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  1. Hi Guys/gals I have a 2007 Nissan Infiniti g37s sedan I would like to put a rear wing/ spoiler on the csr but having trouble finding one that I like and where I could buy one from was wondering if anyone has put one on there car and if so where did you buy it from?? Thank you 😊
  2. That turn your led tail lights function as a turn signal
  3. Hahah yea the guy I brought it off imported it lol but still parts are not easy to find for the car trying to find tail lights that turn your led lights that also function as your turn signal
  4. Hi i own a 2007 Nissan Infiniti g37s and was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy some gtr tail lights for the G would like to upgrade the tail lights but I can’t seem to find anything.. thanks for you help guys/gals.
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