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  1. It's about as close to a barn find as I've ever come across. It is from a deceased estate and was I was looking to buy it. I had only a very brief look at it but it appears to be all there, they say it runs but I'd say it has not run in 10-15 years. The original owner had planned a closed door re-spay so bumpers and trim removed.
  2. I posted this in newbie section but it was suggested I also try here. Anyone know what one of these would be worth? C210, Skyline, Auto, 2-door cheers Rob
  3. I expect there is a bit of rust but not too concerned, I like the rat look. I haven't bought it yet, the original owner is deceased and the family want to shift the car as the house is for sale. Just tyring to work out what these are worth. If it's more than I want to spend I'll try to assist the family to sell it. Any ideas?
  4. Hi All, I'd consider myself a muscle car guy but when I analyse it I've owned more Japanese brands than anything else, 3 Datsuns (1200 Ute, 180B, 83 Skyline 4-door Hatch), 3 Subarus (2005 Liberty, 2010 Forrester & 2015 Liberty 3.6R). I've also had an old 67 ZA Fairlane, VX Commodore & BA Falcon. My pride a joy at the moment is a fairly original 69 Mustang Mach1(351W, 4-speed car). However, I have come across a bit of a barn find which I have identified as a C210 Skyline which I think is a 77 model. Having a bit of a soft spot for Datos I think this could make an interesting project car. Get it running, back on the road and just have a bit of fun with it. But I have no idea what these are worth, if anything much at all. It is an automatic, 2-door car and it seems all complete, owner has prime painted it but it has not had a full strip down, rather a closed door paint job was the plan, (remove bumpers, some trim etc). I've been advised that it runs, but I'd say hasn't run in 15+ years. Anyway, if possible I'd appreciate some opinions on what a genuine value would be (what would you offer). Photos are few as I snapped a few quick ones at a garage sale. cheers Rob
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