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  1. Hi mate. Just sold these on Ebay yesterday. If buyer doesn't pick them up in a few days i'll let you know.
  2. Hey mate. These will probably be too big for a 32 unless you are using aftermarket camber arms and have modified/ rolled guards. An 18 x 9.5 or 10 inch wheel is probably the sweet spot for 32's.
  3. $3100 19 x 10.5 +15 Work Meister L1 3P in gold (colour code GLD), L disk, with gold rivets + centre caps. These have 83mm of dish. Possibly the only set in this size and colour in Oz right now. Purchased new from JDM Concept in Nov 2019. Took 3 months to get here from Japan. 1 wheel has a 2.5cm scuff mark on the lip from poor tyre mounting, but can be buffed out. Firm on price.... not after your best offer. Current price from JDM Concept is $3762 if you get his discount. Not posting interstate, not delivering, too many dodgey f**kheads out there in scumtree/ marketplace land etc etc blah blah. Pick up Sutherland Shire.
  4. I'll be leaving it to the professionals. I have Heasmans and East Coast Suspension all within 30 mins of me.
  5. Thread revival. This may have been covered before... The rear of my 34 GTR is roughly 340mm centre of wheel to guard. Has more negative camber than what i would like. I bought some ZSS rear camber arms (hardened rubber, not pillow ball). Not looking to do front arms yet as it's a street car. People say i should also do traction rods as i may get bump steer/ axle tramp? Is this a necessity, or would you be able to dial enough toe with the standard arm? P.S - i did look at Cusco/ GKtech camber arms etc but most were pillowball. I was looking to keep stock like wear and tear and less legal drama.
  6. Questions. Start point at Loftus Oval. That oval is used by kids sports all the time on weekends and is usually full by mid morning. What's the plan if we can't park there at 9.30?
  7. Don't agree. My 34 GTR has no rattles or squeaks and is a tight as a drum. If i didn't have an exhaust and cams it would sound just like my 2013 CX5, quiet as a mouse. You might have a few gremlins to sort out.
  8. 19 x 10.5 + 15 - Work Meister L1 3P. Running a 265 35 tyre (wide sidewall so not stretched) I wouldn't be game to run a -1 offset and anything less than a 265 tyre
  9. Def not. 19x 10.5 +12 is already flush with both front/rear guard. I used to run the s13p in 19x 10.5 +12 R disk with a 285 tyre. Adding an extra 13 mm to the track will certainly poke.Would need some camber arms if still running stock suspension bits. Closest R34 GTR i've seen with similar sizing wheel is ENDGME - But he runs 19x 11, not sure of offset but would be in the + range still.
  10. There's always the royal natio too
  11. $3500 Sale - Within 25k's of Sydney CBD. 19 x 10.5 +12 Work Meister S1 3P wheels with almost brand new Kuhmo KU39 265 35 tyres. These have been on my car for at least 2 years now but it's time to move onto something new. They are in great condition albiet with a couple of bits of gutter rash as shown in pics. Perfect for R33 or R34 GTR. 96mm of dish. No buckles, lips and barrels all straight. Tyres were purchased in Aug this year from Tyrola. I used them at GTR Festival Motorkhana but otherwise almost brand new. Pick up only as shipping wheels is a pain in the ass
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