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  1. The only thing worth using that HKS make is v-cam, their turbos, exhausts, cams, and all the rest are garbage outdated things compared what else is available just need to look at all the big hitter gtrs around the world and they are using nitto internals, precision/ BW turbos, hypertune/ plazmaman coolers and so on
  2. Pretty sure I sold u these back in the day. how prices change, I got them for $1500 delivered from Japan from memory
  3. I wasn’t having a go, I was asking a genuine question. Wanting to know what you were comparing it to, going from stock turbo to one of these, similar Chinese- Chinese turbo, u have driven the name brand equivalent with exactly the same set up as yours? what’s the context of what you were comparing to say it works fine. it’s a turbo sucking air into a motor so yeh it works “fine” but is it making target boost at the right time? Laggier compared to what it should be?
  4. Works just fine compared to what exactly? The more expensive equivalent? people can have differing opinions on what they believe is acceptable would be interesting to see direct back to back testing between this and its name brand equivalent
  5. Then you can pull it all apart and start upgrading. this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 1000hp car with sequential box he was planning to build until his dad clipped him over ear
  6. Buy a 2009 Audi rs6, 5l v10 twin turbos awd 426kw. sure u could up the power some, comfy cruiser with enough grunt to put a smile on your face. De badge it and no one would suspect a thing if u wana give them a run
  7. In 2005 I paid 16k for a r33 gtst, same one now in Australia 30k+ in 2007 I paid 34k for my r33gtr. Cheapest in Australia atm is 85k dead stock no way in hell would I pay that for one today. They are not worth it at all.
  8. Seriously no one cares about YouTube channel builds. get over your fascination of YouTube and Insta likes. The world has been playing with these for 30 years. All the info is out there, we don’t need Americans with limited knowledge trying to make videos your dad is smart, you should listen to him. A stock gtr is extremely slow and boring to drive. Skylines are not the amazing cars you think they are. you are going to end up pouring a small fortune into building a 1000hp car and then honestly you will rarely drive it. Something will constantly be wrong or need attention.
  9. Honestly if u can barely afford to buy it, u can’t afford to run or own it. gtr’s are expensive. when shit goes wrong, which it will it costs big money the saying is if u want to own a gtr make sure u can afford to buy 2 also I would never buy something I’m not aloud to test drive or get independently inspected when handling over large somes of money
  10. Coz eBay sellers are mostly idiots. 93-95 series 1 96 onwards series 2 95-98 gtr are the same Full stop end of discussion
  11. U need a series 1 hood. 93-95 models are series 1, 96 onwards series 2
  12. Starts with a 4 at minimum then goes to 5 if you don’t have a single clue what you are doing.
  13. Why on earth would you want to keep the stock 16’s? why are you opposed to bigger rims? also fill us in more about this 1000hp build
  14. You can fit r35 380mm brakes under 18” te37s so why is bigger rims an issue ?
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