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  1. Hey mate, what is required to make fit to a 32 gtr?
  2. Going off topic here but you obviously track your gtr's unlike most owners. What brakes are going on this thing?
  3. Found some better pics I had. Would this vent and filter be big enough?
  4. I had to do the same, after frying it at the track. Luckily no damage to anything else.
  5. Hey guys, I'm getting oil come out of my catch can. Its a 2.6, which was just recently built, after spinning a bearing at the track with an inferior oil control setup (small hi octane catch can and overfilled sump lol). - 9l sump baffled, with trap doors - 1mm restrictor - Hi octane cam cover baffles - 5l baffled catch can setup (2x breathers from the head, sump drain, sump vent and a big filter vented to atmo) - Nitto head drain - Nitto oil pump - Nitto crank collar, with crack tested crank - Custom oil cooler setup Now the issue is, I'm getting oil coming out of the filter on the catch can. This even happens on regular drives with a pull here and there. I cant quite work out why, as the catch can is a decent size, is heavily baffled and it even has a drain. I don't like the fact oil is spilling out. Is there an issue with the breathing of the engine, or is it just a problem with where the filter is located?
  6. I have a gtx3576r on my rb26. Will eventually turn it up when I upgrade the fuel system
  7. Big price drop guys $250 Someone come take it Send me a pm if interested, as ill get an email notification.
  8. To my knowledge it came off a healthy engine. Sorry for the late reply, sent you a pm.
  9. HKS oil cooler kit for R32 GTR Comes with everything to bolt on Decent condition as pictured Located Sydney $500 ono
  10. Same setup, but now forged engine setup for track abuse. Needs bigger injectors for more power, as they are maxed out at this level. The RED line is cam timing before BLUE line is cam timing after ORANGE line is high boost.
  11. How many spots are left? My car might just be ready in time and I have 2 mates who are 100% in if I can make it. We all have cams licences, so its just a matter of me running my car in. I spectated last year, and was a perfect event so would love to come.
  12. Awesome setup, some top quality stuff on this build. Whats done oil control wise though? Still standard bottomn end?
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