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  1. timmy_89

    Some awesome shots there!
  2. timmy_89

    Thanks mate. Sorry the delayed response, don't really frequent on here anymore. Have found the turbo to be great for what it is. I'm running the bush bearing version. Was previously running the .86 twin scroll rear housing which made 420rwkw on ~26-28psi. Response was great. We've recently changed the setup to a 1.01 rear housing to help with getting more heat out as I kept melting the diaphragms in the gates. As a result I'm currently making 370rwkw on 22-23psi (need a new boost controller) and I'd say a few hundred rpm laggier, but much nicer curve coming on. Will put together a big update post eventually, but feel free to pm me if still looking for info.
  3. timmy_89

    Heard this thing was still a nugget
  4. Ahh how good is it to have a month off.... (congrats by the way kent!!) Why the move to a Halaltech?
  5. timmy_89

    He is the asian guy that talks like wallah and is probably cooking/eating
  6. timmy_89

    Nice one. Car is still looking on point How did you go time wise?
  7. Mine aren't quite this lumpy anymore, still but definitely more noticeable then Johnny's "street" car
  8. timmy_89

    Damn sad to see you selling this (Yea I know this is a few months old....been a while since I've been on here lol). Will be a clean buy for someone (if not already sold).