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  1. Gotcha, so the whole pipe would be removed and taken to the hydraulics shop to rework
  2. That's some good advice about the hydraulics shop, I'll keep it on my radar. It does sound a lot less painful to just fix the rubber itself. A local shop is selling the whole pipe for a tad less than from Nissan so I was thinking that replacing it all with OEM would be good for the long run. Is the rubber hose alone removed from where it meets the hard line by the first metal plate/bracket? If so, I'm surprised that Nissan doesn't sell the hose alone if the whole pipe can be disassembled like that.
  3. Well I'll go ahead and order the assembly if the rubber hose can't be saved. Hopefully replacement isn't too difficult and labor costs aren't too high. I don't enjoy having to top off my PS fluid all the time. I'll try to keep the thread updated when I get around to installing.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere else something about a crush washer deteriorating over time leading to a leak but that might not be applicable to the fitting in question. If the swap can be done without removing the engine or major parts I'll do it myself or ask my mechanic. In the meantime, has anyone had luck using power steering additives to stop small leaks like this?
  5. Hi all, First post here but I have a 1990 R32 GTR with a small power steering leak coming from the high pressure hose leading out of the power steering pump. I had the PS fluid flushed and replaced earlier this year and this leak seems to have developed within the last few months. The car drives fine and doesn't make any strange noises but will leave a few drops on the floor after turning into a parking spot. I got under the car and identified where the leak is coming from as shown in the photo here (the dark streak on the left is the dribble of PS fluid from where the hose meets the metal fitting). I've attached another image of the part and the leak area circled in red. My question is, would it be possible to tighten the metal fitting to stop the leak and if so, how would I go about it? Second, I don't mind buying the whole high pressure PS assembly pictured and swapping it all out as a preventative measure (as I can't find the rubber hose/metal fitting alone), but would this be something that can be done just by getting under the car or would the engine/large components need to be removed first? Thanks for any insight you may have!
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