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  1. Would have been perfect but it’s a push Type r33 Gtr come pull
  2. Hi guys chasing a twin plate clutch preferably nismo or os giken but let me know what you’d have new or used thanks.
  3. Hi guys chasing a hard pipe for cold side for my Gtr hks/greddy preferably thanks
  4. Fuel pump is getting getting 12v that was checked when on the Dyno. Not sure what the duty cycle on injectors are I’ll find out.
  5. I’m changing to a 3.5inch x force exhaust now and also doing a cooler pressure check, dare say I’ll be changing the cooler I gained 25kw just in exhaust restrictions so far. What’s to say my cooler isn’t stuffed at this point.Not gonna throw money at springs and cams just yet I’ll do a power run and report back also on the last run it had some slight mis fire on the 292kw run coil pack harness seems to be the suspect as I have brand new coil packs
  6. Ok so I took the cat straight off back on the dyno made 292kw boost spiked half a pound so there wasn’t much loss between previous run of 282kw with de cat and exhaust. I was expecting to see boost come on quicker still took until 4100-4200rpm. I’m being told valve springs are the issue and change the cooler
  7. Ok so the car has been chucked on the Dyno and it pulled 282kw with the de cat still a bit of where it should be
  8. That’s what I’m running I didn’t buy it new it was used
  9. Hey mate yes I read your post, I agree with what your saying the tuner wants to triple charge me on off the Dyno etc.So it hasn’t been the easiest thing to deal with. I am gonna delete the cat and have a straight through de cat I should see a big change With a de cat on the Dyno. If it’s not that then I do have big problem and I’ll be taking the car back and probably start looking at the cooler next
  10. I have told the tuner to drop of the cat they have just told me it flows much better, they think cat is fine. They didn’t chuck it on the dyno yet, im taking the punt and ordered a de-cat and will be doing a power a run with it and see what I get it atleast rule that out hopefully it’s the cat. They checked the exhaust from the cat back said there was no restrictions in it anywhere either.
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