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  1. To your second point... That is a reason why they will no longer increase value. E.G - hypothetically speaking, If i bought my 34 R in 2013 at around 50K, now insured for $100K, i still make a profit of 50K if i write ff the car. That's a risk in insurance land, and I wouldn't be surprised if *some people would try this tactic (write it off/ sell parts and pocket the remaining cash)
  2. Using an app called Snapseed to edit the photo
  3. What version of Poncam's are on this? -7's seem to be on quite late. 20 psi at 5000rpm?
  4. For sale - NSW Selling a set of Tein Flex Z Coilovers for both R33 and R34 GTR. $600 firm + postage...... I purchased these new from Fulcrum in Feb 2018.These were on my R34 GTR for approx 8 months. I've uprated to MCA coilovers now. They are 8kg front, 7kg rear. I had Tein Superstreet before the Flex Z, and they very similar in terms of ride. Firmer than the SS, but still ideal for the street. I had these at 6 clicks from full soft at the front, and 5 clicks from full soft on the rear. Considering these have only done 1000Km or so on them, the price is very reasonable. They are practically brand new. Cheers
  5. What about those Asstrayan accents back in the 70's. We sound like South park characters!!!!
  6. I have a modded R34 GTR in Sydney. Big wheels, exhaust, low etc etc. Never been pulled over in 6 years..... But then, i'm not a "P" Plater. Car is well looked after, new tyres, nothing hanging off, no obscene stickers, no crazy camber or poke, and a good driving record. Don't drive like a dick on the roads, you're sweet.
  7. Agree. MCM have really focused on the production factor. They're not just "vloggers". They produce, direct, write the music etc. Projects range from full blown drag cars to sex spec and everything in between
  8. Mighty Car Mods are still keeping the scene alive 🙂
  9. Technology and social media has played a huge role too. All the millennials are watching the likes of Adam LZ/ TJ Hunt etc on YouTube or Instagram. Gone are the days of traditional car clubs and web pages. Downshift/ Tuned etc all now advertise on Facebook pages rather than on here. Also, manufacturers are just bringing out boring cars (In a cheaper price bracket) that makes it less appealing to a car modder/enthusiast. I mean, an 86 with a rocket bunny kit on bags is still and 86... Just sayin.
  10. No need to send pics... we all know what a 33 looks like.. Step 1 - Go onto carsales Step 2 - Search for R33 gtst Step 3 - Look at prices??? Still don't know what you are trying to achieve though. Did you you buy the car just to resell it?
  11. I respectfully disagree. R34 GTR prices (with the exception of rare models) have reached the top of the bell curve now. They might be a flat 100K by 2021 across the board, shit ones included, so i doubt the 33 will be at the same price point.
  12. RWHP or AWHP? 465 HP seems a little high for a fairly standard 26 on -7's at 20 psi of boost. Good result none the less!
  13. Looks like the new owner has put this one back on the market. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1999/SSE-AD-5388651/?Cr=17
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