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  1. Now accepting offers on the front bar of less than $200 - looking to get rid of it
  2. Not sure how I missed this gem, but, 3. OEM R34 GTR Grey cloth rear seat assembly - perfect condition unless you're incredibly picky about the pin sized hole in one of the cushions (5cent coin in a pic for reference), were professionally cleaned upon purchase but have collected a bit of dust now: $400
  3. R34 exterior parts (GTR & GTT) Hi guys, I sold my r34 late last year and I'm looking to offload the leftovers sitting in my garage. If I find other bits and pieces around I'll update this thread with prices and pictures. 1. OEM R34 GTR Boot lid - factory white, perfect condition, purchased from a highly reputable member on here a while back, no defects: $100 2. GENUINE Garage Impul R34 GTT front bar - black, slight fibreglass damage and paint cracking, much higher quality however than the replica bars that sell for around $400, repairs required: $250 Pictures to come this afternoon, drop a PM if interested. Freight to be organised by buyer, at buyer's expense. Pick up is fine, located in Canberra Tom
  4. Price drop - $17,500 for forum members. The sun is starting to take it's toll on my bonnet again, as well as the top of the car and boot starting to show some light signs. All will come up fine with a good detail again as I previously did before listing for sale.
  5. I don't have them on me, sorry. Most people go conservative on their rear quarters which gives it a flared out lip that I hate the look of personally on anything that isn't an s-chassis.
  6. $19,500 Now on carsales
  7. Okay with uni now wrapped up for the year it's time to push this sale. Price dropped to $19,990 for forum. Car is going up on carsales as well
  8. As mentioned, I was going to add a boot lip spoiler, but decided to stop pouring money into the car. I originally had a gtr replica wing that was going on the car, but I changed my mind with the look I wanted to achieve and therefore sold it. If you so desire, you can add a wing yourself. Why would I source out and purchase a genuine gtr spoiler, paint it, and fit it, when I'm selling the car? That would cost within the range of around: $1000 to do for a genuine wing - $500 for wing, $500 paint and fit $750-800 for a replica wing - $250-300 for replica wing, same painting and fitting cost. If that's all that is holding you back from taking a genuine interest in the car, I would guess you aren't actually genuinely interested. I mentioned the price is negotiable - meaning I could factor this cost in if that was a make it or break it for a potential buyer.