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  1. Thats unlucky :l My friend got a 09 TT z for 25k with only 100,000 kms on the motor. jst needed a retune. sitting on 430whp Theres a few TT's in AU at the moment for about 38-40k. Judging from your experience i assume you'd recommend to buy one already done or keep it NA?
  2. Bodykit kingdoms @coopers plains in brisbane. Fair warning theyre pretty ugly in person. got 2 or 3 of them cruising around brisbane and theyre not great. a.
  3. Hey Mate, You can buy it for any v36. You can buy it with or without nav. They do support the 2 options. Everything still works as is. its made by the company who made the original headunits so its literally plug and play. They supply everything. Only takes 1 hour to do if you havent done it before. Super simple.
  4. i mean an extra 10k can get you an early model GTR aswell. Choose wisely
  5. To be honest dude my local ultratune services mine. Majority of 350z parts will fit your car so any mechanic will do it fine.
  6. Holy shit that wheel bearing price.... I just had both the rears done on my v36.. $250 for brand new ones shipped and $220 for installation. $1100 is insane. Rear brake pads you can do yourself (unless you prefer not) and save the labour cost.
  7. Looks like it might not. The G37's seem to have 2 clips and everything i find on a v36 Seem to merge into the one clip. I think using Part number 25550JK15A i could just replace that centre unit and the wiring on my current wheel.
  8. Sorry to bother you one last time. We're about to do my mates who has a steering wheel from a 09 v36 SP so has the buttons. I can get a 2013 G37 Steering wheel with the buttons (slightly different on/off location) and has the one extra tab and wires on the back. The one from the v36 only has the one clip for all the buttons i think. Do you you have any idea weather the steering wheel pictured below from a 2013 would be ok to utilise the OEM buttons?
  9. I was hit by a motorbike in AUG 2018. Put a big hole in my door and damaged the rear qtr. The door was fully replaced from a 2014 Q60 and the entire left side repainted. This was through AAMI. Had the car back 2 weeks later. Maybe i got lucky that infiniti had a door laying around haha
  10. Getting bumpers is super easy.. SP coupe bar is only $330 brand new delivered from Factory. Wonder why they found it hard. sedans are easy to get parts for too.
  11. If you go through insurance just tell them its not able to be driven and they'll come to you and tow it. Technically you can drive it but if you screw around with it you're just giving them chances to deny the claim etc Best to just let them deal with it imo. If the car is estimated to take months to fix i believe they'll be able to organise hire cars etc (depending on which company you use) Goodluck Pete
  12. Little update to my v36's look compared to the pics above. now i have the following! - SP Front bar with washers (ill eventually get them working when i get the right hoses) - clear mesh front grille - Long tube CAI's - Headlights customised again to add DRL strip which is also sequential indicating -Work emotion D9rs with the following specs 19 x 10.5 + 30 Rear 19 x 9.5 + 22 Front. The black one in the back incase people ask is my best mates. Mostly the same mods except he has the stock base model bar with a lip and the wheels are as follows aodhan DS02 19 x 9.5 + 22 all round.
  13. @Pete_Repeat so many people doing this lately! 2 of my friends with Z's had this happen this week alone. both have been quoted 8 weeks repair time as the module is from japan and insurance companies seem to take the cheapest way to freight shit here haha. Im not sure the process of a z is the same as a V/G I found out that these cars only get written off from it when theyre insured for market value. Usually just due to the repair turn around According to Aaami. My 07 Coupe is agreed value of 28.5k so id hope it gets written off from something hahhaa. On an illegal side note, I moved my 2 side sensors from the front bumper and mounted them onto the crash bar (i left the middle one in place) I feel this will save headaches if i slightly bump something.
  14. Howdy Ladies and gentleman. Ive picked up a freshly painted SP front bar. (Finally swapping from a modified base model/G37 journey) Looking for a decent front lip. Most are $500 + from USA Or theres a local shop who can supply a carbon one for $350 but a 1 month wait time. Anyone got any locally? i highly doubt it but worth a shot.
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