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  1. 2x Apexi MAFLESS pipes with adaptors fits GTR Rb26dett asking $150 located Wollongong
  2. Complete hks intake kit with pods suits rb26dett Gtr asking $585
  3. Yes i have fuel pressure Checked the rail and have a walbro460 pump
  4. Did this issue get solved I have a similar right now but my injector don’t seem to be sending fuel, have spark, cas is fine spark plugs are dry had the injectors checked and cleaned work fine have injector pulse I’m really stuck at the moment
  5. Yeah I understand what your saying it was strange the injectors where brand new unused. I ended up buying them for a really good price , I couldn’t say no to it was a good deal i was after hks1000cc ones and has one lined up new and the deal fell through, I am gonna run e85 now late change of plans on the build I’m hoping they can get me to 400akw or near that
  6. They where the connectors that came with the injectors in the box I will look into the denso low guide connector if they are a better fit I’ll swap them
  7. I ended up trimming the front clip part that was hitting the fuel rail they fit on fine now
  8. Hi guys have been upgrading my r33 gtr I have purchased a Hks fuel rail but I am using 800cc sard injectors.Everything seemed to be lined up fine except the plug on the back of the injector when I tried to click it in seems as the fuel rail is to close has anyone encountered this issue? Do I need injector extenders?
  9. Ok I’ll probalby have a chat with them for sure what power did you get out of the -9?
  10. Hey mate thanks for sharing we have close setups, I’ve actually been doing a bit of reaserch on JEM they have very good reputation from what I can see Adam seems like a good guy and at this stage he the number one pick. Would you change to -9 if the -10 is that laggy ? I was very close to getting the -5 but after looking at reviews I wanted more responsiveness
  11. I do think it wears the engine out quicker just a personal preference not to run e85
  12. How much lower would you say in your opinion ?
  13. Steering clear of e85 I’m keeping it on pump fuel
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