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  1. Currently at auction: https://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/6039617/1991-nissan-skyline-gtr-coupé?referringPage=SearchResults
  2. https://classicthrottleshop.com/1991-nissan-skyline-r32-gt-r/
  3. Congrats on the purchase! Seems the flipping has occurred twice now with Shannons cars (if you count the one on carsales now from the trio that were sold). Also your car was originally listed at 85k as OZGTR when first sold so you are still ahead
  4. Was listed not long ago for 80k. Sold within a day or so
  5. Condition reports for silver (lot 58) red (Lot 59) and black (lot 60) ADM cars in that order.
  6. In my opinion it's a great car and a good purchase George. Welcome btw. I'm hearing this as second hand info and from my quick lookover at the festval I think it's a neat car you can actually drive. Controversial opinion on an ADM I actually don't mind the rims also ?. Got more details e.g interstate purchase, KMs etc?
  7. I didn't get to see the red or silver. They came later. What time were you there I had taken my car but must have missed you there also. The black car was apparently rough and probably has had a respray and the engine bay is apparently rough as. Fourth ADM I know being restored. Seems like the value is high enough for people to start restoring them. Obviously many have been driven and enjoyed
  8. Some ADM's from the GTR festival. Never seen the Silver ADM or the Black before i'm pretty sure
  9. More trying to diagnose the problem. There is no loss of power and just smoke after hitting boost and letting off. Just seeing what the problem is. Probably gonna stay away from a big single
  10. Hi all, When driving and decelerating there is a bit of whiteish smoke. It's much more prominent the higher in rpm. There's like a delay when you let go of the accelerator and the smoke comes out as I stopped on the side of the road to test it. Not sure if this is 100% the turbos? If so what's the best option with 2860r-5's, should I rebuild or?
  11. Apparently each car was different. The TH1 car has ADM rear lights, diff cooler etc
  12. I think bidding hit around 30k. In all honesty that buyers premium is a joke. Basically 20% when you consider GST on top of the 17.5%. So whoever bid 30k would end up paying 36k. Not sure how that auction survives with such a ridiculous percentage when Shannons is 5%
  13. What's your guess for the final price? Theres quite a bit of money to put in as well to fix those issues and that doesn't even include possible low compression etc
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