Thanks all for the help.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts or problems on the Gen 3 or 4 Liberty GT in Manual? Or does any one know any one who is selling one around WA?
  5. Thanks. Probably not a BRZ or 86, I do like them, but I would rather stick to something less "sporty" if that makes any sense? I've been in my mates BRZ and I just found it uncomfortable for long drives and long drives being more than 10 minutes. I have heard good things though.
  6. 1: Budget is sitting right around 10k 2: Only vehicle until March 3: Yeah, have a trash-box Volvo I can borrow. 4: Half Decent Mechanical Aptitude but does have some gaps. 5: I Have access to a Car Port but only for a max of a day at a time but normally it will be in a driveway 6: Manual 7: Preferably 4-5 Seats but not a huge problem. 8: Very Large set of tools 9: No particulary, planning on meeting someone in WA who can help me inspect. 10: AWD- RWD preferred. 11: Most likely street 12: Yes, i know how much money I will lose, but to be honest, completely worth every cent. Overall I have been looking at the Subi Liberty GT Wagon, since the parents won't mind looking at it or a Subi Hatch from 07-12 but unsure which model, due to my lack of knowledge on the Hatch, except that they are "apparently relatively simple" and are a good basis for starting a full time project. Any suggestions would be great, just having to keep in mind that Parents own two Volvos so aren't very keen on anything reliable of sorts.
  7. Hey All, Pretty new to the website (by about 8 minutes), but have always loved Japanese Cars. Really interested in the Tokyo freeway racing scene and also a bit of rally here and there. Need help deciding a low-key first JDM of some sort that is decent, able to be modded and have a lot of fun working on. I originally thought of a Subi Liberty Wagon or the GT model but the 02-08 models seem few and far between and, as I am living at home still for Uni, need to keep it Low-key but would much rather a Rexxie (Rents would kill me) or something of that sort. Anyway, nice to meet you all and feel free to give me some suggestions
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