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  1. Hey all, Dont suppose anyone knows how to bypass or remove the 110km/h restriction on the radar cruise control? Yeah i know the sped limit is 110km/h but alas I'm keen to cruise slightly higher speeds.
  2. Hello, Do you still have this and is it just the bar or comes with the links etc. Cheers
  3. NRMA are about $900'ish recently, Shannons similar amount, but thats rating 1, over 40 north shore.
  4. Hello, I had the Toyo Proxes 4 on my AXIS, they were fantastic and importantly had the right load rating, you will find that the AXIS is 630kg where as other mainstream is a bit lower. . 245/40ZR18 97W & 245/45ZR18 100W, if I recall didn't alter the rolling stock diameter too much. . My 2 cents worth is Toyo Proxes 4 hands down. . Jules
  5. Cheers, Scotty, Dale & Alex. . . I'm no longer Stag owner so it's a first name basis now. . It was a pleasure. . so many knowledgable people, I think I joined nearly 6 years ago. . and still didn't manage to clock up 100K's The Stagea forum has a great bunch of blokes. . My only regret is not getting more power. . . then more then more and then some more and then I could be close to Craig. . . The GL is not as quick but far more practical. . perhaps one day I can get another stag for fun or a GL63. .
  6. Well it's been 8 days since my last Stagea, A nice M35 AXIS, we first met in 2007 and had a boosted relationship. . . . 8 days ago she left me for another. . over to Radelaide. . It's been a blast contributing to this car forum, it's one of the best and least tool ridden forums about, better than the EVO forums A growing family forced it's sale and was replaced by a nice Mercedes GL, it's 7 seats that I needed. . It's still the best all round car that I owned, just couldnt justify 3 cars and a bike Cheers Jules
  7. Hello Guys, I had this bloody light issue for a while and after a while the key method just stopped working. . I took mine to Mark @ Hills Motorsport in Hornsby and he fixed is no worries. . Was a water damaged sensor thingy, most likely cause the leather detailer using too much liquid. Apparently there are 11 SRS codes that prevent the airbags from deploying, and 9 that allow them to deploy. . . just a risk to guess which one. so I'm told. FYI
  8. Todays entry is - My son only has $12k will you take that. . No I won't I'll take $xx, ok you may or may not hear from me again. . maybe he can scrounge up more money! Or dad can lend him some more. . At least he was honest. . and didnt waste my weekend time
  9. Not sure, but I suspect Sydney is full of them, everyone wants to buy a car for a price no where near it's worth, do they think that anyone selling a second hand car is a Meth addict and needs a few more bumps This clown saw mine offered stuff all then said he had another to see, I get e-mail from the other seller telling me the clown said I was selling mine for half to get rid of it, it's good to see someone has integrity. . sadly its not a buyer. . I'm selling mine for an excellent price but even that is not enough, next clown that comes to see it I want a price first, not wasting time and fuel to get a $8k offer. . Dickheads indeed. .
  10. I asked to see one clowns licence, he said "Why I have a licence, I drove here in that car", Umm yes but you could be driving that car unlicensed. . Well im not showing you. . Thanks for your time, see you. . .
  11. Im changing the price now Craig, if it works I owe you a slab of beer. .
  12. Yeah, That's the spirit Dale. . . no shortage of winners. .
  13. Hey Hey All, I'm selling my Stag and over the years selling other cars I am gobsmacked at the shit people say and do to try and get a price reduction, It infuriates me so much I'm keen to hear what other amazing shit others have listened to. So far this year I have heard: Geez there are a few nicks on the door - It's 10 years old mate if you want a new car buy a new car The car has a slight squeak that will cost a grand to fix - on what planet! Will you take half the asking price - Why yes of course I will and the other half on pick up If I pay cash will you knock $5k off - No I wont Can I do burnout to test the power - Umm No, but good luck it's 4WD It's a shame the leather isnt brand new - Car is 10 years old what did you expect It doesnt have the Japanese Sat nav - Well we are in Sydney and I know where I am going It's got so much more lag than a Legnum - Buy a legnum then Will you sell me the roof racks, cargo blind and cargo net as I like another stagea that doesnt have them - Yes I will $14,500 the lot. . So tell me what you have heard. .
  14. I have bought my 7 seater and need the Stag sold. . $14,500 http://www.skylinesa...-reduced-price/
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