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  1. They weren’t the most appealing cars to look at styling wise to begin with
  2. Need to keep in mind that all the little fittings, hoses, gaskets and fluids add up very quickly aswell
  3. Rare and desirable are 2 very different things those just look like tommy kaira rims.
  4. I duno why but every time I see there is a new post in this thread I’m expecting it to start with So the motor let go yesterday and now I’m going to spend a butt load more on making it mental
  5. JEM had a Ppg sequential for sale on Facebook the other day that would fit in just right would certainly top off an already awesome build
  6. Why bring up a 10 year old topic? Also I’m pretty confident no one here gives a shit about paul walker
  7. Better start searching all over google then
  8. This. i wouldn’t bother putting anything else in unless you are planning to make big power. feels pretty much like a stock clutch but so much better
  9. no u can’t it will sound like a civic
  10. Can’t you just move to a different state? Seems like it would be a whole lot easier
  11. The front of a series 2 gtst (headlights, guards & bonnet) are a totally different shape to a gtr. Your gtr bonnnet will not fit a series 2 gtst
  12. The offset is way too aggressive On the later model wide bodies (my11+) you can do 18x9.5+ 38 without issue but that’s about it
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