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  1. R32 dash As per title. Bubble free dash wanted. Inbox me plz.
  2. That is too good to be true. The yanks are already looking at 93/94 mods and storing them in Japan.
  3. R32 foot rest/dead pedal pad As per the title, need the rubber pad for the foot rest or the whole assembly. Inbox plz.
  4. R32 GTR centre gauge set Lads/Ladies, Need a factory centre gauge set suit R32 GTR. Inbox me. Cheers
  5. WTB R32 Vspec rims, R32 GTR steering wheel Lads/Ladies, After a set of R32 Vspec rims, with or without tyres/centre caps, need a R32 tiller too. Inbox me.
  6. R32 Vspec rims and steering wheel Hey all, After a set of R32 Vspec wheels, centre caps or not and a 32 GTR steering wheel. Centre and passenger vents too. Inbox me. Cheers.
  7. I'll do that man....I love this car and would love to have her back one day.
  8. Morning lads. Break ups can be hard and this one will really hurt but I have to let her go to fund a property buy. In the next couple of weeks I will be putting my ADM up on carsales, carpoint etc etc. Just thought I'd let anyone on here have first crack at it. I am the 3rd owner and have put 8000kms on it in 6 years. The car has just clocked over 103xxxkm. Engine unopened, good comp in all 6. Standard apart from a hand made exhaust system that doesn't look too gnarly but sounds great. Have all the books, original leather sales folder and all the associated paraphernalia. Can had a new clutch put in 2000km ago, factory item. Belts and pumps done. Plastics just redone, airco retrofit done. Overall in very good condition. I will email hi res images to any interested parties. Car is in SE QLD. Offers circa $45k. PM for more details.
  9. I have had a bit of interest on mine from Canada and the US. It's very hard for them to understand the rarity.....there in lies the problem.
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