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Fitment issues on R33 Bonnet


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So guys I’m having trouble with the fitment of a S2 Bonnet on my S1 R33, I’ve got the headlights, bonnet and the front bar is coming. But I’ve ran into a problem with the fitment of the bonnet, it sits too high at the back and about 25mm forward. Our initial thought was the bonnet hinge, but we looked and can’t seem to find a “different hinge” has anyone got any ideas? 

thanks guys

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15 hours ago, WR33KD said:

I went the other way. I put a gtr bonnet on my S2. Had to do a couple custom things but the I didn’t need to change the bar just the headlights I’ll take some photos on the bracket/plate I made.

Alright sweet haha, yeah give us a look thanks. Still don’t know why it sits 25mm further than the fender though

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