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  1. yeah i downloaded that, works a treat. I actually meant the car though. Still smashing out lap records?
  2. Whats the latest with this thing?
  3. I made that thread way back lol. Just compiled everything I could from the available info on the web. Where did the GTR registry get their information from?
  4. His fitment is insane though. Would be scrub city I imagine.
  5. Spent the morning looking through this thread start to finish. Insane build, any updates?
  6. Didn't want to make a new thread but there is a track day listed under the skyline car club on the smsp website Date is the 28th of august at the south circuit, apparently organised by skylines Australia. http://www.sydneymotorsportpark.com.au/event/skylinecc-2/ Is that you guys?
  7. Anyone else tried this recently?
  8. Stock r32 gtr exhausts almost don't exist. I called up over 20 spare parts places a couple of months back when I needed something for an epa test. I ended up modifying an old aftermarket 3 inch exhaust with a twin tipped muffler.
  9. Which of these ended being faster? Surprised to see the two lapping at the same pace.
  10. f**k me, thats quality.
  11. They are doing a group buy on the "R32 GTR owners Australia" page on facebook at the moment
  12. i have some big front pipes. sent u a pm
  13. Im not sure about age restrictions, but this will be my third year under vvc and im 22 with a 1990 r32 gtr. Renewal came in at $350, insured for $25,000 I decided to up the agreed value to $40,000 for $447 per year. No questions even asked, they just wanted to confirm my mods list.
  14. How many spots are left? Myself and a couple mates are keen