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  1. Came here expecting 2.8l vcam, 6 speed conversion, nismo everything crazy head by the way it was talked up in another thread. Still a very nice tidy street car though. [emoji106]
  2. Given that u didn’t know what tool to use I would guess u don’t really know what to do so I would be leaving it alone. Also if u got a tune why are u trying to adjust the boost now?
  3. UWISSH!

    YouTube motive dvd gtr drag challenge and watch for yourself All the big shops have auto gtrs
  4. But u went in a straight line? It helps on corners
  5. UWISSH!

    Reason behind mounting the wide band stealthy? Loving everything in the build. Should be a wild ride once complete
  6. UWISSH!

    www.willtheyfit.com Use this. Get tape measure/ ruler, go out side
  7. UWISSH!

    Titanium will make it raspy n obnoxiously loud. Jap brand exhausts are shit. They hang low. Test pipes are illegal As above go to a local exhaust shop and tell them what u want. They can make it fit snug up against the body and they won’t have any step downs in them
  8. UWISSH!

    Yes wraps around removing the need to have separate rear pods They are a 2 piece design and has fins in the middle which u have to attach yourself
  9. UWISSH!

    Was a genuine abflug one bought from rhdjapan but I think they r discontinued now. Was originally about $1800 back in 2012
  10. UWISSH!

    Nice work In my opinion u need to get rid of the bonnet lip. They are supposed to go across all the way to the lights and doesn’t look right how it’s sitting
  11. Get the correct size rims. Spacers are a terrible idea and not in the slightest bit legal. Did u also get extended wheel studs?
  12. Depends if he has a gtr or gtst. If it’s a gtst then what you suggest doesn’t work Also 19s r homo. 18s with a correctly sized tyre is the way to go
  13. Sorry but that’s a terrible idea. It looks soo trashy. Either find second hand replacements or if you are dead set on carbon try finding someone that makes inner door trims
  14. Have always loved the wise sports kit except the rear bar Seen one with the rear bar modified with the aprons tapered down to the wheel arch and a diffuser fitted and it looked heaps better