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  1. Hey everyone. My buddy thinks my R33 GTR might have some slight frame damage. Just took it in for a wheel alignment and these are the results. Is anyone able to clarify this for me? The car is running on coilovers and is lowered, it also has adjustable toe arms. Thanks!
  2. Also the car has a Hicas delete if that makes a difference
  3. Hey everyone, my R33 GTR has a vibration accompanied by a "dugga dugga dugga" noise above around 60km or so. The noise goes away when your turning left and is more noticeable when turning right. Could this be a bent tie rod or something? This vibration only comes from the rear and only when going straight or turning right. Any ideas anyone? Its just had new tyres put on also.
  4. Hello everyone, new GTR owner here, my R33 GTR is currently making around 600kw at the wheels and I've been told by a guy at a tuning shop near me that the sump needs to be enlarged. The car is currently running a Nitto Oil Pump, head oil drain and an oil cooler with an oil filter relocation. Do I need to enlarge the sump when the car is only really being used for street use and the extremely occasional track use? I understand the stock sump already has baffles in it. Thanks!
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