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  1. no covers great condition but expensive vs wreckers I will admit. the weird marks in the lens in the first picture are reflections, not real.
  2. it doesnt take too many jay leno types around the world to absorb the best r34s that are left.
  3. I don't agree. I think they are also being bought by people with deep pockets AND who have always wanted one. Of course they ALSO suspect (rightly or wrongly) they may hold their value or even appreciate further due to USA, blah blah. The ones I feel sorry for is the people in the states who are going to be buying the "best skyline they can afford" even $$$ ones they then pay Japan to garage, or store in Canada for now, not realising they've been stuck with a rolled back car, one with rust or worse, or one that will pop the moment they hammer it.
  4. double din head unit and oil filter relocation! well that explains it
  5. an nsx not an nsx r just auctioned on bringatrailer for $325k usd it was a zenardi edition and had perfect history but clearly the time for some JDM classics has arrived.
  6. Yes, I do realise. nevertheless a bare minimum of customer service is customer service. If they don't want phone calls and queries perhaps enter the correct dates into their own customer information system, or spend 1 minute replying to one polite question, instead of ignoring it for a week.
  7. yes, that I understand.( however, i get DHL from japan in days.) what I do not understand is ghosting customers who ask after an order that their own system says they have, and should have been delivered 10 days ago
  8. Carbon risers - Sold Greddy FMIC - Sold Engine Cover - Sold catch can - $200 OEM Front Splitter - $650 ARC ti Strut brace - $2500 Stoptech r34 bolt on kit - $4000 - $3800 - $3500 Ganador LED mirrors - $4000 - $3800 ADDED: tail light pair perfect condition - $600
  9. so I Put a few orders in for Amayama and they all show green "ordered from supplier" or "sent from supplier" The earliest August one was listed as expected delivery 13th Sep by "Fastway Couriers" (it was listed as delivered to warehouse by 12th sep). so naturally, I'd like to know the status.. - they do not reply to online messages despite the interface for logged in customers. - they do not pick up the phone it just rings to voice mail or gets cut off At this point wondering if I just turn up at 24 Norman St, Peakhurst, Sydney, with print out in hand, will they all run and hide behind the shipping supplies?
  10. My bad the VIN number was wrong I think. The 6th digit was a "V" .. if it was v-spec it should be a "W" (?) here is the link: https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/204764720854520/
  11. Saw an ad for a clean looking "v-spec" in Thailand on Facebook. $192k USD (in Thai Baht). They threw the nismo catalog at it, so it has the new ti strut bar, the carbon bits, most of the obvious nismo engine bits, etc etc. It has also had a supposed factory "custom paint color". Certainly looked nice. Only one problem, the vin plaque was blue... It was just a normal GTR, not a v-spec. Whoops.
  12. I have a few MFD screens on hand, have the oem part numbers (match what the car was built with) or new replacement models (plug compatible, may have longer life) for $300 per, money back if it does not solve your problem, postage included specify which you want. you can hunt on alibaba for less however it is pot luck and shipping from china is really really slow at the moment plus if it doesnt work, you are out of luck.
  13. stealth catch can, I cant remember what place fabricated it or the original price so will just say .. $200 thanks edit: it might be an early hi-octane one? same idea anyway https://www.hioctanedirect.com/hi-octane-racing-oil-catch-can-nissan-skyline-r32~7369
  14. Summary so far Stop tech bolt on kit - $4000 - $3800 Carbon risers - $750 Greddy FMIC - Sold Ganador LED mirrors - $4000 - $3800 Engine Cover - $750 Front Splitter - $650 ARC Strut Tower - $2500
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