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  1. As it have converted to short nose r200 now I have no need for the following 3.7 ratio Quaife lsd longnose R200 $1700 3.5 ratio Nismo lsd longnose R200 $1500 3x2 bolt driveshafts $200 set 4 bolt driveshafts $400 set Located Albury.
  2. The 350z shafts are about 20mm longer than a r33 shaft and could fit into a r33. I put them into a s13 rear cradle that’s the only reason for the mix and match shafts.
  3. I have the 350z diff in my car the inner cv’s from the 350z will fit your r33 driveshafts. That way you get the 6x1 stub axels and the std vlsd has not pegged up at all.
  4. It’s still a r200 just better ratios and gtr size stub axels etc. the single bolt doesn’t line up with any existing holes. Bit of stuffing around to get it to fit but not to bad
  5. 350z diff and cvs are in. Drives nice should be interesting next time at the track.
  6. Making some bushes up next week and will report back the findings. Looks to be close at this stage.
  7. Picked up a 350z diff and driveshafts today. Next week will see how it all fits in. Looks like it will work
  8. S13 rear suspension working well on the weekend just need bigger tyres and taller diff gears. Best pass of 10.9 at 130 mph
  9. How did you go? Did you get to finish your build?
  10. Using the QDF7L centre I had in a long nose R200. Have changed to a short nose R200 from a r33 with Nismo centre and stub axles. The stub axles are very tight and won’t go all the way in. The Quaife site lists the centre as a replacement for s13 and 14. I thought the stubs were the same spline
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