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  1. So, the time has come! I'll be picking up the above mentioned parts in the coming weeks At the same time, i've been thinking out loud about doing a manual swap (surprise surprise). I've seen the writeup here and it's definitely insightful. However, i would like to stay the RWD route so instead of using a gtr box i'm considering a gtst box. Also, i'm pondering about what to do with the sump. I wanna believe that a rwd sump would fit, given i'd have to modify the oil pick up and drill/tap some holes. Anything else i need to keep in mind when going this route (aside from everything mentioned in the writeup of course)?
  2. So, coming sunday i'll be going to a fellow wagoneer who's parting out his stagea. Gonna check out which parts i'll be taking, already made a list: Tein Coilovers Front Mount Intercooler 3" Turboback exhaust Apexi Powerfilter (R33) Gtr Brakes Question is now, what differences i'll feel (aside from a slightly stiffer ride and a louder exhaust) with these mods? Will there be a significant increase in performance? Will defintely get it tuned after the mods.
  3. I'm living in the Netherlands, yes I've not pulled the fuses (yet) so that's the first thing i'll try. The car is basically always in 2wd mode since the front shaft has been removed, just the ecu doesn't know that i guess.. If the fuse thing doesn't work i'll do the bleed thing
  4. Yeah well considering she's completely stock and quiet as heck, yeah it was a pretty decent effort. It's my first time doing a burnout like that. Apparently that's how they do it here with the platform, might have something to do with safety or the fact that they (the racetrack owners) don't want their tarmac all ruined and stuff
  5. Short clip of the wagon destroying a pair at the burnout contest last week. As you can see, lots of white smoke from the exhaust which tells me she's running really rich (because nissan....). I ordered a consult-bluetooth thing so I'll be testing that after the weekend. Next step would be an afr gauge/wideband sensor and some sort of AFC, although from what I've been reading lately it can get tricky considering she's an S1 auto... VID-20180314-WA0002.mp4
  6. So yesterday I was at a car event and I signed up for the Burnout Competition. The look on everybody's faces when they saw the Stagea, as if it was nothing they'd ever seen before was priceless!. At one point the announcer was all like "Well this is quite an unusual car to see. Looks like a Korean Volvo or something".... I just shook my head and proceeded to destroy my tires (I brought my old set along to burn off, don't worry )
  7. So, last night as i was driving home from work my 4wd lamp started flashing. I figured this is logical considering i dropped the front shaft in the weekend. Just a bit strange that it's started flashing now and not right away. My theory is that the attessa pump or ecu is going haywire. Any thougts on this? What would completely removing the attessa system do?
  8. Just a few bolts. Probly not necessary but i was getting impatient
  9. Gotta do what you gotta do, eh
  10. First serious mod done to the wagon: RWD "conversion". The reason: the wheels I got for her apparently had a slightly different rolling diameter (3mm) and neither ATTESSA nor my transmission were too happy about that. Yes, i could have gone through the trouble (and money) to find matching tyres (current tyres: Falken Azenis FK453 in near imaculate condition) but I don't think the mrs would have liked that too much. Dropping the shaft was pretty straight-forward, although I did resort to a dremel for some stubborn bolts Yes, that's in front of my house No, I don't have a garage Yes, it was -2 degrees Celcius
  11. Volgens mij heb ik deze pas bij Japfest gezien. Top wagen!
  12. Hey thanks! Yeah she's completely stock, aside from a turbo timer and the 350gt alloys. i believe there's about 10 or 11 of these wagons country wide, and 3 or 4 of which are for sale.
  13. Cheers ladies and gents. My name is Abel, 29 years old male (despite the display name, i'm a guy...) And currently living in the Netherlands. I've always had a thing for Skylines and Stageas also had my attention for a while. Bought a Stagea (which i named Stacey, hence the display name) last june and been enjoying every kilometer so far! I've been browsing around for a while already and decided to finally join. Hoping to learn heaps and to meet awesome like-minded folks here
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