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  1. How serious is the rest of your aero? is a normal body mounted wing not providing enough stability at high speeds at the track? probably best to ask this in the Motorsport section
  2. When I was 21 (2007) I bought my r33 gtr with a loan, $34k from memory was repaying $180/ w also had full insurance with justcar which was about 1200/yr and in the mean time also built it up to 600hp with various levels of modifications throughout the 5 years. but also was living at home with very little expenses so it was very affordable to me would I get a loan for a skyline now given their prices... hell no
  3. Yes it’s a very good idea to. it’s an engine out job so maybe best to wait till your going to do some mods if you are paying for labour.
  4. Damn that’s a long wait..... unless u meant may
  5. God u Americans are lazy. it takes more than 10 minutes to read through threads, see what has and hasn’t worked for various people. you want people to spoon feed u all the answers. keep reading, Google the brands people are using for various parts and then find out who can sell it to u the cheapest
  6. How long is a piece of string???? you are best off going to talk to tuning shops around you who are familiar with your options and ask exactly what is involved and what it will realistically cost you. we can only speculate here
  7. 20k is most definitely not enough of a budget for all that if you are paying people to do it a 2jz gte long motor alone is 7k + a good wrap can still cost over 4K you are also probably going to want better brakes from the turbo variant also
  8. Stock series 2 front bar possibly with n aftermarket lower lip 400r side skirts trial rear bar. as for where to buy them, Google is your friend here
  9. Ahh completely missed the second pic and only seen the gears in the 1st
  10. Doesn’t stock 5th just refer to the ratio?? As it’s a straight cut box all the gears are straight cut/ can’t use a syncro gear
  11. FYI you may want to add info to help people out as your post offers absolutely zero information about what exactly is needed what state/ city when is it. how long are you planning on needing the car & driver how much are you willing to pay them
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