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Found 12 results

  1. Y62 1) Please .. needing part number for Y62 windscreen 2016 Ti ... Blue tint, rain sensor and bonded mirror ... together with fitting / installation kit..... 2) And adjustment advise re park brake .... not a very clever design ! .. 3) How to disconnect the abs .... again not clever under heavy braking .... 4) Anyone with brake shudder from warped discs / rotors...
  2. R32 FRONT & REAR WINDSCREEN 2 door coupe As title says searching for r32 coupe gtst 1 x rear and 1 x front windscreen glass. Im located in central coast 2257. Pm or message here. Cheers.
  3. WANTED! DR30 LAMINATED WINDSCREEN Hey lads and ladies. Ripping my hair out trying to find a coupe front windscreen in aus that is laminated.. Any chance at all sedan screens fit? Need this before the 8th of October. My location is Toowoomba 4350. Nissan, Obrien ETC have part numbers that are different to the sedan screen that have been made obsolete.. Will take any condition at this stage as long as it's intact and I can get my compliance plate
  4. Spare parts for V36 Crossover - Windscreen Hi All I have an imported 370GT Crossover (2010) for the wife. She caught a stone yesterday and the windscreen has had it. Now I am finding out how hard an import is to get bits for I know the car is mechanically compatible with the local 370Z but with body panels and glass, it appears unique (een to other 370GT variants). I rang nissan - no stock but hey can import the glass. Delivery 2 weeks to 2 months. I am now trying some local windscreen shops but fear that there is no local stocks anywhere. Open to all and any suggestion - including buying online and getting delivered express. Chassis is J50-101606. help !
  5. Good morning all. one of my pet hates is a dirty windscren and i spend allot of time trying to keep my daily 32 glass clear. as with allot of older cars the glass is littered with marks, fine scratches and little nicks. I have seen people removing these with 0000 steel wool and other polishing methods. to the guys in the know, before i potentially damage my glass, whats the best method?
  6. Hi All, Im looking for R33 (RB25) Rear Windscreen (which has wiper blade as well) My car is 1994 R33 GTS4 Two door Coupe. (im sure any R33 series 1 rear windscrren will fit in ? as most other parts do ) Im in Sydney Quakers Hill Area Note- Last Sunday some one has smashed my windscreen while it was parked outside Please let me know if you have one... PM ME. Cheers Mike.
  7. Can anyone in Canberra recommend anyone that does windscreen replacement for a decent price? instead of paying 650 at o'brien.
  8. So recently my R32 skyline has developed a horrible creaking noise that I thought was originating from the dash, today myself and a friend removed the entire dash only to find the noise still there, after driving around at 10kph with my mates head burried in the dash he determined it was the windshield creaking in several locations, other than calling up a windscreen repair shop to remove and refit the same windscreen is there anything else I can try?
  9. G'day everyone, bit of a n00b question, but I've searched for a while to find and answer over to pages/forum, with no luck. Has anyone had to / have a rough price estimation for what I'd be up for to get my 1989 R31's Windscreen replaced? The thing's cracked all the way through and absolutely dreadful, no solution but to go the whole hog and get a new one. Cheers in advance!
  10. ITEM: R33 rear glass (no hole for rear wiper). Suit GTS-t/GTR. LOCATION: Sydney (west), NSW CONDITION: Very good used. Has window tint in very good condition PRICE: $120 CONTACT: PM ITEM: R33 Rear 1/4 glass (left and right). Suit GTS-t/GTR. LOCATION: Sydney (west), NSW CONDITION: Very good used. Has window tint in very good condition PRICE: $60 each CONTACT: PM Willing to swap tinted door windows to make a complete tinted window set if required. Only selling because I don't like tints.
  11. Hi all, I finally purchased R32 (GT-R) after a long search. I'm using it for daily drive and these are some issues that I'm facing now. -Headlights (facing too low and no highbeams working - I tried adjusting the height but not working) :I think I need to a) buy another set of headlights b)install HID. If i install HID on existing headlight, it doesn't fix the lights facing low, does it? Recommendation? Any quick fix for highbeams? -Water spray not working on front windscreen :I filled up the water but I don't get water spray at all. (works on rear window only) Is this well known problem in R32? Any quick fix? -Bucker seats + 18"rims with semi slick tyers all around + Upgrade TEIN suspensions :I want to change this car to be able to drive daily. which of these makes most this car not suitable to road? I still can't believe I own R32 finally but I wish this car to be little more to road use. Please help.
  12. Hanso

    C34 Windscreen

    I had a rock hit my window over the weekend on a shitty country road and now have a crack down the driver's side. Needless to say, I need a new windscreen. Insurance covers it thankfully. My question (and the windscreen guy's) is, does the C34 Stagea share a common windscreen with anything else? Or is it an individual item? I am not fussed whether it is an Australian or Japanese glass, I just want my windscreen fixed. If anyone has a part number too, that would be great. In the rare chance you know of a spare windscreen at a wrecker, I am in the ACT. Cheers, Adam
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