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  1. A bit of a long shot, but does anyone have any photos of an Omori Oil Pressure Gauge, specifically the wiring to the pressure sensor? Wanting to confirm where the blue wire runs to (ground possibly?), preferably if someone by chance had a wiring diagram? Thanks
  2. Callum14

    So it’s been a while, but let’s be real no one really cares. I have: - acquired TEs - painted TEs got some camber arms and had guards rolled too.
  3. Want to buy a singular TE37 in 18x9.5+12 I’m seeing if anyone has a random one sitting around they’d sell. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WANT TO BUY ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Brand: RAYS Model: TE37 Tyres: eh Pair / Set: Single PCD: 5x114.3 Diameter / Width / Offset: 18x9.5+12 Location: Brisbane / Kangaroo Point Willing to Ship: Happy to pay for shipping Price: How much do you pay for a random wheel? Preferably a pre 2010 as they don’t hang writing around the lip (to match my other) Colour doesn’t matter. Thanks
  4. Callum14

    In an effort to be responsible (and because I'm moving in 2 months) I've decided to raise it and chuck the Enkei's back on. Also wasn't happy with the 17s so I've decided to sell them for now. Eventually going to purchase another pair of 18x9.5+15/22 for the rear and I'll put the 18x9.5+12s on the front. But first need adjustable arms so I can kind of work out how much guard rolling has to be done before paint. Probably going to get some 2pak KH4 in a can and do the bonnet and front bar for now so I can prolong painting it... Need a daily... Anyway, last photo of it on TEs for a while.
  5. Callum14

    Yeah.. It's not the first time I've subjected myself to the Nissan Debt... But I can never wipe the smile off my face.
  6. Callum14

    I'm running 17x9.5+12 and 18x9.5+12 rear. Wanting to get a pair of 18x9.5+22 for the rear so I can pull some camber out. Should be able to do with stock RLCAs?
  7. Callum14

    Someone reply so it doesn't look like i'm spaming this thread lol. Anyway, got the wheels, with minimal guard rolling they fit. I think i'm going to eventually get a pair of 18x9.5+22 for the rear to pull some of the camber out, and put the +12s on front, but it looks ok for now. Besides it's only running 7psi through a slush box so i don't really need traction lol.. Anyway here it is, finally looking less like a piece of shit. Need to do a few things: Tuck exhaust, Replace plastic under-tray But at the end of the day it's no GT-R,
  8. Callum14

    Continued Spam.. Pickup my new (old) TE37s tomorrow! 17 x 9.5 +12 / 18 x 9.5 + 12 Been repainted but I'm not too fussed. An old friend of mine had them on his 33 coupe and they looked good (Y) Had to push paint back a bit while I save some more money. if I can get the Auto fixed cheaply I'll do that then paint, if not I'll do a manual swap before paint, will figure it out... Also been bitten by the power bug, trying to not spend too much money on the engine this year... Need to save for a ring...
  9. Callum14

    It's been a while since I pulled apart a steering wheel, though I recall my s15 airbag having 4 screws to hold in the inflator (Google images indicate this seems to be standard) Now, I must stress to ground yourself (touch a computer or metal object that's earthed) before attempting to remove it. If it goes off while you're removing it you may end up with a steering wheel shaped scar on your forehead.
  10. Callum14

    They've all got the same spline, you would just have to remove the inflator. I need to replace my S1 R33 wheel, and was looking at doing the same. Last thing you want to do is have it spontaneously discharg
  11. Callum14

    So a bit of progress (wow 6 posts in a row soz). - Found some cheap BC coils - Fitted my Tail Lights - Fitted my Drivers door Stripping it for paint in 2 weeks (need to strip trim/lights/handles before sending for paint) Hunting some Bronze TE's (found a few pairs but in the middle of a job change so waiting for that to be done). Getting close. Waiting until I move in July to do the Manual/Diff swap
  12. Callum14

    Ok sooooo, Finally got the Grille Finally got the vents (more on that) Scored a set of S2 Lights/garnish on yahoo fir $70 Need to know what intercooler kits people are using to prevent cutting the fog light vent. Mine fowls on the back of the vent, and I could cut the passo side and hide the intercooler piping, but drivers side goes out too far and would require quite a bit of cutting. TIA Also, onto paint soon woo hoo!
  13. Callum14

    The last bits have actually proved harder than anticipated to acquire... Sedan Grille (2 slat?) from Malasya $180 S2 Sedan vents - $120 from someone on the R33 owners FB page S2 rear garnish - Proving to be the hardest to track down
  14. Callum14

    Thought I'd pop an update up (to see if people can help find some parts) Not much has happened, was able to get a Bonnet, Lights and Fog Lights Still need to find: Sedan Vent (under fog lights) or the strip? Idk if it's cut off the vent S2 Grill S2 Rear Centre Garnish My PS Pump shat itself and I'm paying off some Christmas debt but hopefully I can get it all one colour soon. But firstly need to get the PS Sorted Here's a photo, looks better in this photo but the back sits so much higher than the front.
  15. Callum14

    ~ So have finally done some things ~ So it's been a while but I got a few things done: Replaced Rear Door (yet to do front door, it's too damn hot) Plastic M Spec Skirts S2 Bumper Replaced windshield More things here and there but not worth mentioning Still need: S2 Bumper S2 Lights S2 Sedan Fog Lights S2 Grille Will need to probably get wheels done soon because I'm sick of it looking like a pile of shit (probably 33 GTR wheels)