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  1. Alright thanks. I’m just trying to remove the heavy steering for now till I have enough to get a non hicas rack. I’ve been told I could run a step down transformer to it but I don’t really want to burn out the solenoid. I have a little bit of electrical knowlage so I understand roughly what is happening. I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I’ve just heard so many different things that I’m starting to get slightly confused now haha. Cheers for the help though guys!
  2. Sorry just trying to understand this a bit better. The duty cycle remains the same (1230Hz) and the only thing that changes is the voltage which is across the Y axes? Max voltage being 6V and min being 0?
  3. Got a new RB25DE S2 from an R33 to put into a R32 which came with a RB25 S0 engine. What are the differences in the looms What connectors do I need to swap around WIll I need any other computer or whatever to get VCT or other things running Will I need a R33 front end body loom with fuse box to do this? I'm so lost and need help, I have a whole bunch of loose plugs on the ECU side of the loom which I don't know what to do with and I'm worried I may miss solenoids etc if I start changing connectors. I also have a second plug with 6 pins extra on the fuse side of the engine loom which I don't know what to do with either. Are there any diagrams or anything that can help me sort out what goes where? Cheers
  4. Another thing is even when I turn off the whole climate control I’m still getting hot air blown around but I can still change where it gets blown to so I’m guessing it’s doesnt have anything to do with the actuators. What do you think could be the course for that too? Here are a couple photos of under my dash too.
  5. I’ve still got my heating core I’m just missing my defuser and pump
  6. So the thermostat goes in the ends of the pipe which is in the lower left side of my photo? And what do you mean by the vent is in the lower right of the radio/air-con? The last owners took the ac pump out of the car so I don’t know what exactly I am missing 😅 what would I need if I were to reinstall the whole ac set up back into the car?
  7. Found these images but I still don’t really know where it’s meant to be routed
  8. Anyone know what’s meant to happen with this pipe. I know that the connector for the rear passenger foot wells is missing but I don’t know what’s up with this pipe and where it goes. My climate control has been blowing hot air since I got the car, so is it where the climate control thermometer goes?
  9. So even if I got the engine loom with it it wouldn’t be as easy as swapping the engine looms around and chucking the new engine in? What if I used the old alternator from my series 0?
  10. Hi all, I’m planning on chucking an rb25de series 2 package in my 1992 gts r32. It comes with loom ecu etc but I was wondering if I would still need to change anything around to accomodate for the different series engine. I’m currently running... well was running an rb25de series 0. Cheers 😁
  11. It’s for my Dominos Sign haha. Gonna diliver some pizzas in style with a r32 😝
  12. Uhhhh any explanation for why my cigarette lighter plug is all the way in the back of my 4 door r32??? 😅 And any idea on how to get it to the front of the car where it actually belongs? 😂 Cheers
  13. Sweet as thanks for the advice.
  14. What would be the best way to tackle the rust on the steering colum that’s hard to get to? Should I take it apart?
  15. What would be the easiest way to sort it out? Would I need to take the whole bar out?
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