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  1. I emailed both Garret (USA) and GCG. They both said the same thing, that it is a-5 and the tag association of GT25** and GT28** is somewhat of an argument. Not saying you are wrong man, just going off the *experts* advice and the physical measurements i did of the compressor inducer and the turbine exducer using verniers. I put them side by side a set of HKS GTSS turbos and i can say that the 2560 was noticeably larger in every way and matched the -5 specs. Here's another thread with a brand new turbo marked as 2560:
  2. I have since sold these, but there was alot of confusion. I emailed Garrett and was told the GT2560 IS the -5. I can also confirm that the turbine exducer is 47mm, the same as the -5. The -7 turbine exducer is 5mm smaller.
  3. But buying a bottle of milk @ $2.00 vs buying a car @ $35,000 is quite different. Seems fine to me if you want to haggle with a large cost, but pay fixed for small goods.
  4. And LZ's will have Vcam, so hard to compare amongst the gen pop with basic mods.
  5. Rather than start a new thread... I have both ZSS rear traction rods and camber arms (hardened rubber) on the 34. Anyone got their own stories/feedback on them? I've only had them on for a month or so now.
  6. Prob needs a different thread, but has anyone ran a G35-900 on an RB yet?
  7. I was a click away from buying a GTX3582 gen 2, but glad i spoke with you before purchasing. 3576 is exactly the power band, response and drivability i was after in a street car in the 400-450kw range.
  8. Coming from -9's with all the fruit... Single FTW - It rips! More power everywhere. Transient response is insane, zero lag between gear shifts, and that's with Kelford 272 long duration cams too! Even on 98 pump fuel which is about 365kw @20psi it still shits all over the twin -9's. And the GTX noise is just magic, it's like a HKS T51 ?
  9. Here's some info for you guys wondering about the GTX3576R gen 2 on a stock bottom end RB26 (Head refreshed). Mine is single scroll, T3 with .82 housing. Running 272 cams. Made 440kw on E85 - roughly 25 psi or so. Full boost according to tuner is at around 3800-3900 rpm and pulls all the way to redline of 8100rpm.
  10. Was making about 310awkw on about 20.5psi or so. 98 pump fuel with supporting mods.
  11. Genuine HKS GTSS turbos for Rb26 as the ID plate is G17200-N48020 not GT2859(60). 1 bar Garrett actuators. I bought these from Jesse Streeter around 2016. Have been on the car until early this year. Good condition, very minimal shaft play. Made 20psi on pump 98 a tad under 4000rpm. $1300 Pickup Sydney. PM for details.
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