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  1. RARE - You won't find another set in this size locally. I doubt you will find many of them at Jap auctions either. Genuine with stickers still on the inner barrels and with centre caps. 19 x 10 +12 offset. Bought them a month ago, but i like my other wheels more. Tyres - 285 30 19 Kuhm Ecsta PS91. 80% tread, but a few bubbles starting to appear on the sidewall. Hold air fine. Colour was originally the harlequin chrome with silver spokes. Last owner had the harlequin painted gloss black. I've just plasti dipped them matt black, but can easily be removed with a high pressure hose etc. Pickup only from the Shire area. Don't come and view the wheels with 5 'homies' by your side. Firm on price. $2000
  2. Flex Z were very bouncy. Super streets were too soft. For the extra money, go MCA 🙂
  3. I've had Tein Super Streets, Tein Flex Z and went to MCA Street essentials (9kg/4kg) earlier this year. Car is a 34 GTR Miles ahead in terms of comfort, quality and handling precision compared to the Flex Z.
  4. Buyer beware. This one is up for sale on Carsales now. Has been for a while http://www.japanesehistorycheck.com/portfolio-item/1999-Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-Rewind-by-ommission/ https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Nissan-Skyline-1999/SSE-AD-5951048/?Cr=1
  5. Thanks. So i'm an idiot. Reason the menu selection was greyed out was because i wasn't in the correct menu mode I.E wasn't on the single or dual gauge display. All good now...
  6. If that's the case would anyone know if the internal board picks up a speed sensor or a park/brake wire? As far as i know, the menu selection 'greys' out when the car is at a speed over 20km/h. Mine is greyed out all the time. I only just noticed this after having a new battery installed plus new ECU etc.
  7. Rather than start a new thread... What pin out would control the MFD "Menu selection" screen. Currently i cannot change gauge outputs as the "menu selection" is greyed out all the time. Looks like it's not sensing i am at 0 km/h or in park.
  8. Thought i might share some results since i went with Tomei Type R Poncams on HKS GTSS turbos, pump 98. Prior to putting in the cams, i had the boost turned up to 23-24psi and made 314awkw. 3 psi less and making a few ponies less, but the low end/ mid range is pretty bloody good for pump 98. I haven't seen many standard Rb26's on pump fuel getting 180Kw under 4000rpm. Type R are a great match for -9's.
  9. For sale in Sydney Was installed in my 34R. Removed today as i've gone to a Haltech. 1. Vipec Plugin ECU for the GTR (32 through to 34). Comes with a Techedge Wideband and the proprietary USB cable for the ECU. $700 2. Brand new unopened Haltech boost control kit. Decided to use my HKS EVC instead. $125 (cost $150 from Haltech directly) Will post at your expense. Can pick up if you are in Sydney. This is pretty cheap if you ask me. Send me a DM if interested.
  10. To your second point... That is a reason why they will no longer increase value. E.G - hypothetically speaking, If i bought my 34 R in 2013 at around 50K, now insured for $100K, i still make a profit of 50K if i write ff the car. That's a risk in insurance land, and I wouldn't be surprised if *some people would try this tactic (write it off/ sell parts and pocket the remaining cash)
  11. Using an app called Snapseed to edit the photo
  12. What version of Poncam's are on this? -7's seem to be on quite late. 20 psi at 5000rpm?
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