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  1. And here some picture’s of the car in the last few months! Maby you guy’s like it when i share some pics.
  2. Some nice video’s on my youtube channel of the R34 GT-R Nismo Omori R-tune ( chassis #001 ) Make sure you subscribe to see more video’s coming soon! Here a link of the video of me and my company where a detail my car. Enjoy!
  3. I know someone who makes it for you! If you want[emoji3]
  4. So in love to drive the R-tune again![emoji7]
  5. Hello all[emoji3] My car is finished, and the job is done![emoji7] Only the engineëer need some time for the dyno, but that will be done next week! Today i was going to a friend of mine, and he dit the decal job[emoji57] the nismo omori R-tune livery is now a fact, and i love it so mutch![emoji7] Feel free to leave a comment, and tell me what you think of it[emoji4][emoji109]
  6. Yes i think so![emoji4] but there will be need a lot of money to buy it from me[emoji85] i dont want to sell it, i love it to mutch haha!
  7. Original N1 is not the same, this is also ball bearing. But we will see what it does thursday![emoji7] He job is done, and it will be on the dyno thursday.[emoji4]
  8. Haha yes i put the tomei exhaust manifolds in, and elbows. And i got the Nismo R1 Turbo kit[emoji3]
  9. From not new and big single, to twin and all new![emoji7] nice, clean and original! This week it will be ready to drive again[emoji4] can’t wait. Omori R-tune #001 is back[emoji57][emoji7]
  10. I will post some more details and pictures if you all want it?[emoji4]
  11. Thank you all for the positive reactions![emoji3]
  12. And here some pictures from the Nismo Omori factory, where Nismo build my car to the #001 omori R-tune[emoji4]