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  1. All r33 gtr front bumpers are the same. so any r33 gtr lip will fit any r33 gtr bumper
  2. They should still have machines markings on them saying made in japan and such
  3. UWISSH!

    Just looks like a voltex wing without the legs Search through their catalog and find one that has the same width legs as a r33 gtr rear wing
  4. UWISSH!

    http://cartoys.com.au/product/greddy-trust-nissan-skyline-r32-gtr-mx-front-pipe-rb26dett/ They are most certainly not equal length
  5. UWISSH!

    I think that’s just a general statement saying that going to an aftermarket front pipe is going to improve gas flow and efficiency. Not one bit of that to me says equal length pipes
  6. UWISSH!

    Oh wow. I didn’t even read your review or anything but you are some kind of special. Ordering wheels and not even knowing what correct size you need and then trying to blame the company because you had no idea what you need. I’m guessing you signed up on here just to try and bad mouth the company and it turns out it’s just your fault not theirs. Bravo There are so many wheel and tire calculators online that would of helped with what you need
  7. UWISSH!

    Wow way to dig up a 10 year old thread
  8. UWISSH!

    Rhdjapan should have them
  9. UWISSH!

    The best stuff I ever saw has been the superior auto stuff but isn’t cheap I also had a dipped dash in my 33 for 5 years that I found on yahoo japan n bought in through import monster that was pretty good
  10. Wait so you are getting rid of the os88 box??? Why? What are you going to replace it with?
  11. UWISSH!

    Cheers mate, really appreciate it
  12. UWISSH!

    Also can I just buy my tickets at the gate?
  13. UWISSH!

    Hey guys I’m heading over to Japan for my honeymoon and we are planning on going to the nismo festival while we are there. What I’m not sure about is the best way to go about getting to the track. We are staying in Numazu which says about an hour to the track but having never been there before, is it best to catch a train close by and then a Taxi/ bus or am I best to hire a car and drive?
  14. UWISSH!

    I bought it the other day aswell to play until gt sport comes out as the game only cost me $17 and wanted to have a comparison between the 2. Also my first impressions were not good. Took about 3 hours to update my ps4 and install the game. Having never played the 1st game I was expecting it to be really good after reading all the hype surrounding it. I tried just playing in the free run part in the r35 first. I never expected handling to be soo bad. The cars don’t feel like they r on the track. The slightest turn of the wheel sent it spinning in circles Tried playing with some settings n driver aids n it was marginally better but I’m not going to spend hours setting up various different cars to just try n get somewhat of a normal feeling I only ended up playing for about n hour before I got frustrated with constantly going off the track with minimal wheel movement Even tried in an evo thinking s lower power car might be a better way to start but even that was bad. If I payed full price I would of been pissed I’ll give it another go on Friday when I have a day off but I don’t have high hopes if feeling any better about the game
  15. Used to rev my 33 to 9500 Don't bother getting a bee r rev limiter, they are rubbish. Take it to a tuner and just get them to check it out. Also if you are unsure, play it safe and don't rev this shit out of it until you get it all sorted