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  1. If you have insurance, I suggest using them for repairs. It can be costly and time consuming. I do think someone here may have fixed it themselves once.. It could have been @The Max.. But I'm not to sure. I'm pretty sure the person had a white v36 pic. There's a thread explaining it.
  2. Yeah i looked into doing it on my v36. Was always told if you want above 500rwhp the tranny (5AT) May start to slip with the amount of torque, Guess it just takes alot of fine tuning to get it right. Worst case i have a backup 5AT Up here in Brisbane if yours dies and you want to build one. Are you running wider wheels? Surely running a 10.5 Wide would help.
  3. @mycarhasposessedme Awesome power man, Didnt expect that much off the bat. Bet its super fun to drive.
  4. Dead battery in the fob. super easy to replace Unless you've tried it already?
  5. @The Max Its interesting to see your figures to be honest. It makes me wonder a few things, my 5AT 370gt pulled 218rwkw with similar tq. my friends with the same transmission was 217.5rwkw. (both Uprev) Wonder if thats a tuner thing or ecutek. ** Both of ours stock pulled around 195rwkw on 2 separate dyno's.
  6. i had this light monthly because i was always taking the front bumper off and disconnecting the sensors (i ended up moving them inside the crash bar to save time) It happens when you disconnect the sensor and then start the car. If you've done the following (below) then pull your bumper off and make sure all 3 sensors are plugged in. If they're not the light wont ever go away. The procedure to reset Pop-Up Hood manually is: 1) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 2) wait about 7 sec, the Pop-Up light goes off ---> Press Start Button immediatly (Switch Off) 3) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 4) wait about 7 sec, the Pop-Up light goes off, Flashes 3 times, when goes off press Start Button immediatly (Switch Off) 5) Repeat steps 1-2-3-4 6) Press twice the Start Button (Do not start the Engine, only instrumentation!) 7) The Pop-Up light blinks slowly 😎 Turn Off
  7. Hey mate Tunable. Says it won't support it but it works fine. There's a shop in Brisbane that runs another wire to the obd2 port and sets it up for tuning. Takes them 30 mins to sort then uprev works fine. I'm sure other places do it.
  8. worked with my s8, s9, s10 and Huawei mate 10 pro.
  9. Doesnt mean its the headgasket though. Just means air has gotten in at some stage, Loose/Worn radiator cap seal etc Sure headgasket is the most common here but doesnt 100% mean it is.
  10. You may be unlucky as to the fact that your clock is probably wound back if the head gasket is done at "63k"
  11. Q60RS. Love the look/Design. The interior is alot nicer to me. I feel theyre an underrated here (atleast here in aus) and the supra is over hyped (world wide) also 30-40k difference in price XD better car is cheaper haha
  12. Kick it. mine stopped once. worked fine since hahahaha.
  13. O'Briens do them. Friend had his replaced. no dramas. was about $400 haha
  14. Thanks mate! Just got to work for the day so once im home ill pull it out and send you a message! Life saver.
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