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  1. DashyyPC

    Their responses are awful. upon first asking all i got was "yes" "ok" took ages to get a proper response. Yeah (although you could obviously see the outside temp on the weather app in android) But you'd also potentially lose all the other details there aswell.
  2. DashyyPC

    I spoke to phoenix on Facebook, Supplied pics, part numbers etc. told them no Bose system etc, They just said yes itll still work but some people with nissans lose the middle screen (he exampled a maxima losing its middle LCD)
  3. DashyyPC

    Oh do you have links to what you used for mirroring? I'd much love this feature if i ever has to use my GPS. I couldnt find much when i looked around for it.
  4. DashyyPC

    Well an english conversion only costs $250 aud more ($1000 aud delivered if you message xanavi directly) As for the tablets, ive seen them (on other cars) And theyre all the same cheap tablet basically. Over time they'll become worse (with more being loaded onto them aswell) I also looked into this as an option but my v36's Bluetooth works with the phones i have so no real need for it to be in english right now. I have spoken to phoenix radios direct and they do confirm they work on V36's. Only thing they might lose is the middle LCD.
  5. DashyyPC

    hey @LesF I have had confirmation these work with Nissans. Only downside is that for some reason some of the units cause the loss of the middle LCD (in the cluster) I'd Steer away from aliexpress and get one direct from the supplier. Here's a link for you. https://phoenixautomotiveinc.com/products/12-1-android-navigation-radio-receiver-for-infiniti-g37?variant=17644852052025
  6. DashyyPC

    Thanks mate Called up and they were perfect. Alot cheaper then originally thought aswell. Appreciate the response
  7. DashyyPC

    Thank you chris! We have a OEM Steering wheel with the controls. i assume we have to get other parts though. Cant find any cruise control part numbers or boxes for it etc. Surely you dont just buy the steering wheel and it works haha.
  8. DashyyPC

    Hey Chris. Anyway that this is still possible to do? Way to revive a dead post:) nearly made it to 10 years dead.
  9. DashyyPC

    Still ok, import it and spend 1k on the english conversion and you've got yourself a cheap "G37" The cheapest genuine infiniti G37 on carsales when i last looked was 23k. The rest were just 370gts rebadged (Still jap interior) my 08 370gt was imported in 2017. Cleaner then the ones i was looking at locally.
  10. Please click the link below.
  11. DashyyPC

    hey @V35_Paul Are you able to post a link to the one you bought?
  12. DashyyPC

    year? model? (type S, SP, Base) etc for a 370GT expect to pay around 17-20k Depening on your location.
  13. DashyyPC

    In all fariness my r33 GTS-T only had FMIC and catback. In saying that So stock vs stock i'd choose the 370gt any day. Its alot more aggressive power wise. No delay at all when you suddenly put your foot down. The handling i cant really say because i havent done any mountain runs or track days yet, Just daily driving in traffic or the occasional Race with my mates. I have dyno'd it stock and got 197rwkw though.
  14. DashyyPC

    Stock Headlights. Just painted and halo's added.
  15. DashyyPC

    Hey guys! Relatively new here Ive only been on the forums every few weeks. Currently own my 2nd skyline. Firstly i owned a r33 GTS-T (Gunmetal grey) and now i own a 2008 370GT skyline. Attached a few pics from my last photoshoot for you to see