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  1. Hey guys, i am in need of help trying to find the correct offset for my R33. I have been searching around for a fair while now and have settled for some Work Emotion XD9 rims. the problem i am having is finding the correct size and offset without rolling fenders and what not. my car is stock ride height and love when the wheels just have that little bit of poke. after searching i have found that 18x9.5 all around seems to fit nicely without rolled guards but unsure on what offset i need to pull it off, i have attached a photo of exactly what i want mine to look like. and if possible whats the biggest tyres i can fit front and back without too much rub. thankyou for anyone who can help Reference pic has: Apexi Shocks on standard springsGenuine Work Emotion XD9 Wheels on Nitto Semi-slick tyres
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