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  1. I'd say just chuck it inhere to be honest
  2. Wheel Specs?????? Plsszzzzz!?!?!?
  3. Ah 🤣 I see. Nah, I'm all good for horsepower for now, that Plenum was a potential solution to my main problem, but heat wrapping looks like the way to go.
  4. I said capable, I'm planning on going that far yet. This discussion was never about horsepower or turbos, so I don't understand why you'd suggest it
  5. Okay sweet, I was just concerned about the heat transfer part. Thanks for clearing that up
  6. So just heatwrap the manifold, chuck some heat reflection on the J Pipe and call it a day? I thought the intake temps would be effected
  7. You have read that I've got a High Flowed 25 turbo right? Capable of 25 psi and 400hp. I'm looking for intake solutions, not trying to fix an issue by chucking a bigger turbo at it.
  8. Thank you for everyone's input, guess I'll save the 1000 for the Plazmaman intake, I'll just hope that cylinders 5-6 don't get too unhappy. Cheers
  9. Lol, nothing, he's got it laying around in his she'd and said if I needed it he'd be happy to give it up
  10. Yes, I've got some DEI heatsheilding stuff in mind, and wondered whether this idea would be better in the long run. As for seals and everything, the cost of that shouldn't be too much
  11. So I'm looking at switching up my Intake setup due to an aftermarket turbo manifold. Here are my specs before you tell me to spend my money elsewhere or to buy a 25 Yada Yada: Hybrid Performance Turbo Manifold GCG high flowed RB25 turbo GTR Injectors (444cc I believe) Z32 AFM Nistune So, the problem I face is with the standard J Pipe, the exhaust manifold is about an inch from the J Pipe elbow (refer to picture) and this causes concern for Intake Temps. So instead of heat wrapping and shielding and all that, a buddy has a full RB26 intake setup that he said he'd give me if I want it. My main question is if I buy this OtakuGarage adapter plate, what issues will I face? My thinking is that it'll make the intercooler piping shorter, and not run over the exhaust which could heat up my Intake Temps. I'm looking for answers and solutions, not hate on RB20s. Thanks in advance!
  12. If you are talking about the V spec BBS wheels, they are not these. These are 4 lug and V Specs are 5 lug
  13. I'm after the wheels pictured or a highly similar model. Specifically because of the Inset face and spoke layout. Any help with highly similar or these exact wheel would help
  14. So I've got some eventual plans of widening my R32, and the topic of bringing the hubs out further as well instead of running deep dish wheels has come about. My question is, what would I have to do suspension wise in order to achieve the wider track width, instead of doing it in the wheels, doing it with the suspension. I basically want to push the hubs out further, so I don't have to run fat wheels. Only looking to use a 9 inch wide wheel with like a +10 to +20 offset, after going about 50mm wider The question of putting the GTR assembly into my GTST has me wondering what's different, would it work, are the control arms wider, would it bolt in, do I have to make new coilover mounts on the control arm to accommodate for the added width, how do I push those hubs out further. You get the idea. I only ask this as I'm not a fan of Stance nation style or deep dish wheels, and I'd like to run a slight concave faced wheel, whilst widening my 32 and trying to stay somewhat legal and under the radar from the Police
  15. What rear Overs are these and pods, looking for some info as they are gorgeous
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