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  1. Don't agree. My 34 GTR has no rattles or squeaks and is a tight as a drum. If i didn't have an exhaust and cams it would sound just like my 2013 CX5, quiet as a mouse. You might have a few gremlins to sort out.
  2. 19 x 10.5 + 15 - Work Meister L1 3P. Running a 265 35 tyre (wide sidewall so not stretched) I wouldn't be game to run a -1 offset and anything less than a 265 tyre
  3. Def not. 19x 10.5 +12 is already flush with both front/rear guard. I used to run the s13p in 19x 10.5 +12 R disk with a 285 tyre. Adding an extra 13 mm to the track will certainly poke.Would need some camber arms if still running stock suspension bits. Closest R34 GTR i've seen with similar sizing wheel is ENDGME - But he runs 19x 11, not sure of offset but would be in the + range still.
  4. There's always the royal natio too
  5. $3500 Sale - Within 25k's of Sydney CBD. 19 x 10.5 +12 Work Meister S1 3P wheels with almost brand new Kuhmo KU39 265 35 tyres. These have been on my car for at least 2 years now but it's time to move onto something new. They are in great condition albiet with a couple of bits of gutter rash as shown in pics. Perfect for R33 or R34 GTR. 96mm of dish. No buckles, lips and barrels all straight. Tyres were purchased in Aug this year from Tyrola. I used them at GTR Festival Motorkhana but otherwise almost brand new. Pick up only as shipping wheels is a pain in the ass
  6. I'm running an Exedy HD clutch "Sports Tuff" kit. Cheap single Plate in the scheme of things. Have had it on the car since 2013. Have done 2 GTR Festival Motorkhana's with multiple 6200rpm launches via Haltech Launch control. Still feels as tight as it did from new. No flywheel rattles on idle (even with a mild lumpy idle from Poncam Type R's) Running 300+ awkw.
  7. The idea itself seems to be like a raffle ticket draw. You buy X amount of entries for X dollars, but with additional promo geared towards you if you wanted to start flipping cars? Hands down a clever business idea, waaaay better than a yearly subscription if you are talking about straight up cash profit. That said, Website could do with some more 'actual' content around the operation of the platform and what you are 'buying'
  8. Certainly a restriction somewhere. Full boost is coming in quite late too (4570rpm), GT-SS should see 20 psi by a min 4000rpm, mine are at 20psi by 3950 rpm.
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