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Found 26 results

  1. Autronic SM4 plug-in ECU with the ignition multiplexer on board. Came out of my R33 GTST but will suit a bunch of other models. MAP sensor and AFM support - $1000 Splitfire coil packs suit S1 RB25DET - $350 External oil pump setup incl. Peterson external single-stage pump, mounting bracket, pre-filter, main filter, baffled and modified sump, harmonic balancer, drive assembly, belt, -12 AN lines and fittings - $2000
  2. Hi guys. This is probably a very commonly covered topic, but today, i wanted to make a video to document the matter, and help those who may not know how to do this. This tutorial will show you how to swap your Coil Packs in your s15 if you find that they are failing, or causing misfire. *Background story - My car was idling fine and such, accel was fine in first 2 gears, but when in 3rd gear upwards, it would stutter and splutter, causing issues with acceleration under boost. I had a tip from some guys on the facebook group, and was told to check my ignition system. I had plans to change coils and plugs, but as i had a spare set of coils, though i would do them first. Changed coils, and did not have to touch my plugs, the issue is now gone. Please follow below for any assistance or instructions. Please see my video for full instructional and visual. For those who might not like watching videos, or tight on data, i will write the instructions below. Please follow closely. If you have a similar issue or need to change your packs, you will need to make sure you have your car turned off. Pop the bonnet, and you may see a silver plate, or a plate of sorts on top of your engine. If you don't have this, you can skip to the next step, if you have one, you will need to remove it with an alan key. Once the silver plate is removed, you will need a 10ml socket to remove the 4 bolts holding the packs in. When unplugging, please be extremely careful, as you can break the clips quite easily if you are too rough, as they are now very brittle after about 20 years of heat cycles. When the plugs are removed from the packs, you can gently pull them up, you may need some force as they have grommets holding them in. When the coils out, at this point, you can just replace it, or you can take it a step further, and change your spark plugs too. I recommend the ngk iridium plugs, they are supposed to last a long time, and are gapped perfectly if you are running a similar setup to me at 15 PSI. If you decided to swap your plugs, make sure not to over tighten them when screwing them in. Once they are in, you can follow the process to swap the coils, but backwards, when installing the new coils. After you have done all this, turn on the car and see if the issue persists, take it for a cruise, and if all is well, congratulations, you have saved a trip to the mechanic! Please feel free to leave me any feedback as it helps me make future content or tutorials! All the best, see you next time!
  3. Hi All, Got a few parts taking up space in the shed that id like to move on to a new home as per below: Parts available for pickup Bathurst, or can post at buyers cost Contact Dylan via PM R32 OEM Coils $50 One has slightly damaged boot Two sets of 6 coils available Ignition Coil $100 Two available Wiring Harness $30 (assumed working condition, removed from donor engine) Coil Pack Cover $50 Coilpack Mount $0 w/ other sale Air Con Compressor + Lines + Engine Mount (assumed working condition, removed from donor engine)
  4. Used OEM RB26 coil packs Have 6 used OEM coil packs to suit RB26 for sale. Travelled 150k km or so. Worked fine when I pulled them off the car. $150 ONO Located Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  5. Hey folks, I bought these SF-DIS-001 splitfire coil packs mistakenly, they do not fit my engine. Never been used. I paid $550, though will sell for $450. My mistake is your gain. They're to suit: R32 Gts-t R32 GTR R33 Gts-t series 1 R33 GTR Located in Canberra
  6. I was having trouble with my R33 breaking down but only when I tried to run high boost (24 psi) Running at 12 psi it was smooth and faultless so I changed plugs, fuel filter and a few other things but nothing worked so I took it to Gavin wood and he said the coil packs were more than likely at fault. Rather then shelling out and purchasing another set of coils OR gaping my plugs down from 1.1mm to .6mm I did some more research and found some people in the UK were making up Acetal plates for mounting their coils too and this was solving a range of problems for people. The theory is that when your coils fail they are finding the easiest path to earth for the spark to travel OR when you are running boost over 1 bar the spark can be "blown out" basically so the simple fix is to get more powerful coils BUT If you think harder about the problem and rather than resorting to fixing a short with "more power" to make up for it, actually remove the path the short is going to take and you will find all your power will now go straight into your plug!! From the minute I started the car even driving round on 12 psi it felt so much crisper and more responsive, but the proof was being able to run 24 psi again revving clean and clear right to limiter. Acetal or Polyoxymethylene, is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. All you have to do is trace your alloy ones onto the Acetal plate and you can then cut them out with a jigsaw and tap the holes. I made mine in house and would consider making up a run of these should people not wish to stuff around making their own and would rather to just purchase them. Hope this gives you guys another option to try at home when trying to sort out your misfires.
  7. Direct replacement bolt-on kit, remove your old worn coils and replace with LQ9/D585 coils. RB25 S1 or S2 Full LQ9 Conversion Kit Comes with everything pictured X6 LQ9 oem style coils X6 Coil Boots X6 Contact Springs X1 Wiring specialties S1 or S2 LQ9 Harness X1 LQ9 coil bracket Asking $830 + $20 postage anywhere in Australia Let me know what series rb25 engine you have so i can provide you with the right harness Located in the W.suburbs of Melbourne call or text me on 0476861094
  8. Hey there, i need a lil help with coil packs to fit a 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 25-GT NEO RB25DE (import). Ive searched this forum, and countless others, plus google, but i cant get a definitive answer to what coil packs will fit. Ive added a hyperlink to some coilpacks im looking at, can anyone tell me if they will fit, it says they will, but ive been fooled before. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R34-RB20-RB25-GTT-S2-STAGEA-NEO-Ignition-Coil-Coils-Pack-x-6pcs-/190791257870?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Plat_Gen%3AR34&hash=item2c6c0b8f0e&_uhb=1
  9. Up for sale I have stock parts, all in good working condition, all parts came off a 1997 R33 GTST. Make an offer, reasonable offers wont be refused. Standard Series 2 rear wing in silver (working break light included) $40 Aftermarket fiberglass Du-Luck side Skirts (painted silver, small crack but cant be seen when fitted) $80 Boot Lid (no wing, no lock, White) ***FREE*** Standard fuel pump $10 Standard exhaust cam gear $10 Standard injectors $90 Standard rear sway bar $20 Standard ECU $120 Standard cam shafts $50 X-Force muffler $30 Rear series 1 garnish $10 Standard coil packs $120 Standard indicators front guard $10 Standard rear rotors $15 All parts located south east Melbourne Prefer pick up...if not buyer can arrange postage I have photos of all the above parts...message me if you require pictures Thanks
  10. Hi Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to think about my cars issue. Below are the mods done to my car in a little more detail but firstly im asking if anyone has experienced a similar issue to me and what you have done to resolve it. Secondly if anyone has any suggestions on the next step in the process then im also interested to hear it! My car has developed a misfire, actually its more like a hard cut rev limiter at about 5200rpm if under load. At idle or lighter load it can rev higher. The wideband indicates the AFR is not changing when the problem starts. The plugs all look fine. Fuel pressure is available (checked while under load on dyno). Symptoms are the same no matter what gear its in. Already Tried: Checking Plugs, replaced, and gapped them progressively tighter until getting as low as 0.3. Replaced with Iridium plugs at .8, then refit new copper at .6 - No change. New Coil Packs - No Change New Leads - No change New injectors - No Change New Crank Angle Sensor (checked with timing light to top dead) - No change Disconected turbo compressor from intake to test with no boost. - no change Some more details about the car. built motor, T04Z Turbo - no maf sensors Haltech Platinum 2000 Ls1 Coilpacks huge fuel system Im sure ive left out some key info however ill come back and add anything the moment i remember it.
  11. hi, cleaning out my garage and this is a bunch of bits and bobs ive had left over after owning GTR's for 5 years. was keeping them as spares etc, but car is gone, no longer need them. Most are off a R34 GTR. but alot of them fit r32 r33 and gtst skylines etc. R34 GTR factory suspension/coil overs $200 ono (good for spares incase of yellow) GTR factory front camber arms $50 R33/R34 factory washer bottle $10 R34 GTR front and side indicators $30 for both pairs (including bulbs) R32/R33 single coil pack $20 (used as spare to diagnose problems etc) GTR rb26 front left+right intercooler piping $20 each GTR rb26 air intake pipe $15 Rb26 heater/coolant hoses $20 the lot GTR rb26 factory air snorkal $20 (rare to find) high pressure rad/factory rad/oil/ caps $5 (lol) It felt like a shame to through this stuff out. Prices are well below what any of this would set you back for wreckers. just make offers want it all out of the garage. if you want more than one thing make an offer. sorry it wouldn't work when i tried to upload pics, so here is a link to the photos Call or text on 0432497290 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dianella/brakes-suspension/r32-r33-r34-gtr-factory-parts-suspension-indicators-piping-coils/1051085603
  12. Hi All, I have a set (6) of original Nissan Coil Packs from a R34 GTT RB25 DET. Out of the 6 coilpacks, 5 of them are in good working condition. A diagnostic output from Nissan showed that the number 5 coilpack was not working well. The item is located in Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria. Happy to post the item within Australia or local pickup. Price: $75 + postage. Thanks
  13. I'm selling my 1998 R34 GT-T which has done 105,000km and has had regular oil changes in the 5 years I have owned it. I'm the second owner in AU since import. ** The car has front end damage ** - About 2 years ago I had a front end crash which pushed the radiator into the engine fan and totalled the headlights, reo bar, radiator, bonnet and front bar. Rather than fixing this properly, I was lazy and went out a bought a new front bar, reo, xenon headlights, radiator, and carbon fibre bonnet. I pushed out the bar that the radiator sits on with a jack, slotted in the new radiator, bolted a new reo on, then zip tied the headlights and front bar on, and replaced the bonnet and intercooler with a brand new ones. The car is used as an everyday work car so it is driven from Crafers in the hills to town 5 days a week and rarely driven on the weekends, so it's pretty much just wasting my petrol money. I have been pulled over about 4-5 times since the crash and have not been defected, although it could be defected if a cop wanted to be a prick, but so can 95% of the cars on the road. I spent about $8000 at once in mods about 18 months ago and had it tuned to 260rwkw. I've listed the mods that I had done all at once: Exedy heavy duty clutch GT-70/36r Turbo Greddy Profec B 2 boost controller Z32 air flow meter Denso high flow fuel pump Nistune chip Splitfire coil packs 3 inch cat-back exhaust 3 inch custom dump pipe 3 inch custom cat These are the other mods that have been done to the car before the above: New bushes and tie rod ends BC Racing coilovers - bought off justjap for $1,100 three months ago (only done a few thousand km's) HKS blow off valve Front mount intercooler (black stealth style) Apexi turbo timer Shift light Air/fuel ratio meter 17" mags Carbon Fibre vented bonnet Small aero side mirrors Xenon headlights Clear side indicators Full fibre glass body kit Rear seats and seat belts removed - can supply B-pillar lock bar (Room bar) Front roll bar Front upper adjustable camber arms Rear adjustable camber arms I may have missed out a few things but as you can see it's had a decent amount spent on it and is ready for drift or track, just needs a retune. You could just keep it as it is and drive it like it is, or spend the time on fixing the front end properly. I'm asking $12,000, and I will consider swapsies with a 4x4, preferably a patrol or navara. Give me a text or call on 0431516718 if interested. Cheers, Tom
  14. Hey all, I have for sale: 6X stock R32 GTR coil packs perfect working condition. $120 the lot 2X stock R32 GTR BOVs. bit dirty but work fine $50 each, willing to seperate located hills, will post anywhere at buyers expense. contact on jonesandy90@hotmail.com for any questions or on 0415939596.
  15. Hi everyone, as the title states im after a r32 gtr rb26 coilpack wiring loom. I can pick up any day but before 1PM, or can pay postage. Preferably VIC but interstate willing to freight will also be considered. In a hurry so no time wasting, cash waiting.
  16. Hi! I'm servicing the RB20E on the R33 I just got. I went to SCA, got some Bosch spark leads, Part #B6080i. The book says they suit an RB20E from an R31, but it can't be too different, right? Anyway, the actual plug sockets are a lot longer on these leads than on my current ones, so the cables don't fit as nicely. I'd prefer to get new cables the same as my current ones to make sure my leads aren't going to pop off when I get on the loud pedal. Does anyone have a Part # for spark leads that are confirmed to fit R33 RB20E? Old mate at SCA checked online and these leads aren't listed for the R33, but they are listed for the R31. There are two other lead manufacturers with leads in the SCA system to suit this engine, and they are both listed for the R33 and the R31, so it stands to reason that these leads should fit both engines as well, but they're not a nice fit. Cheers, B.
  17. For sale. My old tein RE's out of my track car. adjustable height, bump/rebound. Suit r32 gtst. 2nd best coil overs that Tein make. Spring rates: 10/10. Selling for $1600. This is a good price as they are no longer available. No knocks or leaks. These are in perfect condition. Only selling because I've upgraded to Tein RS's. Pickup in Melbourne preferred. Can post at buyers expense. Russ
  18. Hey guys Im after a set of coil packs to suit my RB25DET series 2 R33. I just ask that they are 100% working, im in newcastle but im willing to pay postage. So hit me with what you have. Cheers Alex
  19. Hey all looking for some splitfire coil packs for my s2 rb25det r33 gts-t give me a good price haha money waiting!
  20. Rb20/25 s1/26 split fire coil packs perfect working condition. 350. 0430505810
  21. Up for sale are some items i no longer need Apexi rsm $100 RB26 coil cover $50
  22. WTB: -Rear suspension: stock or coils. Will consider buying front and rears. -Ash tray NSW Sydney area You can post here or email me on blee7370@uni.sydney.edu.au Thanks all! Ben.
  23. For sale are some Genuine R33 RB25DET parts that came off my Series 2. Instrument Cluster with 146k, all working fine except the Tachometer doesnt like telling the RPM all the time, sometimes jupms around, not sure the problem but it works sometimes. could be a easy fix. $60 ono. RB25DET Wastegate actuator, Good condition works perfectly fine. $35 ono. R33 Series 2 / R34 GTR coil packs, great condition near new with no spark blowout at high rpm, Genuine Nissan. $220 ono. R33 RB25DET standard blow off valve / BOV, awesome condition works fine. $30 ono. R33 RB25DET stock dump and front pipe, has surface rust no leaks/ holes/ cracks etc great condition. $30 ono. R33 RB25 Slave cylinder, great condition holds pressure works fine. $25 ono. R33 RB25 Clutch Master Cylinder, awesome Condition, Had reco on it when was on my car. works great holds pressure no leaks $50 ono. R33 Rb25 Thermostat, Works great pluger and spring work great, no faults. $25 ono. Located in Brisbane Northside, can be picked up at either Warner or my workshop at Virginia. can post smaller items at buyers expense (obviously). Im open to offers pm me for any more details. inspections welcomed if wanting to have a look at parts.
  24. Had a misfiring problem - took it to local mechanic who replaced one coil pack and the car was running well for 1 day then misfire returned. I used one of the diy tutorials to replace all coil packs. car ran fine for approx 40kms then started misfiring again - nowhere near as bad as they were misfiring before I changed all the coil packs but misfiring nonetheless.What could be causing this?? Anybody?
  25. M35 VQ25DET Ignition Coil packs Hi guys I have a couple of coil packs left over from when I upgraded mine. + 2 x ignition coil packs + Perfect working condition + Approx 65k on them $50 each O.N.O + postage Payment + Bank deposit + Cash on pick up Postage + $10 via Auspost express satchel + Pick up
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