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  1. I've had my tracker disconnected to see if that is the issue. Havn't had an issue with my battery since ~ 2 weeks, driven only twice. Will have to get an electrician to have a look at it i think. Thanks, Colin
  2. No idea how to to be honest, would you able to elaborate? Also wouldn't be able to tell which one would be the power lead to the tracker. Thanks, Colin
  3. Hey would you be able to recommend a battery that would suit? I have a century battery that is less than a month old that keeps going flat whenever I don't have the trickle charger on it.
  4. Hey all, Recently installed a Viper GPS tracker into my car and it seems that if i turn the alarm on, it will drain my battery within a couple of days. If i don't turn on the alar, and just manually lock my doors, the battery doesn't drain as fast. I have it hooked up to a trickle charger now, but i wanted to know if this is normal behaviour for a tracker? Thanks, Colin
  5. Booked in for October 10 fellas Still a private day, havn't been able to organise a private one yet. If anyone ends up booking in drop me a PM so i can look out for you.
  6. I thought it was a good layout too, being a stocker, it helped me alot, not much straight My small group is trying to organise a private day soon, if you are interested, i'm sure there will be space
  7. Oh bugger, was that the white one, that was parked near the fence? I was in the white 32 gtr, bog stock . I only managed a 1.005. Really wanted to crack that 1 min mark. This is the first time i've been to a track and it was amazing! I do get motion sickness but, so i went out every 2nd session. 54.2 sounds like a damn good time! I think the red GTR in my group that was flying did a 52.
  8. Has anyone been to this raceway? Went yesterday in my stock 32 and had a blast. Wanted to see if anyone remembers their PB lap times!
  9. If i was a member 5 years ago, would this be a renewal?
  10. Hi all, I have some new QFM FRONT pads from my 33 gtst i sold years ago. 50$ Siliconed RB25 coil packs that fixed my misfiring issue. $50 Thanks, Colin
  11. Camera House Credit Note $469 Hey all, Doubled up on a chrissie present and now left with a credit note after the refund. Credit note is good at Tom Saade's Camera House at Parramatta and expires on the 27/12/2017 Can accompany buyer in store to use the credit note if there are any issues. Will let it go for $450 Cheers!
  12. FYI New united going up on Victoria Road across from UWS parramatta and the sign says it will have E85. oh im excited
  13. Just let me know before the event so maybe by Saturday so I can tell them how many cars we should expect in our lane My Media pass just got approved so hopefully get some good pics and vids
  14. Arr yes here is more info! Competitors: Competitor Gates open from 9:00am Entry fee to Race YOUR Car or Bike on a real Drag Strip - $60 Scrutineering from 900am until 2.00pm (unless 220 vehicle quota filled before 2.00pm) Racing from : 10:00am - 4:30pm approx. Burnouts from : 4:30pm approx. (limited to 20 cars!!!) NOTE: $25 for Burnout ONLY entrants! Spectators: ADULTS - $20 SHOW'nSHINE $20 FAMILY/GROUP - 2A + up to (x3) 12-16yo $50 KIDS 12-16 - $10 UNDER 12 FREE
  15. Hey all, I've booked a lane for the drags at WSID on Sunday 22nd Feb. This is a weekend event as not everyone can make Wednesday nights. Event page is here if interested so I can gauge numbers if interested! https://www.facebook.com/events/334780206727041/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular Hope to see some new faces, I'll be covering the event when not racing. More cars the merrier and have some friendly rivalries between the different types of cars
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