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  1. Nah theres really no issue. The above comment is only relatable if you go a 3" intake (also useless on stock TB's) Chuck a CAI on it and you wont have any problems without a tune. we ran one without a tune for the better half of a year. Stock tune is rich from factory. You'll have no dramas.
  2. Done the same a few times, Will fit. Downside is the camera will angle up alot more. Either mount it to point down or have it flush to look up xD.
  3. its hard to say these days, Pricing has been strange lately. After owning one with similar kms i wouldnt spend more than 14-15k on an early model. Rather spend 17-20k on the newer model with nicer interior or even an aus delivered v36 Q60.
  4. In japan alot of people just swap them over, You can buy that centre airbag for $100 if you were looking for an infiniti one for your nissan ha ha.
  5. We also never got the g37 In 08. All aus delivered g37s/q60 have a different interior to the one pictured. I found it on FB market place. Another run of the mill skyline with infiniti badges haha.
  6. But if it helps its atleast a type S or SP. Which is a bonus.
  7. Nah mate definitely a skyline not a g37. The dead give-away there is not only the year but also a few things in the engine bay. Especially the Nissan engine cover. Infiniti ones have the infiniti logo.
  8. I believe the badging has caught ya ha ha! Australia never got a 5AT G37. We only had the later models prior to a q60 which had the 7AT. Just means youre looking at a skyline (The exact same car really, just ones in english) Alot of people put infiniti badges on it and try sell it as a "G37" Do you have any photos so we can see which model it is? Another easy way to tell is does it have Akebono brakes?
  9. Hard to say with limited info, Being a 2008 it will be a 370gt Skyline and either 5AT or 6MT. Is it a Base model, Type S/P or even SP? Generally before covid you could get a 370gt type S Or SP with similar kms for around 12-15k. These days generally around 17k.
  10. Hey John. The following works on my v36. I've done this many times.. may take a few tries to get it. The procedure to reset Pop-Up Hood manually is: 1) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 2) wait about 7 sec, the Pop-Up light goes off ---> Press Start Button immediatly (Switch Off) 3) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 4) wait about 7 sec, the Pop-Up light goes off, Flashes 3 times, when goes off press Start Button immediatly (Switch Off) 5) Repeat steps 1-2-3-4 6) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 7) The Pop-Up light blinks slowly 😎 Turn Off
  11. We got a set from a 370z. Best off searching the 370z market
  12. You dont really need them. Mine and my mates went away a long time ago. we just put a rivnut on there, actually easier to use than the OEM bracket
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