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  1. www.r30.co.jp try them, you may need a local import place (to you of course) to be able to deal with them?
  2. Good luck.. Do you have insurance? If so have you spoken to them about the situation? Any idea what its going to cost to fix?
  3. That's grandpa spec... What you thinking - LS1 twin turbo??
  4. What she said, can any one help?? Cheers
  5. Well I'm back looking again. Just to make this clear I'm looking for an exhaust CAM not a cam gear. If you can help ASAP pls reply or PM me. Thanks, Matt
  6. thanks for you help guys.. issues sorted.. will post again here if still needed.
  7. sorry arranged one a few days ago, forgot to update this, will keep you in mind if this falls through though or something else happens. Cheers, Matt
  8. Looking again, as it says I'm in need of a std exhaust cam for a S1.5 rb25det. Let me know if you can help. Cheers Matt
  9. um..i guess all the $$ went into engineering the rear wing. WTF
  10. Just to keep on topic - you'd have to mess around with engine mounts to make it fit then the gear box mount then the loom to get it going..
  11. try these guys, local QLD club, as far as i know, but you might fine some good contacts towards importing what you want.. http://www.classicjapaneseshowandshine.com/ my bad OT too..
  12. stop harassing new people Dennis.. lol
  13. will keep you in mine as can't pay for anything till next Wed anyway. i'd be happy for you to throw the inlet cam away to save me postage.. lol
  14. Hello, pretty straight forward just as the title says i'm looking for a S1 exhaust cam for an r33. happy to pay postage. cheers
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