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  1. Darmanin10

    How many spots are left? My car might just be ready in time and I have 2 mates who are 100% in if I can make it. We all have cams licences, so its just a matter of me running my car in. I spectated last year, and was a perfect event so would love to come.
  2. Awesome setup, some top quality stuff on this build. Whats done oil control wise though? Still standard bottomn end?
  3. Darmanin10

    Did i not see this shell for sale on fb? Also when are you planning to get this thing out for its maiden voyage?
  4. Darmanin10

    My a/c still works, with a 6boost on a 32r.
  5. Darmanin10

    Since the turbo upgrade i have hit up the drags, roll racing and a track day at smsp, as well as plenty of street driving. Been to the drags on 3 separate occasions. The first, I went with my street tyre pressures, and just rolling off the start line for a test hit, got a 12.4 @128mph, before rain put proceedings to an end. Took it to the GTR festival for some proper runs. With the tyre pressure set at 26 psi, Best i could manage was a 11.5 @123mph, before a boost leak put me out of action I have been again since, this time with the tyres set at 24 psi. The 60ft improved but the mph was still a little down. Best of the night was 11.3 @125mph. Cant give up this close, so ill definitely be trying a couple of different things to try and crack a 10. Now to the track day, the thing I told myself I wouldn't put my GTR through. But, its a GTR, they are made for the track right?, not lowdown show and shines. With the bottom end completely stock and nothing more than a basic catch can and cam cover baffles for oil control, I topped up the sump and prayed to the RB gods. It was an ARDC practise day for cams license holders. It was my first track day and the track was a little congested, but I wasn't really held up at all. Quick little summary of the track day. The power and its delivery was nice on the track, plenty of power for the GP circuit. The tyres (595 RSR's) were surprisingly good, especially considering they were $780 for the set. Suspension setup was decent also. Tein coilovers and strut bars front and rear helped minimise body roll, the car felt pretty planted. Brakes were rubbish, couldn't believe how poor they were. Probably a combination of shit fluid and pads not made for track (both mechanics choices). This will be addressed before the next outing. Over the three short sessions I was out there i went 2:00.7, 1:53.0 and 1:50.3. Dont really remember how good that 1:50 was, but that time could easily dip into the mid 40's with a better brake setup and some more seat time. Anyway, the last Motorsport event was roll drags at wsid, and after setting some decent trap speeds and resting the car, it wouldn't turn on again, so it needed to be towed. Got it towed to CRD where they got the non start issue fixed but also spotted a spun bearing in its very early stages. So early I still cant even hear it, but an oil change and oil analysis has pretty much confirmed it. Im assuming this happened at the track day, where I tried to run semi slicks and 350kw with a stock oil system. haha So, that brings us to now, where the next round of mods will include swapping out the bearings and adding every rb oil control mod possible. My goals for next year will be a 10 down the strip and to get the car into the mid 1:40's around the GP circuit.
  6. Darmanin10

    2016 was spent preparing for the turbo install. First step was the exhaust which needed to be 3.5 inch all the way through, because response bro! Some of these parts never made their way onto the car. Tomei dumps, 3.5 inch custom front pipes and a Tomei ti catback. Love this exhaust. Next was brakes which needed changing. Couldn't justify brembos at the time, so I just got RDA slotted rotors and EBC redstuff pads. They did well on the street, but with any spirited driving, they faded and even smoked up. This could be down to the fluid the mechanic used, im not sure but this will be sorted out. Then came the turbos and the supporting parts. Despite planning on twins, the motive dvd twins vs single comparison, plus all you blokes banging on about twin scroll singles won me over. The list got longer and longer... Lol i might as well do this, while im here etc etc. Took these all to DVS tuning in January 2017 for install and tune. Garret GTX3576r 0.83 a/r twin scroll 6boost t3 win scroll manifold Turbosmart 50mm external wastegate Gaskets, water and oil lines Custom 4 inch intake with pod, 3.5 inch dump, intercooler piping and screamer to suit Tomei ti catback, modified to be 3.5 inch all the way Walbro 460 e85 fuel pump Xspurts 1000cc injectors Haltech platinum pro Turbosmart eboost Splitfire coilpacks ARP head studs Tomei type b poncams Tomei cam gears Brian crower valve springs Hi octane cam cover baffles Hi octane catch can Things pulls like crazy after the tune. Night and day difference to before. Straight e85 tune on 1.5 bar (internal map sensor on the haltech)
  7. Darmanin10

    Skip forward a year, I put on some Work GT5 18x10+18 with 265/35 Federal 595RSR's. Also got an alignment, height adjustment and all 4 corners rolled. Think i bought rear strut bar and turned up the dampening at the same time. The new rubber and suspension tweaks transformed the look and feel of the car. Was a treat around the nasho, however not so much along canterbury road. Around the same time I flushed all the fluids and got a compression test, which scored between 160-170. Next we put it on the dyno and took it to the drags for some baseline figures. With the 3 inch front pipe and catback, pods and a fmic it managed 175kw. Best I could manage at the drags was a 13.6 @103mph, although i was just dumping the clutch.
  8. Not auto or stanced sorry. So I never made a build thread, as I never planned on doing too much. The original plan was to tidy it up, rims, more low, bolt on twins, power fc, stock 26 and shoot for 300kw. Was just going to be a weekender with some drag nights and maybe the odd track day. Thanks to you lot, all that changed. Here it is when i bought it back in December 2014, before the boom I might add. Came with some R33 "n1" turbos (they wern't), Ogura Twin plate, Kakimoto 3 inch catback, 100mm front mount, Tein coilovers and a couple of other bits and pieces. Over the next year i tidied the interior and just drove it. More to come...
  9. Darmanin10

    yeah i downloaded that, works a treat. I actually meant the car though. Still smashing out lap records?
  10. Darmanin10

    Whats the latest with this thing?
  11. Darmanin10

    I made that thread way back lol. Just compiled everything I could from the available info on the web. Where did the GTR registry get their information from?
  12. Darmanin10

    His fitment is insane though. Would be scrub city I imagine.
  13. Spent the morning looking through this thread start to finish. Insane build, any updates?
  14. Didn't want to make a new thread but there is a track day listed under the skyline car club on the smsp website Date is the 28th of august at the south circuit, apparently organised by skylines Australia. http://www.sydneymotorsportpark.com.au/event/skylinecc-2/ Is that you guys?
  15. Anyone else tried this recently?