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  1. Depends if he has a gtr or gtst. If it’s a gtst then what you suggest doesn’t work Also 19s r homo. 18s with a correctly sized tyre is the way to go
  2. Sorry but that’s a terrible idea. It looks soo trashy. Either find second hand replacements or if you are dead set on carbon try finding someone that makes inner door trims
  3. Have always loved the wise sports kit except the rear bar Seen one with the rear bar modified with the aprons tapered down to the wheel arch and a diffuser fitted and it looked heaps better
  4. How many people ever look at how their alarm was installed though? 99% of people have no idea so they just go to the pros and leave it at that, never to know how or why certain things were done
  5. UWISSH!

    The actual indicator plastic on the passenger side has an open slot from memory now but that’s it
  6. UWISSH!

    All r33 gtr front bars are the same. It’s only the lips that determine what series it is so just get a spare bar for when u feel like changing
  7. +1 for this. Took them two n a half weeks to inform me that they were unable to get the exhaust system that I wanted which was marked as in stock on their website. I asked a couple times what was happening and they just kept saying they were expecting it to turn up today
  8. Will this allow you to run wider wheels? Looks like it’s only wider at the top of the guards not really allowing much wider wheels than what most would usually run
  9. UWISSH!

    Should be stamped somewhere near the center hub
  10. Spares box have an xforce 4” inlet oval muffler for $270
  11. UWISSH!

    Sorry but what was the point of that article??
  12. All r33 gtr front bumpers are the same. so any r33 gtr lip will fit any r33 gtr bumper
  13. They should still have machines markings on them saying made in japan and such
  14. UWISSH!

    Just looks like a voltex wing without the legs Search through their catalog and find one that has the same width legs as a r33 gtr rear wing