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  1. Pulled the gearbox apart and what a mess! That's what 'clicking 3rd' with hot 295 AO50's will do to a 33 gearbox! With some bits purchased from another donor box and help from Donny at Forced Motorworx, I have a gearbox again... It'll go back into the car soon and work on hitting the track again. Can't believe it's been another 2 years since I've driven it! Time flies! I've also moved house and have my own shed, because of this I don't have a hoist anymore. Back to changing gearboxes on the floor...
  2. I ripped the handbrake and went down the embankment sideways to avoid any scrap, not that I have a front bar but it was the quickest way around I reckon.
  3. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Will be good to see you there.
  4. I’m running 18x10.5 +15 with 295/35/18’a on my 32 GTST. Extensive work to make em fit but not too hard on a GTR. My front guards are GTR but they’re not a direct fit. Pretty sure they’ll fit rears with a light guard roll.
  5. See ya's there! Helping out this time unless if a spot becomes available and someone throws me the keys...? 😉
  6. Gee it's been a long time since I've logged in to SAU forums. Basically I did a motorkhana in Nov 2016 and blew 3rd gear. Wheeled it back into the shed and I haven't touched it since! I have all the bits to fix it but not time, I'll get to it....
  7. Thanks for getting the results up. Well done shane-o
  8. Great day out there. As always... Thanks to volunteers and officials.
  9. The welded diff will do well at Deca!
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