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  1. Anyone have an OEM front diff sitting around they want to convert into cash? send PM, quick response.
  2. This plastic cover comes in two variations one for regular R34s with ATTESA and one for v-spec and v-spec 2. After this one from wrecker or whatever.
  3. what i have left; 1. Japanese origin R34 spoiler blade like Nismo. Not adjustable. Good quality carbon. - $510 on ebay 6. Trust Greddy Type R blow off valve - VGC - $300 on ebay 9. HKS Step2 stroker h-beam rod set 2304-RN006 - $990 on ebay 10. R34 driver dash plastic surround - small hole drilled - $50 on ebay 14. R34 GTR front OEM diffuser - Good condition - $700 - not listed anywhere else PM for pictures. 15. R34 OEM trunk gas struts - 20 years old, one is weaker, still holds fine - $150 16. R34 aftermarket trunk struts - NEW - from Facebook user @R34 GTR MFD - $100 * Take 15% off of any "on ebay" price listed above 19. Stealth catch can, replaces water bottle (pictures above) - $100 20. Clifford alarm G5 WIZNET programming lead cable kit - $50
  4. Ah cool, Wasn't aware they can do that kind of work. Of course they can if they can remove hail damage!
  5. yeah it could be bent back if its even lifted but the visible underside denting and marks are bothering me. I am at the stage of identifying and replacing non oem bolts and plastic trim fasteners, so this is sort of a blot.
  6. no kidding. sigh. I ordered a new one with what seems to be a very low shipping price from usa ($100). Hope it gets here without being bent in transit.
  7. thanks so someone jacked up the front of the car putting it under this piece ?
  8. unfortunately not in picture there is a flattish cross member just forward of this picture (just above the top of it), the bottom of the radiator is mounted to it. From the nose of the car it is the first solid cross member one can see Mine is dented I suspect from some id**t using a trolley jack. What is the name or part number of this cross member so I can look it up? thanks
  9. For R34 GTR or R33 GTR see: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Windshield-Washer-Tank-Bracket-For-Nissan-Skyline-R33-R34-GTR-/123829915445 $55 shipped domestic.
  10. Garage Yoshida has these types of pictures and videos - but here is a UK one: https://fb.watch/1GQamhvEzC/
  11. the entire map light module can be pulled out with fingernails but how to get the center dome light module out with the least risk of breaking anything? I really do not want to dig around at the side of the lens with a screwdriver unless I have done it once already...
  12. I accidentally bought a second one of these. So now I have a spare. It took ages to arrive, and the cost from Amayama was $51.68 + postage. Someone take it off my hands, happy to send it for $60 total paid via paypal or bank deposit. Why is it revised? The bracket has been updated to be in steel and not the plated (bronze looking) steel that reacts over time with the bodywork, especially given its location (spills and so on) and can create rust. Two bolts, move the bottle aside, swap and done..
  13. https://www.rhdjapan.com/nismo-front-bumper-bnr34.html and the lower lip is purchased seperate https://www.jdmdistro.com/shop/exterior-styling/nissan-r34-gtr-oem-front-lip-bnr34-2/
  14. it has a 2000kg tow rating, the GC had a 3500kg tow rating. Luckily I do not want to tow anything anymore.
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