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  1. RB30 + 9180 + Sequential 955bhp ... must be engine hp as he has 1000cc injectors and one pump so that implies 98 fuel... surely not atw right? Goes hard but doesn't seem to be that much faster than mine These guys do some silly stuff on public roads
  2. I don't think the head is a major restriction as your setup is pretty similar to mine - my head is not ported and has baby drop in cams with basic springs/retainers. It just means you need more boost to make the power. Did JEM tune your car?
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2581482088574720&id=130914580298162 9274 on a 2.6L 753kw
  4. Went with link as that is what tuner preferred and there is a bit of stuffing around to setip closed loop flat shift on the PPG (which is mental!) After I sell the platinum pro and it's accessories I shouldn't be out of pocket too much. Link was a straight plug in and the speed sensor is hooked up, although I'm not sure how difficult that was. Balancer is stock. I might do the PRP trigger kit in the future. Looks like there is plenty of gains to be had. kind of just want to get it back on the road and enjoy it for now.
  5. please excuse the essay, however for those who are interested, I have recently changed ECUs on my car and had the EFR 9180 1.05 re-tuned using a Link G4 (had a platinum pro before). Tuner is also different. Dyno was roller in the past... it is now being tuned on a hub dyno, although I have been told that at this power level (under 650kw) there is minimal difference in the readings between roller and dyno.... make of that what you will. So.... power has remained fairly consistent - old tune made 580 kw initially and after the dyno was reconfigured, it made ~560kw atw. New tune on hub dyno made 574kw... so power is pretty consistent... even after 18 months on a stock bottom end. Dyno slip attached. Now... the most interesting part is response.... on the old dyno/tune, which I'll upload if anyone is interested (need to go and find it and scan it etc).... the EFR 9180 was making 37 psi by around 5700-5800RPM.... As you can see on the new tune... the EFR is now making 36psi by 5000-5100RPM.... so it is now 400-600rpm more responsive. The only mechanical change was the adjustment of the cam gears.... the rest is all tuning, both with a newer and better tech ECU and more time spent on the actual tune. Before driving the car, I originally thought it was all bullocks and that the 'response' was just a difference in the dyno setup... eg. hub vs roller, ramp rate, weather differences etc etc so I was sceptical.... but I actually tested and it is genuinely more responsive. I was in 5th on the motorway at around 3500RPM... put my foot down and revved it to 5200rpm and the eboost reading showed 36psi... it did not used to do that before.... it is genuinely more responsive, which is amazing. The old tune it would make 36 psi around 5700 RPM... so there you go. I also spoke to the tuner in depth regarding the tune. Since it is a stock bottom end (rods, piston, oil pump and sump) the tune is deliberately rich up top to help keep the motor alive... if we leaned it out some more it will pick up some more top end. In addition, the stock CAS is not reading the signal properly above 8000 rpm and I was told this is holding back around 15-20kw of power. So, on a built motor with the right gear, an EFR 9180 should made 600kw+ on a hub dyno. Now.... whilst having power figures and dyno print outs is all great and dandy, the real test for me atleast is quarter mile times and trap speed. I want a 9.X on this setup, which I didn't get at GTR festival because I snapped my transfer case in half. However, I have been assured, that my car with the stock motor + 9180 + sequential will do a 9 (as low as 9.6 / 9.7 if all the stars align on a perfect run) and that it will trap between 144 to 148mph.... which is crazy since my best trap speed has been 140mph on the old tune (although I did not have boost by gear at the time and it wasn't running max power down most of the strip). I was going to take it to WSID next week or the week after, however I picked the car up on friday and took it for a drive and blew up the rear diff! so now the car is sitting in the garage for a few weeks while I sort that out. Once fixed, I will head out to the track. Lets see how it goes. 145mph trap speed on a stock motor is nuts so lets hope it holds together. Starting to think that on a built 2.6 with the right gear, there is no reason why a 9180 cant have 600hp by 5,000 RPM and hold 800-850 hp all the way to 8,500.... trap 150mph whilst still being a responsive street setup. Lets see.... the saga continues. P.S I have the speed sensor hooked up but I didn't ask about the turbo speed. Although I am certainly spinning it beyond the recommendations by Borg Warner.
  6. mid range definitely not as meaty as 8374 certainly has more top end potential more comparable to a 9180
  7. Selling my Haltech Platinum Pro. It is from a R33 GTR. It will also work with a R32 GTR. Working perfectly fine. No issues at all. Also have: - the 02 wideband controller - 4 bar MAP sensor Only selling as looking to change ECUs. Paid over $2,700 for it all. Asking $1,950. Can ship within Australia at buyer's expense. All the gear will be out of the car in a week or two. Please PM if interested. Thanks Umair
  8. have a friend with the samsonas in his 34. i would assume the cost would be similar to PPG, maybe a little bit extra
  9. I just put a PPG sequential in my car It is awesome! It is helicial cut not straight cut so it is not as noisy. There is still some noise but it is much less compared to a straight cut. If you really really want the whine, I suggest going Samsonas. They are a stronger box too.
  10. I've been thinking that for the last 2 years - yet here we are
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