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  1. i have set up a discount for a club i run called VQ Australia with ECC (East coast customs) If youre southside i recommend JDM Motorsports at Wakerely. The owner Selwyn has done alot for us.
  2. If it helps mate Theres power to be made for sure, not to undermine people but the vq37 is underrated for NA. Stock you'll put down about 190-195rwkw. If you get headers, CAI, HFC and a tune you'll actually get about 230rwkw through an auto We had a guy up here in qld get a Z1 VQ37 Intake Plenum and through the 5AT he made 236rwkw. for me, i had just a Catback and CAI, Went from 195rwkw to 218rwkw.
  3. Keep in mind he has a 350GT v36. so running the VQ35HR. The VQ37vhr i have with the 5AT pulled 217rwkw after a tune, however my mates v36 with a VQ35HR topped out around 210kw.
  4. 03's are tunable. Places like East Coast customs in Brisbane will run an extra wire from the ECU to the OBD2 Port and tune it via Uprev. They dont really charge much to do it either, If you take it to anywhere that doesnt know this, they wont tune it.
  5. is that just an ECUTEK thing? We have ADM G37 and 370gts on uprev with 5 Maps on them. Bit strange.. O.o
  6. I used a CD player phone mount and found it in perfect position for the v36. Didn't get in the way when in park either (if auto) it does block some of the controls but I never adjusted them.. always had the AC on 21.5 regardless. Here's a pic.
  7. Very common Get a professional headlight lense restoration (one who takes the headlight apart and does the lenses on both sides, I've had this done. Was $180) if you're In Brisbane QLD "dans custom car lights" done mine.
  8. Hey mate Long read but yea, I can confirm that 9.5 + 22 all around will sit super flush with lowered suspension as I've ran that set up However if you can afford it look into 19" wheels. Feel free to pm me as I have photos of the car on 19x9.5 +22 all around and my other set up of 19x9.5+22 front and 19x10.5 +30 rear. Tyre sizes on the 9.5 are 245/40 all around. Other sizes seemed to put the car in limp mode.
  9. Hey mate A good friend of mine is parting a v36 and has all the Wood interior parts you'd require. Located in Brisbane. Pm me if you would like me to pass on his details.
  10. Send a message to "body kit kingdom" up here in Brisbane. Untill recently they stocked spoilers for that car (gtr style) and may still have some.
  11. I have the g37 tail as turn plug and play for sale If youre really that interested. Took it off My v36 prior to sale. Just makes the entire light flash as an indicator. I did like it, each to their own.
  12. for 2k youre best off going custom. my v36 custom system (twin x pipe Quad res) was around $1200. Save yourself the $$ haha
  13. Thought maybe id contribute here, never really posted my PC specs anywhere before. Probably over-kill seeing as i dont game much anymore (maybe once or twice a month) and when i do its old titles xD Pretty upsetting the Gigabyte GPU comes with a 1x8 pin and 1x6 pin, let alone them being a few CM apart. Havent found a clean way to wire that in yet 😢 Case: Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Modular Mini Case Motherboard: ASUS S1200 MicroATX TUF GAMING B460M-PLUS (WI-FI) CPU & CPU Cooler: Core i5-10600K 4.10GHz With a 240mm Rad AIO Cooler PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W 80PLUS Gold Modular RAM: G.SkTll 16GE (2x8GE) QQRD TrTdent Z RGE 3000MHz Monitor:2 x 31.5" AOC CQ32G2E QHD 144hz Curved Graphics Card: Gigabyte RTX3070 8GB Gaming OC HDD(s): 2 x 1TB SSD, 3 x 1TB HDD Peripherals: Battlebull Hyper weave Chair, Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Logitech G935 Wireless 7.1 Surround Lightsync Gaming Headset, Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse
  14. Holy Shit ha ha. That dudes dreaming. I managed to sell my GTX 1070 for $300 and i thought that was a good price seeing as it out performs the *new* 1660 series which are a ridiculous $600. Funny enough... 3k for a a pre built with a 2060 or 1660S... ~4k for a 3060Ti or low end 3070.
  15. Man i thought the $1040 i paid for my RTX3070 in Jan was expensive, $1899 now. What a joke.
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