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  1. TriniC33

    Vehicles older than 8yrs can't be registered in our country and most of our vehicles are of Japanese origin. We had alot of laurel imports mainly from the c32 to the c35 but sadly not much of the more desirable vehicles were imported ( s chassis / skylines / supras etc ). The most popular car that would be modified locally would be the laurels and cefiros (a31), you would find them with engines ranging from the rb20 to 26, jz, v6, sr20.
  2. TriniC33

    Name: RichardLocation: Not local, I'm actually from a small island called Trinidad, located in the West Indies...Contact: Me: I got into photography about four years ago when i saw a long exposure of a highway from the top of a bridge at night, and out of curiosity I wanted to know how that was done so after some research I took my first long exposure photo and from ever since I have been hooked. I pretty much prefer motorsport photography and my camera is at my side at every event I attend.
  3. TriniC33

    Yea we have alot down here, c32, c33, c34, c35... Check out my photography page on fb Have lots of pics from motorsport events and lots of laurels, what's rare down here is the nissan skylines, not as much of them compared to the laurels.
  4. TriniC33

    basically a good complete short block i'm after... I was also thinking once the prices are good, to purchase two just incase, seeing that these engines are almost non-existent locally...
  5. TriniC33

    rb30 block needed... Hey good day to all been a long time browser of these forums and decided to register recently... I drive a c33 laurel with a rb20det, I had plans of doing some upgrades the the 2 liter lump but I have changed my mind and decided to keep it stock and do a build on the side. My choice as you would have already realized is the rb 2530 route. Now where i'm from (island of Trinidad) we never had any vehicles with the rb30 engine locally (r31, vl etc), so in order to do this build i would need to source and import a block (or two depending on the prices) from Australia to Trinidad. So basically i'm looking for someone who has for sale and is willing to have it shipped to my location...
  6. TriniC33

    C33 Laurel r32 rb20det stock unopened motor stock injectors stock turbo stock coilpacks stock ecu same side front mount intercooler 2.5" exhaust Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump turbosmart external wastegate 15psi boost
  7. TriniC33

    as requested...
  8. TriniC33

    Love those wheels... Car looks real sweet...
  9. c33 Laurel | Islander Newbie Hey everyone, my name is Richard and i have been a long time browser on this site. I finally decided to create an account and become a part of the community. I am from the island of Trinidad which is located in the West Indies. My project is a Nissan c33 Laurel with a rb20det swap out of a r32 skyline. Originally it was supposed to be my drift project but plans have since changed and now it'll be my daily.