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  1. Hi Dashy i would appreciate his details if you can send to me it would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi , i am looking for the woodgrain interior trimmings for a 2008 370GT Skyline coupe. looking for the gear shift console/middle panel audio , and all the dash and door trimmings to suit in woodgrain has anyone got some or all of these for sale. Thanks
  3. hi has anyone purchased a head unit for English conversion from Xanavi in Russia or any dealing with them are they ok to deal with( hopefully not a scam ) can someone give me some adviced before i decide to buy. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys anyone no where i can get the owners manual for the 2007 skyline 370gt coupe, searched around but cant seem to find any hope someone can help. thanks
  5. Hi guys new to this forum , i have just got my 370gt today will post some pictures soon what i would like is some help on who does the english conversion to the radio/ navigation system in ADELAIDE. Any help and advice would be greatfull for any information . Thanks in advance
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