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  1. I've had steering wheels and my friend has also has 2 and none of them have ever had this scratching issue.. i find it weird that its so "common" yet we've been through 4 and never once had the issue. It doesn't come with those, you transplant those from the old wheel. Only takes 15 mins to do (super simple DIY) You actually dont really notice it. It was weird the first 3 or 4 times but you easily adjust.
  2. I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. My car was the volunteer car for JDM Accessories parts including their new wheels. They're a fair but chunkier than stock but deffs worth the upgrade. Been running for over a month now and it's way nicer to use than stock. Would recommend for the price. This isn't a sale post. Just a recommendation incase you get the usual trash quality v36 wheel. Mention me when you purchase and he may even give you a discount
  3. They came with a VQ25DET aswell - Afaik alot of this turbo set up is pretty straight forward when putting it onto a VQ35. Read up on it a few years back. If parts are cheap give it a go
  4. Oh its not airbag related @The Max Its the gas sensor module. Plug it in, leave it unplugged. Your call OP. wont make the slightest difference in a crash.
  5. Not to sure which model 350GT you have, however you can upgrade to 350z/350GT Brembo brakes super easily. Cant say ive seen someone do the Akebono's from a 370z/Gt on a 350 when the brembo's are a cheap upgrade.
  6. Couldnt tell you by looking at it. If you can get a better pic or can see the part # in person (just to far away in the pic) just google it and you will have the answer
  7. now i've gone from 325 at the crank to around 355 and the cars alot more responsive. Edit - Keep in mind the cars 12 years old. Its 325 at the crank wasnt that accurate anymore. Dyno'd in at 316 to the crank.
  8. it is but not at the wheels. The 325HP is at the fly.
  9. please refer to my post below Also if you cant find these listed on ebay or their website is down,. Google Phoenix Automotive (in USA) And buy their "tesla Style screen" for G37. They work on RHD cars. Those are your only options. https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/collections/tesla-style-vertical-screen/products/12-1-px6-android-navigation-radio-receiver-for-infiniti-g37
  10. 99% of 370z parts are for v36 aswell. Or put your chassis numbers into partsouq website and find all the oem parts yourself
  11. What brakes do you have? Brake pads and rotors for base model or akebono are super easy to come by.
  12. @colin.ssc L I P Upgrade front end
  13. Literally nothing theres like 1 G37/Q60 (not the new model) to every 50 370GT's. They've always dominated over the Infiniti's. Wont change a thing. They'll always be tough to sell anyway with being an import haha.
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