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  1. Ooo, that is such a good idea! I have always avoided serious detailing for fear of messing it up.
  2. Oh man, glad you got it working! I can very much picture the frustration. Could you mention it in the DIY Guide? I'm sure the next person following it would much appreciate it.
  3. Hmmm, good point! I shall have a look and see if it can be compressed. It probably blew up in size because I extracted the pdf to images first. It looks like there is something not quite right with the original pdf and the OCR software throws an error when it tries to parse it. I talked to support about it and they proposed to extract it to image files first and then go from there. Which works fine. Except I didn't want the quality to get worse [0] and I might have picked the wrong quality setting. [0] https://xkcd.com/1683/
  4. I had a go at running OCR on the C34 service manual. Is anyone interested in that? @Duncan, I could send you a link if you want to add it to your dropbox. It was a painful process but worked reasonably well. I have attached some pages from the middle to show what it's like. It didn't get all the text in the diagrams but otherwise it is pretty well covered. It's definitely searchable and reasonably selectable now. Unfortunately it blew up in size and the pdf is now 1.6GB. Which is 1600 megabytes. Which is holy shit better not try to open this on a phone. It works well enough on a computer though. My goal was to have it machine-translated. But I haven't been able to find a good way of doing it. And considering the number of pages there is no way it is worth doing by hand. Open for suggestions though. c34_manual_excerpt.pdf
  5. Hah. I never paid much attention but I would think there is not going to be too much of a difference when it comes to clutch pedals in different cars. At the current rate it will be a bit before I'll get there, but I'll see if they remember.
  6. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated! I did not come across them in my search. Looks like they have a couple of pedal extension that they offer. Plus custom made gear if I see it right. I shall give them a visit once restrictions allow it. This looks so much more promising than blindly ordering from the US. The Twin Mode clutch system sounds a bit invasive. I'm really just after something that you can attach and remove easily as it won't be needed 90% of the time. Though I like to think that it would turn the dad van into some sequentially geared monster.
  7. Hi all, has anyone looked into this before? I'm looking for a way of extending the clutch pedal. Essentially short legs plus heavy duty clutch in my Stagea don't go well together. Even with the seat all the way forward. Not to say that it is super awkward that close to the steering wheel. It should be easy to attach and remove as it will only be needed occasionally. The best I could find so far seems to be PedalMates in the US. See photos below. The problem is they do domestic sales only and paying Shopmate for shipping to AU gets a bit pricey. Thanks!
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