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  1. Does anyone have a fs5w71b for sale? After 1 or 2 if possible!
  2. Dr30 semi trailing arm wanted to borrow or buy Hi all, im redesigning my suspension to make it a lot more adjustable. I don't want to strip my rear end completely just yet as I only just got the car rolling again recently but I'm chasing a rear semi trailing arm to 3D scan to redesign. Would prefer to borrow one but if I have to buy it then so be it. Does anyone have one? Condition no bothered about as long as it's not bent.
  3. Does anyone out there have a spare dr30 semi trailing arm? I just need one to 3d scan and I didn't want to strip mine down just yet....
  4. Did you ever find a rear end? I'm looking for for a semi trailing arm although only need for some measurements...
  5. So have searched high and low. Called NZ, Japan and every windscreen manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. Not even China have moulds to make them. And so without commitment from anyone I'm going down the lexan route. At lest i'll knick another 10kg out of the car. But now the lexan is ordered I can start to get a move on with the rest of the car. Am having the doors moulded to be in fibreglass (and maybe carbon at a later date - carbon is stronger but no lighter than glass for the same number of layers). Expect another 20kg from the doors. Picked up my old scales this week so will weight the car minus engin/gearbox over the xmas break and see what it comes in at. If I can be somewhere around 700 as is I'll be reasonably happy.
  6. Please PM if interested. I'm happy to take 2 to have one as a spare.
  7. I've been in touch wth my supplier and we can get these either heated or non heated although tooling is being confirmed. Need a minimum order of 6 screens and they will be just under $700 each.
  8. I called Nissan too but to no avail. Called NZ and also Japan. If you get a different answer please let me know as I need one too and I was organising to have a batch made by a guy who does racing glass - for anyone else that wants one please let me know. I can also have them done with a heated element.
  9. Not quite, pouring $$$ into the business at the moment. Was trying to find a new windscreen without any luck. Looked to go down the lexan route, but it excludes me from so many events so will persist in trying to find new glass. Unfortunately the standard glass I have isn't laminated!
  10. Not sure actually. The rears are a simple 3 to 2 bolt conversion. The fronts are really to suit the DR30 using the S13/14 uprights.
  11. So found out today I can't get a new front screen that complies with racing regs, so it's going to be lexan al round. At least I'll save a bit more weight...
  12. For sale, DR30 glass. Complete front and rear screens, plus side windows. All complete. No damage. Genuine Nissan and perfect for a restoration job. I'm upgrading the race car to lexan and was going to hold onto these for a future resto project but God know when that will happen! As a side note, new screens are no longer available in Australia (I've been to all the major glass manufacturers and there is no old stock, nor any plans to make any more). Looking for $300 for the lot as its all genuine and in great condition.
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