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  1. now i've gone from 325 at the crank to around 355 and the cars alot more responsive. Edit - Keep in mind the cars 12 years old. Its 325 at the crank wasnt that accurate anymore. Dyno'd in at 316 to the crank.
  2. it is but not at the wheels. The 325HP is at the fly.
  3. please refer to my post below Also if you cant find these listed on ebay or their website is down,. Google Phoenix Automotive (in USA) And buy their "tesla Style screen" for G37. They work on RHD cars. Those are your only options. https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/collections/tesla-style-vertical-screen/products/12-1-px6-android-navigation-radio-receiver-for-infiniti-g37
  4. 99% of 370z parts are for v36 aswell. Or put your chassis numbers into partsouq website and find all the oem parts yourself
  5. What brakes do you have? Brake pads and rotors for base model or akebono are super easy to come by.
  6. Literally nothing theres like 1 G37/Q60 (not the new model) to every 50 370GT's. They've always dominated over the Infiniti's. Wont change a thing. They'll always be tough to sell anyway with being an import haha.
  7. Really I did not know that. Interesting to know you have to only run OEM.
  8. You should be able to easily run any thats are M12 X 1.25 For example my V36 Runs Mishimito Red M12 X 1.25 Lugs with one locking nut on each wheel.
  9. Uprev tuned my friend. Stock ecu is tunable
  10. Just posting updates Finally got around to getting my 07 5AT 370gt Coupe tuned at East coast customs. My only performance mods are Cold air intake (z1) and a Twin x Pipe cat back Exhaust. My car was tuned with 167kms on the clock and made great power imo In the end i made 218rwkw with 325nm of torque. Super happy with the work carried out and Quite happy with the power that managed to come through the 5AT. I wasnt risking an e-tune to get over the 300hp mark etc VID_20190826_162529.mp4
  11. How much for the Brakes with the Calipers and pads Shipped to bris? curious as to the rotor condition.
  12. Highly possible. I've got friends with early year V35s who have been tuned. Best bet is to message UpRev on Facebook. (I message them all the time about things for my car and they respond same day) Or if you're in brisbane drop by east coast customs. They can plug their pc in and confirm it.
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