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  1. kye32gtst

    Thanks for the info. The reason I can't just go to is because it currently has steelies on it. Wanted a straight answer from people who have already tried
  2. So I'm looking at getting some wheels for my R32 GTS-T and I want to know what I can fit under the gaurds without doing any of this stupid stretching of tyres. I'm looking to get 17x8 +32s under all corners. Is it gonna work with 235s or 245s? Gaurds already rolled of course
  3. kye32gtst

    Tis the plan, except for Cat-back
  4. kye32gtst

    It doesn't exactly help when I've bought the car with no exhaust at all. Not even a manifold. I'll blue slip the thing with a Cat if I can, but after that... There will be a little less choking the old girl
  5. kye32gtst

    I've been told that cars before 1990 are not required to have a catalytic converter, so a test pipe would be perfectly legal. According to this mechanic
  6. Maybe, still want that exact spoiler. Maybe modify one year, like Goodezilla used to have. Still, Veilside one is mine
  7. That's gonna be a no from me, looks like too much like a 326 power wing. I want to find that exact style of spoiler shown before, sits on the boot, looks like an R33 spoiler, but it's not. The endplates have gotta be square. I know the thing's rare, but it's the only spoiler, other than big ol' Voltex wing, that I will ever want on my 32
  8. I need this spoiler in my life, anybody know where I can get one, or who is willing to give one up. It's a Veilside Evolution III Spoiler
  9. kye32gtst

    Sweet as thanks for the help, really appreciate it. And good to know this community is here to help when needed
  10. kye32gtst

    Just don't want it to be obnoxiously loud, but still not stock
  11. kye32gtst

    I'm out in the Central NSW and the roads aren't the best and was advised by a mechanic, family friend, not to go with the Titanium because of the roads. Wondering if the Tomei Titanium would hold up, as apposed to a Stainless Steel HKS and Greddy options, also want to keep it stealthy to avoid unwanted attention, Cop lives at the end of my street
  12. kye32gtst

    I've been looking at a HKS Silent hi power, and a Greddy Power Extreme, but I can't find a decent sound clip of the Greddy. Standard dump pipe, Blitz Front pipe, and not sure on the test pipe. I've been looking on Nengun Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it as I'm new to the scene
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for a deep sounding exhaust for my Gtst 32, just want to know what will drone a little bit, give the rb20 a deep note to it, and not have a raspy obnoxious exhaust. Thanks