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  1. For reference, back in 2011 my 33 gtr with a built motor, good head t51r, full fuel system 1000cc injectors, and everything that should go with it was making 422kw on 20psi with 98 before going the full fuel system with surge tank and extra pump and to 4” exhaust, I think we maxed out out at 401 from memory. Best bet would be to look through the dyno section for something with similar mods to you to get a reference of what to expect. the end of the day a dyno is just numbers that can be fudged either way. True test of power is 1/4 mile
  2. Just go to a muffler shop and get one made why would you pay double the price just so it has a brand name on it
  3. More so if it was a low speed impact is what I was referring to
  4. I see his point here. is this a track car? Or is this easily removable for street driving? in the event of hitting a pedestrian I can see ankles being severed from legs
  5. Out of the 10 cars I’ve owned, gtst, gtr, Wrx, 350z etc I’ve only ever replaced the one on my gtr as it was at 600hp. These cars have had more kms and driven daily and not needed to change one
  6. Auto to manual conversions are tuff one. I would personally never look at a converted car. if I was coming to look at it I would question why the radiator was changed. It’s not highly modified to need extra cooling, leading me to think something has happened with the cooling system. Did the hoses or radiator split? If so has anything internal been damaged when it over heated? And is a strange item to just randomly change turbo timer adds absolutely zero to car. May aswell throw it in the bin as they are not needed. these are just my opinions/ thoughts
  7. They used to also be available in FRP but I think these are long discontinued the fit of it was 100% spot on. It extended back to the diff and bolted up under there. but yes had an oem look to it
  8. Awesome pics never been a fan of that diffuser for 33’s i used to have the abflug carbon rear diffuser and I felt it made the rear end just that little bit extra
  9. Estimate at $40k to get everything going reliably im guessing u will be paying a workshop as u if you knew what u were doing u wouldn’t be asking such a vague question
  10. Make up a list of all parts that are different/ better between the na and turbo model, then work out what each one will cost to buy and install if it needs to be upgraded. Then factor in more costs for when things don’t go exactly to plan then think about the legality/ insurance side of things. Will your insurance cover a turbo converted car in the case of an accident? i personally would not do it unless you have some strange emotional attachment to the car.
  11. How can that be true as r34 gtr seats bolt directly into r33 gtrs. i think it’s gtt that has a different bolt pattern
  12. If they are only being used to get you by in the mean time then why does it matter? just tune it to what is safe and be happy untill the single is ready
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