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  1. If you have wreckers there in perth with G37's you could get lucky if they still have a working cluster
  2. Hehe trying 😜 I didnt get a reply, maybe you're the lucky one here haha.
  3. PM'd @colin.ssc Ill take the Cruise control shroud+switches
  4. if hes from brisbane i assume he's taken his car to Coyote tuning and thats what he means.
  5. confused as to what the question even is???
  6. here you go bud. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Conversion-of-navigation-system-to-English-for-Nissan-Skyline-2007-2009/172513428008?hash=item282a9a0228:g:ESwAAOSwt5hYi2hH&frcectupt=true This is From the supplier.
  7. manual states its "optional" To flush the ATF every 50,000 km. Also says to use "Nissan Matic S" only. Which i just used penrite equivalent. My shifting was smoother with the paddles after but to be honest i didnt notice much difference over time haha.
  8. Lmao its not a G37. Japan people also like to use infiniti badges. Its a skyline imported from japan.
  9. Just posting this here. was to good to not share. Never seen one done in AUS before... (knowing it would have been done in japan, just never seen one with SC/Turbo in aus) full stillen set up. Advertised at 300rwkw + https://www.sinergymotorsports.com.au/car-listing/nissan-skyline-370gt-type-sp/
  10. Thats unlucky :l My friend got a 09 TT z for 25k with only 100,000 kms on the motor. jst needed a retune. sitting on 430whp Theres a few TT's in AU at the moment for about 38-40k. Judging from your experience i assume you'd recommend to buy one already done or keep it NA?
  11. Bodykit kingdoms @coopers plains in brisbane. Fair warning theyre pretty ugly in person. got 2 or 3 of them cruising around brisbane and theyre not great. a.
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