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  1. Coming from -9's with all the fruit... Single FTW - It rips! More power everywhere. Transient response is insane, zero lag between gear shifts, and that's with Kelford 272 long duration cams too! Even on 98 pump fuel which is about 365kw @20psi it still shits all over the twin -9's. And the GTX noise is just magic, it's like a HKS T51 🙂
  2. Here's some info for you guys wondering about the GTX3576R gen 2 on a stock bottom end RB26 (Head refreshed). Mine is single scroll, T3 with .82 housing. Running 272 cams. Made 440kw on E85 - roughly 25 psi or so. Full boost according to tuner is at around 3800-3900 rpm and pulls all the way to redline of 8100rpm.
  3. Was making about 310awkw on about 20.5psi or so. 98 pump fuel with supporting mods.
  4. Genuine HKS GTSS turbos for Rb26 as the ID plate is G17200-N48020 not GT2859(60). 1 bar Garrett actuators. I bought these from Jesse Streeter around 2016. Have been on the car until early this year. Good condition, very minimal shaft play. Made 20psi on pump 98 a tad under 4000rpm. $1300 Pickup Sydney. PM for details.
  5. Selling some stuff as Im going Single turbo. Garrett GT2560 -5 turbos (yes they are -5, i have measured the comp and exhaust wheels and spoken with Garrett) Good condition, minimal shaft play. $1200 Stock R34 GTR fuel rail with SARD 700cc injectors and Aeroflow fitting. $350 Twin Turbo pipe with divider welded in and MAP sensor bung. $75 Pick up Sutherland Shire
  6. Yes, case in point. $35,000 for this!!!
  7. Yep, sorry i may have had a hand in de-railing.
  8. My better result reference was more around proper boost control, but i mean - He's built a 2.8 Stroked RB26 with Vcam on an R34 GTR.. Go the ECU with the safety features that saves engines man.
  9. Not about power mate. It's about reliability and tuning resolution. Tell me a Power FC that does inbuilt Knock control and can retard timing etc or can put a car in safe mode if a certain limit is reached. Show me a Power FC that can do motorsport launch control or add multiple external inputs such as additional engine protection sensors, Wideband sensors, CAN Bus displays etc. All the Power FC does is "blink" the engine warning light...
  10. Sorry bro, i just don't really understand the reasoning to spend 5-6K on Vcam and a 2.8 stroker, only to use a $30 bleed valve and a Power FC. You could get much more better results by doing it right - Halaltech/ Motoec/ Link -Whatever and ECU boost control
  11. But it's not hitting 20 psi at 117. Your graph shows more like 18 psi. 20psi prob happens another 150 rpm later, and considering it's in 5th there is more load on the motor. Im guessing your wastegates on -9's are 1bar adjustable actuators. Why not just wind in some preload into them?
  12. Why would you not get an electronic boost controller or use ECU boost control if going all out on Vcam and a stroker? You spend 15-20K on the engine but not an extra $500 on a good boost controller? I had an unopened Rb26 with -9's and was making 20.5 psi by 100km/h on pump 98 (3970 rpm on a 34R). Your boost curve look s like a -5 turbo on a standard 2.6 without E85.
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