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  1. So works been hectic latley trying to get a couple of jobs done before xmas but thats all turned to crap unfortunatley so now will be working over xmas. Anyway im thibking ill have a month ish off in january so hopefully som progress then but till then ive been on the hunt for some goodies and hopefully the brake system will get buttoned up, dry sump setup will be complete and the front end done.. YAYYY Till then i hope everyone have a good xmas. Stay safe and enjoy some time with the family!
  2. he gets plenty of treats and lets me know when im not patting him enough.. i was laying down some glass the other day and mid laying on the resin he walks up and bumps my arm for a pat... awesome timing!
  3. cheers buddy, when i started the build it was meant to be a street car.. oh how that has evolved... the idea is going to be that i drop the rims on the mill and i machine a taper on the outer edge of the rim opposite the disk face so that you can slide a tapered coller onto the centre lock spindle and pickup the rim and then wind a nut ontop to lock it down so i will effectively butcher the wheels i have now to fin but im okay with that because i like them lol
  4. Hey is anyone able to move this thread into the motorsport builds? Also looking at getting some 160mm round bar at 100mm long and machine that to accept some SKF 30213 bearings, Then will get an 80mm diameter round bar at around 300mm long and machine that to accept the ID of the bearings and hopefully endup with some centre lock hubs for the old girl. Looking to cost around $500 a side for bearings and materials so see how it goes but it should be good and possibly endup a whole lot lighter than the factory setup
  5. soooo i could be biased but this things F**KING AWESOME its no topstage xtreme gtr but its also built in a verandah.. And my trusty helper by my side
  6. So back home for a couple of days and finished off the fiberglassing today so hopefully tomorrow will be able to knock off the spiky bits and start doing some bog and possibly get into the highfill primer stage... woohoooo only taken me a couple of years lol
  7. would love to but there like 4k.. thats alotta billet and trial and error time on my mill lol
  8. So the stock knuckles are annoying me.. they weigh an absolute tonne and its crazy thats its all unsprung weight.. so im wanting to design up my own knuckles and build something abit more universal with built in R/C correction, more offset so i can ditch the spacers and some bigger wheel bearings to avoid pad knockoff that i have heard people with skylines having once pushing the limits (not that mine ever will if it doesnt touch the track....). Planning on a front RC about 60mm high, KPI of 12*, Camber around 6*, Caster of 10* but im not too sure about scrub radius or caster trail. If anyone has any input let me know! im keen to measure up the stock knuckles to see what scrub radius they run stock and maybe make it close to that but with room for adjustment
  9. Cheers Dale, yeah 12,000rpm is quite a unique sound *drool* haha Yeah the ztune was always the dream car so the front guards being kinda z tune inspired kinda fulfills a dream of a ztune that i will never afford lol. Plan for the rear quarters is pretty similar. maybe a little more subtle but who knows till i run some corflute down them and see how it looks. As for the oil system ive had the dry sump pump for ages and have only just made up the bracket to hold the pump in the stock AC location and the new ATI balancer is on the way and then ill have to buy a mandrel for the pulley. Im kinda stuck with the sump at the moment as i have a couple of RB25 and RB30's laying around but the new motor is a 26 block so a different bolt pattern but im thinking about making it multi fit and then what ever block im running i can grub screw the other holes to seal it up but im undecided on that at the moment. If anyone has a RB26 template for the sump that would be killer as i cant find one anyway im about to board so will update you later woth me new thoughts lol
  10. So cars been wrapped up again for awhile. Fly out tomorrow so see when i get home anyway laid some glass on the quarters and love the shape so im stoked! anyway both brake brackets are done, not quite cnc but i cant workout computers anyway lol. all tucked in till next time. have a rough plan for building some of my own front hubs with some bigger bearings and more adjustability etc so might toy with that idea while im away. if anyones got any feedback im keen to hear it!
  11. well flare is sorted and decided lol. going the ztune style and it looks amazing i love it! once its all smoothed off it should look awesome! soooo happy after all the years also brakes are done and fit. millimeter perfect! haha
  12. okay need some feedback... front guards atm i just kinda threw some corflute at it and made up a ztune style flare and i kinda dig it. whats your guys thoughts or the bolt on style flare
  13. What an awesome day!! fiberglass laid over all the bits that need some work so tomorrow will be laying bog on and getting ready to start smoothing it all off and getting it ready to make the mould. Also the brakes are proving to be abit of a headache as they dont clear inside the wheel so will have abit more of a play with that and possibly have to sit the caliper down abit lower on the disk, so see how that goes.
  14. so weather today is killer was gonna go for a ride on the crf but decided that it was too good to miss so started laying some glass so i can start smoothing it all off. In the meantime letting it all dry i have been tinkering with the brakes that i got god knows how long ago.. so adapters have been made and fitted to a wheel and they touck the wheel weights so im going to take them back off and shave them abit more try to gain a couple of mm clearance to the wheel but see how we go. First actual part i have made on the new mill. everything else has been making swarf and ruining expensive blocks of alloy lol.
  15. Home for another 3 days and then flying out to bendigo. yesterday wasnt too bad but todays gonna be mid 40's so out nice n early and try get something done to the pig. Front end is taking shape and finally happy with the shape and progress with it all. see how we go with temps today hopefully get some glass laid down so i can start sanding and smoothing it all to get ready for making the mould
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