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  1. Can’t you just move to a different state? Seems like it would be a whole lot easier
  2. The front of a series 2 gtst (headlights, guards & bonnet) are a totally different shape to a gtr. Your gtr bonnnet will not fit a series 2 gtst
  3. The offset is way too aggressive On the later model wide bodies (my11+) you can do 18x9.5+ 38 without issue but that’s about it
  4. Are copies any worse than all the factory alloys that come standard with cars? Yes they may not be full forged like volk etc but I doubt car manufacturers are using full forged rims on your typical Hyundai etc
  5. Yes and if you crash and these are on your car and your insurance doesn’t know or hasn’t agreed to cover them then there is a high chance that you will not receive a payout and have to cover any damages from your own pocket
  6. Are you willing to risk your life in them? If you crash your insurance company won’t pay you anything for having a non compliant item fitted to your car Have you tried searching yahoo auctions japan for genuine r33 seats?
  7. Try google. Literally hundreds of places to buy exhausts from. Or go down to your local muffler shop and get a system made
  8. Don’t hi-octane do this shit on a daily basis so they should know exactly how much a 6 cylinder manifold will cost
  9. Wouldn’t that get annoying swinging around n tapping on the glass?
  10. A phone call or email to plazmaman would be the best and quickest way to get a correct answer
  11. Lets just hope the tnt truck doesn’t loose the package in transit Glad that ur finally going to get the parts. Keen to see this thing rip
  12. Who cares Obvious scam/ bot post Has made 2 posts both in this thread saying hey look what I managed to achieve Who comes to a forum to ask how to pay out a loan. U ring your bank/ financier If u calculate a lower amount they couldn’t give 2 shits. Until you pay what they say you owe it will remain their property unless you can provide concrete evidence it’s too much
  13. Man that sucks about the hypertune stuff. I’ve read heaps of posts about how slow they are with products but I guess they don’t care as they have a reputation for quality parts so people will just continue to buy from them.
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