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  1. Sorry guys, app was not working so deleted it. Was gonna download again but can’t find it. I got a iPhone link if possible please sorry.
  2. Hey guys after complete pipe to remove my rubber turbo intake. 25det neo. With valves for pipes to go straight on existing. Please
  3. Hey got up 4 grabs all for 34 sedan struts with low kings (one shock is gone) $100 stock afm $50 250lpm walbro $80 return flow black cooler pipe $150 Bought a pipe cooler kit (not return flow) 250 only used clamps and joiners. All pipe i need gone $100 stock washer bottle $50 op6 complete stock turbo $400
  4. Ok, one day it would only go in gear with clutch pumps next day no peddle. Clutch was fine before this no slip strong pull. Pretty sure just needs bleeding
  5. Manual, light damage $2500 runs but can’t get in gear bought new slave and master but clutch does to floor can’t get pressure. Maybe easy fix posting for a mate. (Not parting) Contact Jay ‭0498 828 349‬
  6. Got both front quarters for r34 silver Few scratches $80 each Stock Rb25det Neo dump $20 AFM $65 Steve 0407080041
  7. Finish off this thread, I put new tyres on rear a bit before never occurred to me months later when I noticed it. But today I rotated tyres got all rebalanced problem gone. I think someone mentioned tyres way back in thread. Thanks guys
  8. You said that may have been the issue way back. [emoji106] I am swapping out the stock replacing with 1000cc mid next year. I'm pretty sure that will resolve the issue.
  9. Very strange but I ran two bottles of injector cleaner threw it and it made it 'nearly' disappear. So I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with fuel
  10. Hey mate I'm told I can get it new from Japan only issue is I need part number. Do you have it handy mate? Thanks heaps
  11. Stereo surround, look at top of shifter there that part. Sorry for shitty description guys.
  12. Na man I was just showing mine. I'm after the first thing, it's part of the dash at the bottom. Where stereo and climate control part of the dash meet the centre console. I was just showing my door trim so people could see the colour I was after. That's the part I'm after on the very outer edges of the dash at the bottom.
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