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  1. Unfortunately, it's genuine Australia. @Mick_o - Thanks. Oh tell me about it, getting those turbos off was so frustrating. Like @r32-25t said: I wouldn't do that again for just dumps. After a brief research session on converting to a single, the bank account wouldn't allow for it. Although I'm actually very interested in a single setup now after reading all the benefits you get compared to twins. My thinking is to leave the car in pieces and source another set of dumps and fronts. But then that money could also contribute to a single setup
  2. So after a long morning of hard labor turns out that the exhaust doesn't even fit the car... So annoyed, was looking forward to it so much. Below is the connection between the front turbo dump pipe and the front pipe. Next picture is the position of the front turbo if the dump pipe and front pipe flanges were to be connected. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the turbo is sitting a lot lower than the standard position and you can see it's angled. At this stage, I'll probably leave the car in pieces and try to figure something out.
  3. Back. Got the water return pipes off, but then I realised that was just the beginning of my problems. Rear turbo manifold has a bolt at the back that is to tight to get to. Taking a lot longer to install than I thought. How's everyone's experience with installing dump pipes?
  4. That's awesome guys - thanks for the input. I'll try out the crowfoot this weekend if that fails ill try the flare spanners. Will report back! thanks again
  5. Hi Guys, I'm trying to remove the standard dump pipes to install new ones. I'm stuck at removing the hard water lines and the manifold heat shield. I've attached photos and highlighted what I'm talking about. There are some bolts that are just impossible to get to or maybe it's just because I'm limited to tools. Any tips would be appreciated - thanks.
  6. Thanks Juan - I've spoken TruTrack. Too expensive at this stage considering I'm only after a basic wheel alignment. Thanks - I'll give these guys a call tomorrow. Steering has been pulling to the left heavily lately and want to cancel out the possibility of the wheels being out of alignment.
  7. Ah right - Melbourne. Thanks for that.
  8. Wheel Alignment Hi Guys, looking to get my wheels aligned for my r33 GT-R - only MCA suspensions on it, everything else is factory. You guys have recommendations for any workshops? I live in the western suburbs so anything closer to home obviously more ideal. Thanks,
  9. Sorry - not 100% sure whether it will clear those brakes. The disk type is 'R' which are made to clear larger calipers, but can't confirm for that specific kit.
  10. Work Meister S1 P3 Bronze 18x10.5 +12 Hi Guys, I have a set of brand new Work Meister up for sale. Never installed, never taken out of box, boxes have only been opened to inspect if there were any damages during transit. Brand: Work Product Model: Meister S1P3 Size: 18 x 10.5 Offset: +12 (R Disk) Color: Bronze Condition: Brand New Price: $3,150
  11. Wow...awesome car I would never let that go. I've always been sceptical of GTRs and their kms, when I bought mine it was purely based on the condition of the car and how it drove. In saying that your GTR looks immaculate and you'll definately get a good price for it.
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