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  1. Hey all, Is there a nice source for ACC power in the engine bay somewhere? I've searched but I can't really find much. I know that there's plenty of IGN sources, but I need ACC. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I have been eyeing off a PAR 1-4 synchro set for my R32 GTR. Does anyone here know what it would cost to get this done? I'm also assuming it would be wise to refresh all synchros, etc at the same time? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I'm looking at building a custom display using a few things like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Qt5; I have built something similar before for our E36 race car, but wanted to know how to interpret the following readings from the car: RPM signal - is this just pulses? And is it 3 pulses per crank revolution? Fuel signal - is this voltage or resistance based (assuming I am tapping the wiring at the back of cluster) ? I'll use the usual 2-wire RTDs for water and oil temp, and a linear 0.5-4.5V sensor for oil pressure, GPS for speed, and perhaps a MPX5700AP for boost.
  4. Looking for Haltech Platinum Pro for R32. I'm in Melbourne. Please PM me if you have one for sale!
  5. I compared the back of both original and Nismo clusters are there were quite a few differences. FWIW, I just put the Nismo 320 speedo in to my old dash, and converted speed sensor plug thingie with this guide: All works fine now...
  6. I think something is different, not sure what, but this guide exists to swapping that analog to digital bit in the speedo cluster: That's something I could do, but doesn't answer why RPM and temp are not working. Yeah much less assistance. I would prefer to have the power steering working properly, the fix for that is in the link above. I'm going to try and re-seat the connector. I'm hoping it's as simple as that, but I doubt it 😔
  7. Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2nd hand Nismo 320km/h cluster for my R32 GTR. I understand that there are two versions, one for earlier series 32, and another for the later 32's. The seller assured me it was working 100% in an early model (1990) R32 GTR, which is the same as mine. I installed it yesterday, it fit perfectly, and all the plugs in the back went in fine - but when using the car, the temperature gauge doesn't work and the RPM doesn't work either. The speed reading works and is perfectly accurate, but power steering stops working shortly after. It's also the blue-back one, with 4 screws at the back of the speedo; this all suggests that it's for a later model as well, where the electrical signal for speed for the power steering is different. I've seen a tutorial on here about swapping the speed sensor over from an old cluster, but is there any reason that the temperature gauge doesn't work as well? Are there any other differences on the later cluster that mean I shouldn't waste my time trying to use it in an older GTR at all?
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