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  1. Thanks for that. Sorry, im just going off what the ad is saying, the title reading, "R200 3.7 LSD" and in the description he said it was removed from his R34. It would probably be best for me to clarify the condition of the diff with the guy before purchasing it, and its history. However, he was looking to swap the diff for a different one as he believed it was not good for city driving, which would suggest to me that it is in a fine working order. I will clarify with him though. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for that response mate, very informative. Yeah from what i understand it is an R200 3.7 Ratio LSD from an R34, Im guessing that it is from an R34GTT. I do own the R33 GTST Subframe so if thats the case, then from what you have told me, i will have no issues haha. Thank you. Also, just a quick question, do you reckon $400 for the LSD is a fair price? just trying to gauge if i should pruchase it or keep looking. Thank you very much.
  3. Will an R34 R200 LSD bolt straight into an R33 rear subframe?
  4. Alright sweet haha, yeah give us a look thanks. Still don’t know why it sits 25mm further than the fender though
  5. Yeah man I will read up on those laws haha, thank you. Yeah the thing is I don’t find the 86 that appealing haha, plus I don’t have the money straight up to just buy one. That’s why I bought an R33 with intentions of building it up like I’m doing now. But yeah man, thanks for the help.
  6. I live in QLD, not too sure on the laws, just thought you needed a mod plate and you would be good to go.
  7. So guys I’m having trouble with the fitment of a S2 Bonnet on my S1 R33, I’ve got the headlights, bonnet and the front bar is coming. But I’ve ran into a problem with the fitment of the bonnet, it sits too high at the back and about 25mm forward. Our initial thought was the bonnet hinge, but we looked and can’t seem to find a “different hinge” has anyone got any ideas? thanks guys
  8. yeah you do make a pretty good point. Alright thanks for that mate, ill probably just end up finding an RB of some sort to put into it.. Thanks for your help guys
  9. Hahah yes, the RB series would be a lot easier in terms of fitting and wiring. The only problem with that is I in the future once I’m off P’s I would be wanting to upgrade it anyway. So really, buying and RB20DE or RB25DE would be sort of useless in my book. It’s only just a thought because I’m able to purchase the 1J off my dad for about 2k complete with everything because yah know, father son prices. That’s a pretty good price from what I can see and it got me thinking whether I could just “convert” it to be “naturally aspirated” in turn saving me money, rather than buying an RB which I would end up replacing anyway. So yeah, all I want to know is if it is possible to convert it. thanks.
  10. Yeah mate true, but I was just thinking that because it’s a shell and I’ve got to put something into it anyway, why not that. Because it would save me a bit of time and money in the long run I feel, in terms of upgrading it to what I want. But yeah just gotta find out if it’s possible.
  11. Okay guys, so originally I was planning on putting an NA Barra into my R33. However,my dad has a 1jz gte lying around in the garage with pretty much everything there for it, including the r154 gearbox. Im pretty interested in buying it off him and putting it into the R33, but the problem is that I’m just getting onto my P plates haha. I was wondering if there would be any problems taking this from a TT motor to an NA. I know there are a few oil drains including the one on the block and the sump which are for the turbo and would need to be blocked, but also some other things I wouldn’t really know about hahaWiring and the fabrication stuff is not really a problem, because I know people who can do that for me. I know it does seem odd, but I was just wondering if anyone has something to add or give me any tips or share some insightful knowledge. thanks guys.
  12. Oh okay, thank you for the information. It’s just because I’m looking to get my r33 on some wheels and came across an r34 front subframe complete, for a reasonable price and was just seeing if they were compatible with the R33 haha. thank you though
  13. Oh okay then, we’ll I’ll start looking into the s14 box. Thank you guys.
  14. Okay thanks mate. I was just looking into some gearbox options and found that I’m potentially going to upgrade later so I might as well stick with the oem stuff until I upgrade the engine. Thank you very much
  15. Okay thanks mate, appreciate it. Your really helping me a lot lol
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