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Build Thread

Build Thread

Found 38 results

  1. I'm after some lift brackets for my RB20 if anyone has any they're willing to let go of. They've been out of production since 2015, and I've checked places such as Nizzpro, Skyline Parts and Spares, and Trix's Parts. Don't tell me to just bolt the chain onto here or there, or ratchet strap around a manifold, I'd like to do it by the book before I have to resort to ghetto
  2. I'm after some lift brackets for my RB20 if anyone has any they're willing to let go of. They've been out of production since 2015, and I've checked places such as Nizzpro, Skyline Parts and Spares, and Trix's Parts. Don't tell me to just bolt the chain onto here or there, or ratchet strap around a manifold, I'd like to do it by the book before I have to resort to ghetto
  3. So I've had an issue with the cabin/dome lights in my C33 Laurel. They were replaced with LEDs before I bought the car, but they will not turn on. The fuse is good, but it looks like there isn't any power at the switch. Is there a common point of failure for the lights/wiring? I'd like to avoid tearing out all of the wiring unless I have to.
  4. Good day guys....so i have a nissan laurel with a rb25det swap.Engine is Bone stock except for an Front Mounted intercooler I wanted to know the vacuum line which runs off the wastegate,Where does it need to be hooked?(I do not have a boost solenoid).As of right now it is installed onto my intake manifold.However i am baffled as to whether it should be on the intercooler piping or the INtake manifold.
  5. Hi all, I’m about to start building an RB20DET to go into my C33 Laurel. The engine itself is all sorted, but I’m after some ideas of what others are running bolt-on wise. I’m wanting to do a front-facing plenum and top mount turbo, and really am a bit stuck on what brands/ sizes to go for. Keeping in mind that it will be a street car, and I’m not after huge numbers on the dyno. Something that looks good and drives well/ is reliable, but can perform when necessary. At this point I’m looking at Sinco manifolds, and considering a whole turbo kit from them (Holset turbo). I’ve done a little bit of research and think Plazmaman sounds like the best ffp for what I’m after. Let me know what you’re running with your RB20DET / what you would recommend- pictures would be good, and any other advice. This will be my first build cheers
  6. I recently ordered a speedometer cable for my 1990 Laurel because the speedometer stopped working. I'm ready to put the new one in but I can't figure out how to remove the trim to get to the gauge cluster. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, I have a C33 Laurel with an RB20DET out of an R32 Skyline GTS-T, and I'm having a problem that has me stumped. 2 weeks ago my car randomly stopped cranking when i turned the key, I figured it was the starter so I've replaced it and still nothing. When I turn the key I hear the fuel pump, and a relay click from inside the dash. The dash still lights up, and the radio still turns on, but the starter doesn't turn at all. Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. hey guys. i'm prepping to swap a SR20DET into my C33 laurel. The car was a RB20E A/T car. The issue I have is that I got the car with a VQ35 swap. I do not have the original RB20E engine and tranny harness. I do have a S13 SR20DET harness though. Can anybody help a brother out here?
  9. looking for a few interior bits. mainly a full manual center console in brown. also looking for a left dash vent in brown. lastly, i need the right rear window amplifier. o and a manual cluster. for exterior, if someone has a set of rain guards theyd sell, ill take those too!
  10. hello everybody! I just recently acquired a C33 Laurel. I’ve been doing a bunch of searches learning about the car and it seems this forum is the place to be. I originally came from the rx7 community so pretty excited to get back into the piston world especially with a rare/unique car like this. I will be needing help sourcing some parts for my laurel as we never had them in the states. can anyone point me in the right direction or be willling to help themselves? im paypal ready and eager to get the car back to 100%
  11. hey everyone. I just recently picked up a C33 laurel here in the states. I’m trying to get it back to 100%. my right rear power window amplifier is no longer working. the PCB relay inside it blew apart leaving me no part number to trace it. i took apart the left rear to find out the circuitry is completely different. can anyone with a laurel open theirs up and get me a part number so i can repair it. finding these parts here or getting them here is a complete pain! also, can anyone tell me, is just the drivers window automatic?or do other windows have the auto function?
  12. Havent really done one of these things before but i guess ill just wing it Just over a month a go I bought this modified C33 Laurel off an old work mate. He had owned it for a while but decided to sell it when he didnt drive it once during a whole 12 month rego stint. So she was a little dirty but after a little clean up came out alright. She has the following done: Engine: RB25DET Neo Transmission: RB25DET ECU: Power FC Turbo: VG30 hiflowed on standard manifold Suspension: Tien coilovers all round Other mods: FMIC, 3' exhaust, Splitfire coilpacks, 640cc injectors (havent confirmed?), full cage! All the mods are modplated and all legal (mostly ) All the work was done in Japan before it was imported for my pleasure. Couple little things I needed to attend to...like speedo not working, lack of clear on the LHR quarter and respray the front bar. Was super happy how this thing went for a Nissan, believe it or not i didn't even have to pop the bonnet for 2 weeks! Took it to a track day and had a blast. Beat alot of things, got beaten by alot also A mate of mine runs a car photography on facebook, 'Street Alliance' (check it out ) . So hes been lapping up the photos of the Laurel. Had a problem develope at the start of this week where i was loosing my clutch pedal if i didnt keep it pumped up. On investigation found the slave wasnt really sealing at all. Threw a new one in and all good again Being the apprentice at Hi-Power Racing in QLD was time for a little touch up tune to clean it up a little. Learnt alot from that. Need to look at another turbo setup in the near future. Maxing power output at around 15psi. Was always wondering why my left tailight was darker then the right like it was tinted. Found out on the dyno Plans for the future arent too crazy. Thinking, High mount manifold Forward facing plenum GTX35r Fuel system for e85 or eflex 5 stud conversion One thing i can say is i really enjoy something so unique that everyone can enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. It is turning me into a bit of a photo whore though.
  13. New guy with couple of C's Hi new guy here with couple of C33 Laurels both of them are 1991, but they have different engines one of them have a SR20 and the other have a R33 RB25DET. I am glad to be in this forum so I can use all the information and the help from the community here. Thank you
  14. c33 Laurel | Islander Newbie Hey everyone, my name is Richard and i have been a long time browser on this site. I finally decided to create an account and become a part of the community. I am from the island of Trinidad which is located in the West Indies. My project is a Nissan c33 Laurel with a rb20det swap out of a r32 skyline. Originally it was supposed to be my drift project but plans have since changed and now it'll be my daily.
  15. RB20E Trans If I RB20DET swap the RB20E and want to leave it auto, will the RB20E trans bolt up with the RB20DET? Are the flex plate and torque converter interchangeable essentially?
  16. RB20 or RB25 Swap Couple Questions I have an automatic c33 Laurel right now with the RB20E. I plan to keep it automatic for now when I do the swap. Couple questions: If I go RB20DET, can I keep the rb20e trans? What mods would I need to make/what else would I need? If I go RB25DET, can I keep the rb20e trans? What mods would I need to make/what else would I need? Thanks.
  17. 4 door (sedan) Window deflectors, Rain guards. Hey guys, Its really hard to find on the internet anything about specific wind deflectors/rain guards. I have a r32 sedan. I have been trying to locate some sedan wind deflectors for awhile. Not only can I not find them but I also cant really find any info on them. Does anyone know if there are other models that can cross over? Similar to the ones below. If anyone has any clues on where to find these for any sedans it would be nice to have a thread for all.
  18. New from Holland with Laurel C31 Hello, I'm Jelmer from the Netherlands. I have a 1983 Datsun Laurel C31. The C31 shares the chassis with the R30 Skyline which we never got. I'm currently putting a VG30DET from a Chima / Leopard / Cedric-Gloria in it. I didn't get a ECU with it so I'm going to run Microsquirt with bigger high impendance injectors, smart VAG coils, big intercooler and a Walbro in tank pump. VG30DET's only came with automatics but I'm running a Z32 5 speed. I'm using the stock H190 rear axle but with a NOS Nismo LSD and S14 rear brakes. For now I'm using the stock turbo but I'm going with a HX30 or HX35 later on.
  19. Performance-Wise now has in stock quality Wiring Specialties coil pack harnesses to suit most RB, SR and CA engines. Made in the USA, these will perform flawlessly and will also fit easily and perfectly in place of your old, brittle OEM coil pack harness. Here's what we have: COIL PACK HARNESS PRO - R32 GTST RB20DET - $155.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS PRO - SERIES 1 R33 GTST RB25DET- $140.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS - SERIES 2 R33 GTST RB25DET - $155.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS - R34 GT(T) RB25DE(T) NEO - $155.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS PRO - R32 GTR RB26DETT - $155.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS PRO - R33 GTR RB26DETT - $150.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS - R34 GTR RB26DETT - $155.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS - 180SX/S13 CA18DET - $115.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS - S13/S14 SR20DET - $125.00 delivered via express post. COIL PACK HARNESS PRO - S15 SR20DET - $135.00 delivered via express post. All items are in stock in Australia and will be sent via express post. CLICK HERE for more pics and details or to purchase. Combine your order by purchasing a new set of Yellow Jackets Coils Packs. More info - Yellow Jackets Coil Packs
  20. Hey All, Thought I would keep track of my build and take advantage of some of the internets wisdom. The base car, Factory manual rb20e laurel in all its boaty glory First purchase was the iconic hood emblem followed by some more appropriate wheels, 15x6.5 weds albinos Now to where im at now, Decided the 20e just wasnt providing the punch the car deserved, so in comes a gtst 20det. Also managed to pick up some s13 suspension to solve boaty issue, Cusco adjusties all round seem to have solved the ride height. Now heres where i ask for your help, Realisticly can i expect the factory 20det turbo to function without the watercooling installed? Plan is to not run it for long but i would hope for more than a few hours of life.
  21. The Engine has 180,000km on the Clock. Im the 3rd owner and it has been looked after since then. The Engine never misses a beat or a service. Still going strong. Unopened. This Soarer has had a few great Mods add to this, such as ------ (A/C hasnnt been removed and still works great and just been regased) - 600x300x100 Front Mount Intercooler. - Apexi Pod Filter - 2inch and 2-1/2 Intercooler piping. - 6000k HID's - 3inch Turbo Dump pipe. - Full 3inch exhaust system to a 3inch High Flow Cat. 3inch from cat to diff which splits into 2x 2-1/2inch exhaust pipes to 2x Magna Flow Mufflers. - 12 psi Standard with these mods. - KYB Stiff shocks (All Round) - New Front Drilled/Dimbled Rotors and New Pads. - New Rear Rotors and Pads. - Brought a A02B Torsen Diff (LSD) - Auto Meter Boost Gauge. - New Front Lower Control Arm bushes (Still in Packaging, Havent fitted them) - Side Weather shields and Rear Weather shield. - HKS Hiper D Coilover's (Not fitted, they need a Reco) Up for Swaps for Manual Skyline/silvia/Cefiro/180/Laurel. or $7000 ONO Please feel free to Txt me on 0422866407 Located Wagga Wagga
  22. Hey guys the wait is over ive got my first laurel after waiting for about 2 month to get it from nsw just picked it up today and could not be happier i fell in love at first sight and now the long hard road begins fixing little things up to get it to what a want quick list of things done ENGINE: - Its an RB25det series2 out or a R33 skyline with 80,000klm and have all recipes for work done. - Greddy intake manifold. - 80mm billet throttle body - Denso 740cc injectors - Custom fuel rail with braided lines - Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel reg - Walbro 500hp fuel pump - Stainless steel hight mount manifold - Turbosmart 38mm external wast gate with screamer pipe - t04E turbo with polished housing .8 rear housing - Full 3" stainless mandrel bent exhaust system - 300/600/100 intercooler and piping - 52mm alloy radiator - Tomei Poncams 256 degree cams - adjustable cam gears - Gates racing timing belt and all tensioners and rollers wear changed - EMS Computer (ECU) - Turbosmart duel stage boost controller - Greddy turbo timer PLUS SO MUCH MORE SUSPENSION & BODY - Tein full adjustable coilovers - Tubed control arms Rose jointed - R33 4piston Calipers front - R33 2piston Calipers rear - Rear wheel bearings have been changed - 18" black with machined lip rims 8.5" front and 10" rear with stretched tyre's - 5 Stud conversion done with all new wheel bearings INTERIOR: - Fully retrimed in a light tan leather - The sound system is basic but affective with all Alpine head deck and splits and amp - The roof has been custom made with down lights and the laurel emblem in the roof needs to be finished - Downsides - there is a bad manifold leak at the moment but will be first thing fixed - and the car is a AUTO but this will be the big thing that will be changed and am going to begin collecting parts to do this asap
  23. Firstly Hi all, I have my project C33 laurel which was running the RD28 motor doing a 25DET conversion. Pertty much everything is done except the wiring, I have changed fuse box loom (from RB20E A31 cefiro) and cabin/dash loom (from RB20E C33 laurel). I have mannaged to get power to the dash and interior (windows, lights, heaters etc) but not getting any power to my ECU. Anyone able to help or guide as to what i may possibly doing wrong? cheers
  24. Freshly Imported from Japan Work Euroline Set in Great Condition 18x8+5 Front Camber Worn Rubber 235's 18x9+20 Rear Decent Rubber 245's 4and5 x 114.3 Great Brake Clearance and nice and light WORK wheels Surfers Paradise Rob (0481332937) $1250ono
  25. Have a complete C33 Laurel Medalist that I don't need all the parts for so swing me a txt (Rob 0481 332 937) or reply in the thread with what your after and willing/ wanting to pay Postage Avaliable too
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