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  1. Why wouldn’t it fit?? Fill up any existing holes just drill the holes in the correct spot and bolt it down
  2. Gona just start drilling out holes all over the car for weight reduction??
  3. 100% with you on this just imagine receiving a brand new set of lmgt4s with a big chip taken out of one of the spokes and then getting the same response from nismo that from time to time there can be imperfections but doesn’t affect the function of the rims i bet everybody here would be super pissed about it
  4. Importmonster.com.au they are a broker for yahoo Japan auctions the whole process is listed on their website and they offer a few different shipping methods depending on the size of the order I have used them a few times and was always a very easy process
  5. Can try bestmufflers.com they usually have a decent selection
  6. To be fair that’s how the stripes came from nismo. It’s dumb yes but true to how it was built
  7. Ls1 first appeared in 1997, rb26 was already well established by then. while we are at it, why didn’t they come with forged internals, dry sumps, bigger radiator, and everything else people change on them. Didn’t nissan foresee the future that everyone was going to be making 700+ Hp with them in 30 years time?
  8. Still pretty decent considering an OS 5 speed set cost me around that 8 years ago also u could break atleast 3 of these before you would be around the sequential price
  9. How serious is the rest of your aero? is a normal body mounted wing not providing enough stability at high speeds at the track? probably best to ask this in the Motorsport section
  10. When I was 21 (2007) I bought my r33 gtr with a loan, $34k from memory was repaying $180/ w also had full insurance with justcar which was about 1200/yr and in the mean time also built it up to 600hp with various levels of modifications throughout the 5 years. but also was living at home with very little expenses so it was very affordable to me would I get a loan for a skyline now given their prices... hell no
  11. Yes it’s a very good idea to. it’s an engine out job so maybe best to wait till your going to do some mods if you are paying for labour.
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