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  1. My new pair of wheels arrived today, along with my Omori gauges which i didn't take a photo of rip. I'll get tyres fitted tomorrow or friday and get them on, so keen for the other set to rock up now! I'm not sure what colour wheel nuts to go with though as its blue valve caps and grey/black stickers so yeah will have a think maybe silver? to suit the chrome trims. Also, here's the video my mate put together from the weekend just gone when we went driving etc.
  2. ha yeah, i'm more surprised anyone read it i was thinking id be replying to myself haha. Loving it! Went for a drive on the weekend, did some burnouts and hardparking, so heres a pic or two as my mate brought his camera
  3. Yep 2k18 bump, Build was continued on another forum which is no longer so ima just post some recent info and a quick wrap from 2017 to now, random order too New paint More kfs More wheels Bought te37sl Sold te37sl Both QLD matsuris - Cooler piping issues first one, blew my turbo second one Rebuilt garrett gtx3076 OG Nismo gauges collecting Omori gauges collected Rego Lower Custom plates Did some skid racing Gold vskf centre caps Ran the wall at archerfield drift track Fixed car and paint New roof spoiler Non cracked dash Working lights New bearings New tune with e85! Alot more money spended Acquired my old R32 sedan back aswell rightt okay so we've caught up! So yes i recently did QLD Spring matsuri couple weekends ago, the laurel was a super rush to get done! My old man was flying up from tassie, as i moved up to QLD from tassie 8 years ago and he came up last year and loved drifting. So yes was a massive rush, 1 month prior my tuner said my motor had done bearings, so i had to get bearings done, my panel dmg fixed from running the wall at archy and a quick over to make sure it was all done! I picked up my laurel 7pm Friday night, the following day was matsuri. I didn't go to bed untill 4am prepping small things, cage, lights etc. So heres a few photos; Here's the pic of the damage and the irony of the shirt i was wearing. I basically hadn't done reverse track at archerfield drift track, and i was driving pretty well so i just sent it and was going to quick and yeah was about half a metre away from hitting a concrete barrier and that would of been super shit. I could ramble on but i'm tired and yeah. Laurel ran sweet all weekend at Matsuri which is a first normally something breaks, nothing broke...... it made 475HP on 17 psi too. I am currently waiting on some bronze te37 17's to rock up aslong as spare s2 tail lights, Omori gauges and another OG nismo gauge. When i get them all together i'll get some photos, i wanna rock the 90's style of laurel for a bit. I had some ssr forumla mesh lined up off the last laurel i sold but he backed up so i'll find some eventually! So yeah that's my laurel thread summed up! I'm going for a drive tomorrow in it hopefully cops leave me alone. Since i mentioned my R32 sedan, the reason i'm gonna change wheels up on my laurel is my R32 is rocking some rare asf Shadow chrome 17' vskfs and although i love them i don't want 2 cars with kfs haha. I bought it back in February this year, not running etc quiet a steal tbh only reason why i bought it back. I told myself i would't spend any money on it till my laurel is 100% which will be next month when i get my new gauges wired in and some wiring done, but i did buy things for my 32; Bride brixs Nardi Rear seats Rear interior Working window regs AC setup Dash vent GTR wing GTR bonnet lip S2 tail lights etc I'll be hooking into that in the new year, i'ts now running but i'm waiting on some moneys to buy some 1000cc injectors/fpr and 450 in tank pump aswell as new exhuast + hot and side cold and i'll get the e85 tune now. Here's some photos of it. I'll probably just make a thread for that next year away. Hope you all guys enjoy, laters.
  4. I keep forgetting about my build thread haha. Thanks bud! R32 shortened out @ Raleigh matsuri and ecu friend and i decided to sell it to put more money into my C33. Honestly mostly the same, due to body and weight transfer the setups felt similar, i haven't drifted my black laurel yet but my other one felt similar to my 32. Rebuilt the rack! Best thing to do, don't waste your time getting 2nd hack racks haha, didn't cost me much from memory. (Y)
  5. well this has been ages and not sure if people even read these anyway ahh where we left off..... thats right my ECU f**ked out, the ignition module and some internal fuses f**ked out due to battery being dead and Haltech fixed it for nothing. It had to get retuned and ran even better making 475 HP on 19 PSI pump fuel. I got the cage installed, gauges sensors put in by JDM garage and a wheel allingment @ Fulcrum capalaba. When i was leaking fulcrum my rack exploded so i drove home with no fluid and now have a semi noisey power steering pump, im sure itll give up sometime just eh. Then i went through 3 steering racks, redid that pressure line 4 times as it kept getting burnt, rack seals f**ked out and about 5-6 months of doing nothing it finally works! In the time since jan ive bought a C32 S1 laurel rolling shell that is in storage for 2k18 project, also bought a RB25de neo c33 laurel for a daily, was basically on stockos now sits on southernway mesh 15x8-8, s club lip, autech skirts, cusco arms etc and its kept me streeting/drifting while black laurel has had the curse! So here they both are! im waiting on a set of weathersheilds for it and the new rear bar and its complete daily! black laurel current still has issues but its running and driving, its currently on stands as im playing around with suspension setup to try make my 9.5-0 kfs poke less ive got -2 camber on the rear and really don't wanna go more ( it looks like -0 ) something is still draining the battery, dash background doesnt work, high beams dont work and no wipers, think thats about it i just need to get some $$ together and it should be done soon! It scares the shit out of me lol plus ive had the cops come to my house so yeah not fun... Got my cooler pipe modified and a new rear seaction made up thanks to my boy micheal MDSfab! If you need any fab in QLD let me know and he will sort you out! Last weekend sitting out front of my place so yeah im aiming for it to be 100% after christmas and get into some Matsuris in 2k17 and what not! Its been a long 3 year build, alot of sweat tears and whatever else lol but its nearly coming to an end lol!
  6. So i got the car home, the following day i drove it out onto my front lawn and noticed it had a massive power steering leak from the high pressure line, so put it back into the garage pulled the old lines out and replaced with speedflow/braid and new rubber hose from rack pretty much deleted the factory pressure line from rack. $300 dollars later and ready to rumble! Pump Resivor Rack Well, sorted that and is mint! I had no headlights, my blinkers were on and indicators where on but no blinking etc was really weird, went over all the fuses and what not, i checked earths etc. Anyway i couldn't sort it so a mates mate come around who is an auto leccy and one of my earths werent working properly and changed a plug and now all my lights work, which is mint! I got mod plate for seat/cage and a El dodgy RWC. Changed the rear KFs over to my smaller ones and set LCA to stock length as it was -10. Still have a bit of toe but wheel alignment will sorted that! Then it all went to shit....... tried to start it wouldnt start, thought my battery was shit as its getting power drained somewhere so i charged it and nothing happened. At this point i was super pist, this car keeps breaking and driving me up the wall! I just got my license back so i've been busting to drive it .. legally lol. Anyway had a mate come over, and we went down to JDM GARAGE saw ezza and the boys and he let me borrow a CAS to test, we checked fuel pressure at rail and had heaps, then took the cas of and tried the one we borrrowed and was the same. So then checked coilpacks for spark and had none.... tested coilpack plugs and had fire! It just seemed off that all my coilpacks would have spark to the plug but not to the coilpacks themselves, anyway headed back to JDM GARAGE and had a talk to ez and he agreed, and let me borrow some coilpacks. Got home tried them and yep nothing, only thing we could think of was Ignition module in the Haltech wasnt letting it fire.... which is not what i wanted. Borrowed my mates stock ECU for his R33 plugged it in and BOOM had spark. Dropped my ECU down to HI power and they were gonna save the file and send it off to haltech. Hopefully its just the fuse, ehh getting so over it! Anyway took a photo of my HKS cam gears as i never took photos of my engine when i put in the cams/cam gears so basically this is how i feel So yeah guess ill wait till Hi power get back to me about my ECU hopefully it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, but we will see. I also bought a 6 point cusco full cage too! ordered a 7 row oil cooler as i have a 12 row and its making my cooler piping sit to low so hopefully with the smaller cooler my cooler piping can be modded and it wont be on the ground back to being an ornament
  7. Thanks dude, still a bit to go then rego
  8. So laurel went off to get tuned, the intercooler didn't work behind radiator, the intake temp was reaching 70 degrees when it should be around 40 ish. So sent it off to MDSfab to re-locate it to the front bar. When doing so we found some more mistakes that needed to be corrected. My oil cooler was in a bad spot anyway so that was something i wanted moved out of the way, the re-location of the filter to be moved too. Also discovered the previous shops had some the El' dodgy on my car doing work incomplete/incorrectly and charging me for it. Mixed oils etc was a whole bunch of shit which im sorting out with the shop atm to resolve this. I also got a new rear section with a muffler to 4' single as the twin pipes were just too loud for me atm ha. Intercooler moved New rear section Chillin out front' I don't have the pics of re-location of oil cooler etc but ill update it at a later date! Continuing on, All the fab work got all sorted car went back to Hi power to get tuned... ANDDDDD... more problems. Wastegate vacuum lines were blocked, eboost wiring got melted on dump so had to be re-wired. It then hit the Dyno on 98 pump and was all good made 400hp on 18psi! Then i got a call saying my fuel pump had died. So rang Brisbane fuel injection services and got another replacement 044 the same day, which was awesome so dropped it back at the shop for them to finish the following day. I then got another call the following day that the wiring harness had caught on fire.... at this point i was getting over it and this " laurel curse " was setting in, whole dash passenger side had to be pulled out etc, all other plugs swapped over etc which took them hours and hours and cost me $$$ but had to be done. It then hit the dyno 2-3 days later and was fully tuned! Made 480hp on 23 psi, and 425hp on 20 psi both on 98. I didn't end up going E85 had a long chat with Ivan and it wasn't beneficial for me atm to be running it, but at any time i can as I've got flex sensor etc all setup. I'm stocked with the tune, I've gotta see how it goes in January when i get it regod to see how the tune actually goes and if anything needs touching up Hi power said they will sort me out! I got the car home today and will put it all back together, get my KFs fitting and get it ready for rego next month along with my license. Itll be receiving a full cage too and a tonne of mod plates, I've got a busy time over Christmas holidays. Leaving Hi power. Big shout out to all my mates that have helped me, Hi power and MDSfab! Not long and ill finally be happy with it and have the perfect street car,
  9. This is what was posted about my setup when it got some interesting comments; """" Just some thoughts on all this. Engine coolant temperature at engine outlet assume 110 degrees Temperature of coolant after radiator and entering engine assume 90 degrees Ambient temperature let's say 20 degrees. Temperature in vicinity of radiator must equal around 40 degrees. (ambient plus rejected heat) If the inlet air temperature to turbo is 20 °C (293K) and the boost pressure is 1.1 Bar (pressure ratio = 2.1) the theoretical outlet temperature will be: Theoretical outlet temp = 293 x (2.1)0.286 = 293 x 1.236 = 362K (89 °C) This means that there is a temperature rise of 69 °C However, this doesn't take into account that the compressor efficiency will be less than 100 per cent. If we assume a compressor efficiency of 70 per cent (typical for a good turbo): 69 / 0.7 = 98.6 °C This is a temperature increase of 98.6 ° which when added to the ambient temp of 20° means that the actual outlet temp will be: 20 + 98.6 = 118.6 °(say 119 °C) . . Now heat moves hot to cold. Intercooler is hotter than surrounding air. Therefore Heat is rejected. The whole design of radiator and intercooler is to reject heat. So many other factors come into play. The ECUs like Haltech are tunable this allows us to compensate for the compromise that is designed into every engine. Intercooler temperature is just a part of the big picture. Yes heat does affect power it does not matter to the engine if the heat is in the form of coolant temp, oil temp, ambient temp, combustion chamber temp or inlet temp It all has to be accounted for. Let the real work testing begin. All of the above can be easily googled if you feel the need. """ Laurel went off today woo!
  10. Ahhh been a while... According to my fab guys its known as suicide setup, its proven it works theirs a whole bunch of numbers behind it but i have an intake temp sensor, it hasnt been fully tuned yet but its been on the dyno for 2 hours and hasnt seen over 70 degrees so yeah just gotta wait for it to be tuned. I just took my fab and mechanics/haltech word that it does work and has been done before. Right, well Laurel had about 2 hours dyno time at the shop, then turner was unable to spend enough time on it so i pulled the pin, brought the car home to save some coin and send it elsewhere. It goes off to Hi-power racing tomorrow, the turner who worked on it works out of that shop and they should be able to sort the car, it was having boost creep problems, changed the wastegate spring and hasnt seen the dyno since so hopefully that fixes it. Thermos got mounted too. So yeah, brought the car home, i had the clear corner light covers to put on, at first i really didnt want to do it... I bought a 2nd pair and used them, got a few photos to go off how i did it. Had to heat them up, i didnt want to burn anything so they were coming out every 2-3 mins then i was cutting the glue with a knife and trying to pry into them. Being a mirror glass on the inside i didnt want to break/mark that either as you would see it with clear covers, after about 30 mins i got the first one done! Second one took about 5 mins haha...... and they look cool. ps; yes my oven is messy. Put the covers on, i was worried with the ammount of clear silicone i had but i dont want them to get water inside them so i tried to balance it out, turned out alright! Where the corners meet headlights you can see some, but their was no one around it. Closed them up with some tape and let them dry and yeah put on the next day. I tracked down a spare set of headlight covers, but needed the money so i sold them to another laurel owner locally! cant wait to see them on his. Put them on the car the following day, along with the headlight covers, unscrewed my spare headlight chrome trim and put that on the headlights with the clear covers and put them in! Look so f**king cool! Now im a big old school fan of the 90's laurel with 15s and etc, so i found a genuine Japanese automobile federation (JAF) badge and put it on the grille. So with them installed, the only thing i wanted to do before i sent it to get tuned was put my rear VS KFs on. With my PBM coils being american those dream boats love being slammed i had to max them height wise (about 4mm of thread left) to put the KFs on as they arnt going to fit stock guards, just sick of them being in my garage. I have adjustable RLCA so i removed 10mm from the stock LCA, wind in my camber arms etc and now im left with what seems a slight positive rear end. Once the laurel gets back from tune ill sort it out, my mate jack has a laurel and runs Ikeya rear end and his camber arms with his RLCA shortened 10mm has heaps of room, where my camber arms are maxed. Ill first move the locking nut as its f**king huge and see if i can get like -1.5/2 of camber as thats what ill want, the less the better but ill have to do some guard work to make these fit and since the 9.5-0 cost me a fortune i want them to fit lol. So its pretty mexican atm, due to going for a tune i havent touched the height of the car as it barely gets on my mates truck atm ill sort it all out when i get it back. c Complete engine bay pic feat Mario Trying to sort out why my lights arnt working, being a massive noob with wiring i just gave up and felt this was necessary Awaiting a rail from japan for my brix and once that arrives which should be tomorrow i can put it in. So yeah, goes off to get tuned tomorrow and thats about it, this is how its looking atm. Yesterday marks 3 years ive owned this car, 2 in which its been a garage ornament so im super keen to get it all tuned sort out the minor issues, get another rear section made up for quietness and ill daily it for a bit come January when i get my license back! Also got a spot in QLD matsuri, got a shed too so am many keens for this! Although ive now figured out why having decent powered cars sucks for skidding as ill need like 20 brand new tyres.... but still keen as a bean! Untill next time, keep on keepin on'
  11. Also if you dont use a haltech flex sensor with there ecu etc voids warranty
  12. Put the S14 throttle cable in the following day and slave, after ordering one from Tog parts and them giving me a 26 slave, ended up just getting a nismo slave bled the f**k out of it, turns out master is f**ked ehh guess thats what happens when everything sits for about 2 years and does and goes no where lol. Went to local bolt shop and picked up 2 new bolts Had a mate help me putting weather sheilds on, for 2 reasons they are rare as f**k and didnt want to break them, and those clips were the biggest aid controlling shitstorm ever, along with the 3m tape aswell, but we got their about an hour later, 1-2 clips arent on properly but ill fix that later c cant really remember what happened next, i played around with more shit, and as i was moving house i needed to get the laurel ready for Autoworks so spent a day under/in/on top of it and was finally satisfied with it and decided it was time for it to roll out of the garage ... i still gotta find the missing earth when i get it back as lights are all playing up etc, how i felt.... oh yeah thats right, rushed around to get tyres on my kfs 17x9.5-0 and they just poke too much for me to let it roll, then i thought hold up ill raise the coils. Well turns out their was about 8 threads left, PBM are f**king low and yeah if your wheels dont fit with these coils, it just wont work so threw on the evo stockies and would figure out later. really wanted to run a PBM rlca but they dont offer - in their adjustment and i went to reduce track, therefore i dont have to have bulk camber and wreck my quarters to make wheels fit, future issue 101. Anyhow, before the towie come i took a photo on the way...... As i said previous post i found some clear headlight/corner lights well turned out the guy didnt want to sell them in the end... which sucked but i spammed and spammed and found the 2nd set in australia and he happpen to be down the GC. As Low.co customs had my rear lip to be modified i picked up the clear headlights with the covers on them (missing a chrome strip) and the clear corners. So f**king stocked, can't wait to get these on will be rad photo upon arrival, in some good hands their with the boys, keen as to see the outcome! plazaman cooler fitted up and wastegate elbow welded on micks weld porn lobster bend oil catch can spot, away from the turbo etc rocker covers painted wrickle black, just to tidy it all up and some speedflow fittings welded on for catch can I had to upgrade injectors too 2000cc as the previous 1000cc would be maxed out with the power output, decided on 14-20psi settings. Also installed haltech flex fuel sensor for all the e85! 3' exhaust and jaz, is running a exhaust shut off valve that is in the cabin to queit it down for the 5.0 rear section Ordered the Gktech RLCA as it was on special, and got them to fit it up 15mm shorter as its getting a wheel allingment More kfs 17x9.5+16 basically skidders Picked up a 4' K&N filter aswell, here is the present engine bay, cooler all done, oil catch can etc, the pipes bottom left of 1 picture is the radiator hoses and the 4' blast pipes, 8' of noise should make a bit of noise That's about it, pretty super keen to get it all back so i can finish off the little things and then ill be doing morning sessions/friday nights to tinker around with the car etc.
  13. Hub dyno? What duty cycle is it at? Yeah got surge and all
  14. 500hp on e85? 1000 be too small considering not wanting to go much over 80% duty cycle
  15. so been a while, little update; put the carpet back in the boot, wasnt a fan of just a surge and bear boot, wanted to keep it looking nice and clean. Bolted the surge and pump clamp and battery box to the floor and finished it all up turbosmart fpr800 and stainless filter in the bay had to do a whole lot of grinding (jack) to get the 15s to clear rear, threw a bolton on and it rolled! it was such a mission to get it to work, and i've decided im not gonna run 15s, it just doesnt work. If i wanted to run small wheels, id go back to 4 stud. Sooo brings on more wheels then....... anddddddd decided the 17' game is where its at. So i sold my Work VS KF 18x9.5-23 and bought some rare kfs in 17x9.5-0 in JP, i won them and they cost a f**k load but ahwell. They came on friday and they have a bent lip, which wasnt shown and in description on the JP add but ahwell they go off tomorrow to get fixed and they fit well, with a little camber and guard work will be mint went in to JDM garage to get a part for my mate and ez had a fat man seat and i decided it would work, a recaro. They modded the rail for me to suit my laurel, however it doesnt fit so ill be taking to work to mod up and reweld etc ( fabricator life ). The day before i was going to go in to get the seat they put up a Genuine Greddy plenem with Q45 and tps etc, i couldnt resist and i walked out of there the following day with both haha. the seat rail had be modded to fit a real tall flamin mongrel in it, and it sits so f**king low to the floor, like chinease hands will be needed to put the rear bolts in once i mod them, and heres a pic test fitted, its comfy and nice will do the job for now greddy plenum in, had the biggest rookie error took it off and the new one went on and i needed to put the knock sensors on the block and well... i forgot.. ha ahwell APC will put them on for me when it gets tuned and fabbed as im just too lazy, Last thing to do is change the throttle cable out which i took the old one out and will put new one in tomorrow with lighting and slave cyclinder bolts and thats about it. So yeah, i've also found some clear headlight/corner lights which ill be buying, only set in Australia so that will be cool. Hopefully not long till it runs, maybe laurel curse will stop me, we will see
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