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  1. So now I've tidied up all the coolant lines and oil lines for turbo I feel heaps better about there new location away from the turbo heat so thats awesome. I also got the new cams, springs, retainers, Nitto head gasket and ARP head studs in now were ready for the dyno again and fingers crossed we can crack the 400rwkw and gain some turbo response but see how we go. The new cams are definatley lumpy tho 20210409_094042.mp4
  2. Yeah went well overall. Made it to the dyno made a lazy 350rwkw but was overboosting to around 25psi so had to baby it a little bit on the track. Also got the new front slicks on but the rears didn't fit on the rims so need to source some new rims. On the track i has some issues with heat and burnt up some hoses around the turbo and wastegate so that ended our day but now setting it up alot better in my opinion so has been a benefit anyway!
  3. Well first even has been booked. Mallala on the 27th of March.. the day after my birthday so it was meant to be! Its been a hard slog and work has been chaos so finding time has been a struggle but im getting there. Ive fabbed up a catch-can setup, done a new fuel setup, and going to be corner weighting it soon
  4. All those years of building RC Cars and working in a hobby shop payed off lol.
  5. So we have also had the front off. So from jacking it up to engine out is an hour, slinging it back in is about hour and a half so pretty happy with that for at the racetrack kinda setup
  6. Ahhhh rodgieeee! You got us on fb? Wing it garage?
  7. You up in town with us? Can't say I can put a face to the name lol. Yeah the S13 will be some fun once its done but guessing that will be a while away
  8. Wellll it has been a big week... A buddy of mine gave me a massive hand in sanding and filling the shit spots and getting it ready for paint. Then got it back home gave it a final rub back and then started laying down the primer! Once primer was down I left it a couple of days and started the process of wet rubbing it with a 600 and then an 800 grit and with the water it was looking amazing. Then was onto laying down the base coat.... as it was going on wet the pear was popping and looking awesome so then just had to wait to lay down the clear... Holy crap it looked amazing then once the clear had cured i put it on the car... all these years or planning and prep meant that it fit like a dream and looked wayy better than I could have ever imagined. I cant wait to give the rear end the same treatment oneday. Onwards with the pictures!! I LOVE THIS FREAKING CAR!!!!
  9. Interestingly enough that rear wing i have is actually from Simon mcbeath
  10. Well the new exhaust is abit rowdy but it sounds amazing! 20210131_172928.mp4 Also managed to find 10 mins and started preparing the front end and laying down some bog so get ready for paint. Everyone's being very quiet on here latley lol.
  11. Well one more bit of the puzzle completed! Exhaust is finally done. Will take it off tomorrow and I will be covering it with heat shield as it runs through the cabin floor. Hopefully take it out the front tomorrow and give it a wash and possibly even start bogging up the front and maybe paint?
  12. Another couple of months and a little bit more work done.. cant rush these things! I reckon were gonna hit the track in the next month or two for a shakedown I doubt the car will be painted and I really don't care im just keen to run it up and start sorting the bugs So the front clip is mounted its abit fiddly to put on and off but I figure that with time I'll get the hang of it and just need to be abit less gentle with it lol. I also finally have the wing mounted and done and made up some alloy end plates. Getting closer to being able to hit the track hopefully next break i might be able to start it up and run it up and get it ready for a dyno session!!
  13. Unfortunatley spare time has been few and far between but i have started mocking up the exhaust that will exit out the side its mostly tacked together just needs to be fully welded and then i think its actually pretty close to go time..
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