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  1. I'd love to hear more information about the 'Porsche GT3 brake guides' - where you sourced them, how hard they were to fit up, any more photos, etc. There's been lots of options for air-guides discussed on SAU - with some UAS options discussed, and home-made options discussed in various threads - but this is the first I've heard of something like this fitting off the shelf. Keen to hear anything you wish to share.
  2. I moved to the ACT area around a year ago from Adelaide. The Adelaide scene had pretty much died off before I moved, and everything seemed to be younger people that would meet-up/talk via Facebook. Seems to be similar here. I guess I'm kinda old and boring these days, though. Only 13.5 years of Skyline ownership (and sau.com.au membership) for me
  3. I believe PWR do a return-flow intercooler for these cars too (PWR PWI2204 for R34 GTT, at least). Does anyone know if these have the same restrictions as the Blitz, and other return-flows?
  4. Well, searching that part number online came up listed as 'Permanently out of stock'. Googling for '503756-0120' definitely finds lots of images of these filters! It also lead to this thread on gtr.co.uk (https://www.gtr.co.uk/threads/r34-pollen-filter.58381/#post-515069 ) : The thread continues on talking about these 'electrical type' filters that use anti-static - and how impossible to get / expensive they are (and that was 2006). So I guess that answers what you have, at least. This image shows apparently an extra bit in the AC display apparently relating to it: And there is some interesting translated Russian about possibly a Laurel and the operation of this particular style of filter - and that they're impossible to get / find. Anyway, it sounds like if you're not happy with the filters you have now - it would be easiest to source the housing for the regular filters, and use those instead?
  5. So there are also two different parts on that Kudos page AY684-NS002 'Pollen Only' AY685-NS002 'Pollen, odour and allergen' Interestingly enough - the diagrams for those are a little bit different: AY684-NS002: AY685-NS002: But I think that's just a red-herring - as these filters are both the same size/thickness and fit the same. Looking at your filters / those in the video - they're very very different. From previous threads on this: Which is far more consistent with: Another interesting note - in the video, we see cabling or something coming out of the filter: Which isn't consistent with other threads on this topic: So - something is a bit different/weird here. It may be you'll need a different housing to fit those style of filters. I poked through diagrams and stuff and couldn't see any versions of filters like that - but maybe someone else has an idea or has seen this before. The 'cold climate options pack' perhaps that another poster mentioned?
  6. I was googling that earlier today because the NEO is a different size to others, and found https://www.speedpro.com.au/products/speedflow-fittings-and-hoses/aluminium-adaptors/-10-press-in-adapter-for-rb20-black which states "R34 Skyline requires 708-10-02-BLK fitting" and that leads to https://speedflow.com.au/press-in-adapters-to-suit-nissan-covers-from/ So if you this guy doesn't do them - that may be an option.
  7. Not to bump a massively old thread - but this is what PRP publish: https://platinumracingproducts.com/pages/platinum-racing-products-r35-dwell-settings
  8. Not sure if this is much discussed around here, or how legal this is - but there's a lot of information around online anyway. Odometer data on most of these cars is stored on an 8-pin EEPROM inside the dash cluster. It's on the inside side of the board - so you'll need to remove the PCB fully to get to it. It's typically something like an 93c56 EEPROM chip. Inside the chip, the data itself is stored in a certain way with checksums, etc that some people have figured out how to re-write the odometer data successfully - using an EEPROM programmer (like a TL866II Plus). Having said all that, it should be possible to simply desolder the chip from one dash cluster and swap it into another dash cluster. For ease of swapping them - you could even put an 8-pin DIP socket in its place to make it easy to swap in and out in-case you needed to reverse it for whatever reason or it didn't work. I can't say what other configuration information may be stored on that chip which may affect operation, and I've never personally done it - but if you're desperate - this is something you might consider. This thread has some additional information that may help:
  9. I moved to the area in the last year - but mine doesn't get out much. It's a bit sad how much the Skyline scene has died all over the country from what I've seen. It had pretty much died in South Australia before I left - and it's sad to see it's not much better here.
  10. With these crazy prices, it makes me wonder if I should be re-thinking getting my nistune upgraded for e-flex
  11. Been several years since I read this thread, and bought the lens from 3dlens. I finally got around to it today. Went pretty smoothly, and I"m happy with the results. I had a few issues - but nothing show-stopping. I had some glue residue on the screen from removing the polarising layer - and some polarising bottom layer got left on the screen when I was peeling it off- requiring *very* careful removal with some 99.9% isopropyl wipes (thankgod i do electronics repair as a hobby). I also unfortunately had some permanent damage to the LCD layer from the extremely damaged polarised layer - which left some marks on the screen which could not be removed. However, once the new polarising layer was put on (be careful with that direction too - cos for me, it changed when you remove the protective layer) - and then the glass layer - it was barely noticable. Overall, a pretty straight forward project - and I'd recommend it to anyone who has an MFD with still a 20 year-old screen. Do it as soon as you see any weirdness - as the polarising layer is breaking down and may damage the LCD. I'd post some pics, but honestly, the first post covered everything required. The only other thing of note was I used some thin sellotape double-sided material to hold the top glass/plastic layer on - as its what I had handy - and is very thin and durable (it's white on the outside with blue writing saying 'peel backing to expose adhesive'). Oh - one thing for anyone who cares - the the size of polarising film I cut out was 75mm x 130mm approximately - to give anyone in future an idea how much material you need. I bought the matte 17" stuff - and it looks great, and had plenty of material leftover - especially handy as I did get caught with the polarising film being the wrong direction the first attempt. It pays to double-check these things
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