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  1. there a getrag on gtr parts page on fb. low km but no tailshaft i think 7.5k @reaper
  2. usmair

    haha thats for sure. think ive gone through 4 5 speeds
  3. usmair

    That is very impressive. Do you know what the mph was on the 10.0 run?
  4. usmair

    I cross in 5th. Easily adds 0.2/.3 on the time
  5. usmair

    gearbox makes big difference very difficult with a syncro 6 speed however mate with dog engagement 5 speeds has run 9.7 @ 142 mph i ran 10.4 @ 140.68 with 1.5 60 ft. need to get back out there once my boost control is sorted
  6. usmair

    Lol yeh took me a while. Did you try these guys. That's where I got mine from Japanese Import Spares 08 8266 0212
  7. usmair

    I bought mine from a wrecker in SA. Facebook groups and wrecker websites
  8. usmair

    OS GIKEN triple plate at the time. Have now upgraded to a quad plate as a result of a misdiagnosis. I've got a 6 speed GETRAG though
  9. usmair

    i did exactly the same. i lowered rear tyre pressure to 14 and Adam turned up the 2step. next launch snapped the rear shaft.
  10. Gee good thing I didn't go 1.45... bit of stuffing around to squeeze it in. Interested to see much of a power and lag difference this actually makes. Back to back dynos please
  11. OS Giken R3C Triple plate clutch for sale. It was slipping on my car so I have upgraded to a quad plate. Would suit with someone with up to 500kw. We opened it up and it looks to be on very good condition (see pictures) so I can't envisage it slipping at around 500kw of power. Some bigger power cars are running these with no issues. Put a genuine OS Giken pull to push converter on your getrag and this clutch has epic street manners and driveability while being able to hold big power. Pic below and inspections are welcome. These retail for around 3,000 and I'm asking 1,500. Located Western Sydney PM if interested Cheers
  12. Tuner prefers eboost
  13. For those who are interested on some racing results on the 9180. I ran 10.4 @ 140.68 mph today at GTR festival before my triple plate decided to shit itself. The haltech log showed 2nd, 3rd and 4th had full boost of 30 psi with 35 psi only being achieved in 5th. Now in the process of upgrading to an eboost2 as the profec II just doesn't have the flexibility needed. This will help with more boost and hence more power in 2nd, 3rd and 4th hopefully resulting in bigger mph and lower ET.