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  1. Autronic SM4 plug-in ECU with the ignition multiplexer on board. Came out of my R33 GTST but will suit a bunch of other models. MAP sensor and AFM support - $1000 Splitfire coil packs suit S1 RB25DET - $350 External oil pump setup incl. Peterson external single-stage pump, mounting bracket, pre-filter, main filter, baffled and modified sump, harmonic balancer, drive assembly, belt, -12 AN lines and fittings - $2000
  2. This thing is for sale. Race cars are silly but as silly ones go, this will be epic when finished. Gonna play street cars again instead. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/448268-275-radial-r33-drag-build/ $50k complete. It deserves to be finished and raced. I just don’t care any more.
  3. This is for sale. Race cars are silly if you can't finish them. Playing street cars again.
  4. Brand new Haltech Elite 2500 ECU (RRP: $2595) and brand new Haltech Racepak logger dash (RRP: $1899.00) Both - $3600 Just ECU - $2250 Just dash - $1500
  5. Should have just bought skids for the front. 😂
  6. Just bought front wheels and tyres for it. That's about it lately.
  7. Yeah the Grudge Kings thing is a good day out. I'll be happy once it's on the start line at Jamboree though.
  8. They're largish.
  9. Time to start buttoning this up so it can have engine plates made and sit in the car.
  10. Not the only car I've ever built. Not the only car I've been involved with use these parts. But what do I know. The quickest R32 GT-R on the planet uses one. But what the f*ck do RIPS know. Maatouk Racing VL runs one. But what the f*ck do they know? Quickest WRX in the world uses one. But what the f*ck do TRP know? You think you know a thing, but then you realise you don't. No internet tough guy or bias required.
  11. No, I'm talking out my arse. Clearly. That's what I do. I make point of posting stuff like this for laughs. You tool.
  12. They're mint now. Killer product and customer service is better than ever. I'm using their gear on my new build too.
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