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Build Thread

Build Thread

Found 69 results

  1. Hey guys Sold my car and have some parts that never got a chance of using and some OEM used ones, basically a garage clean out will keep adding as i find more stuff. 1) Brand New in unopened box CST Type Vettel V36 coilovers fully adjustable with 14k front and 9k rear spring rates and 16 way damper. These are made in Japan and distributed by Tanabe. $1500 ono (pic of suspension out of box from google, i havent opened my box yet) 2) Blitz Power-sus intake panel filters also BNIB $120 3) V36 Type S and SP front lip kit ( Fibreglass sides with CF middle part, see pics) $550 ONO 4) RS-S LowDown springs BNIB $400 5) OEM Used Exhaust axle back Muffler and y-pipe $100 6) OEM Used Manifold $100 (good for anyone needing to send one into z1motorsports as core unit) 7) OEM Used rear chrome bootlip $50 8) OEM Used 18" V36 Coupe wheels made by enkei in excellent condition need tires $500 9) OEM Used 18" V36 Sedan Type SP wheels also in excellent condition (front tires good, rears need replacing) $500 10) BNIB plug and play V36 cruise control kit (comes with a little wheel knob that can be used to set/cancel and increase/decrease speed see pics) $500 ONO Thats all from the top of my head, like i said if i find more stuff ill keep adding. Offers only accepted if i have put an ONO next to the price or else its non-negotiable. PM will be the best way for enquiries and everything located Southwest of Brisbane
  2. Hey got an RB26 manifold to sell, $800 which is a huge discount for an as-new tubular steampipe and heat coated manifold MTX racing, heat coated. Split flange T4 with merge collector, High quality bit of gear Only test fitted Reason for sale is that it didn't sit the GTX4022R low enough in the engine bay for my RB26/30 to clear in my r32 It's a good bit of gear and if you are in Canberra, happy to come around and test fit it with you if you have the hot side stripped out If you want pics please send an SMS to zero four 15 eight 38 790 Will try and upload pics but if you just text me I'll send pics, I live in Curtin. Would prefer to sell local pick up in the first instance but will consider shipping if you pay freight. Cheers Andrew
  3. Hi Guys Can anybody tell me if the rb20det and rb25det exhaust manifolds are interchangable?
  4. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I have an obnoxious sounding vacuum leak somewhere under my throttle body. It’s very bad and throws out the car terribly, so it’s off the road and I’m addressing ASAP. There is no issue around the TB itself and I don’t see any kind of issue around the fuel rail or injector seats, so I’m assuming it may actually be either the upper plenum gasket, the lower inlet manifold gasket, or perhaps an idle control hose underneath the manifold somewhere. To the point of my thread - if I can not locate any obvious leak, I will be pulling off the intake to replace the gaskets. Should I get so far as to pulling off the lower intake, I was just wondering if anyone had tips or advice to share? Specifically regarding how and what to disconnect in regards to coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, etc, and if there are any tricks to any of the bolts? Ive searched extensively on this topic but most threads only cover the upper plenum and I’m looking for any general helpful tips to removing the whole thing. So far my plan is to remove the TB, the fuel rail, then upper plenum - raise the front of the car up and just see what I can attack from the bottom. Assume that’s the best method? Thanks in advance!
  5. 1. $1,500 T04z setup (USED) My previous R34 GTR turbo setup. Made 438kw at all 4 wheels on E85. Working perfectly. As pictured: - Garrett T04z 0.84 rear housing T4 twinscroll - 6Boost Manifold T4 twinscroll single wastegate - Turbosmart Progate 50mm - 4" custom dump/front pipe 2. $100 R34 GTR Koyo radiator (USED). Stock thickness. Old gen so didn't come with fitting for fan shroud. 3. $50 Cooling fan with broken fan shroud (USED) 4. $300 Oil & Water Line Kit for Nissan RB Series High Mount (BRAND NEW). Bought from GCG. RRP $350 5. $220 Turbo bag/beanie for Borg Warner S300/EFR8374 (BRAND NEW). Bought from GCG. RRP $265 6.$65 DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap 1" x 50ft (BRAND NEW) 7.$85 each DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap 2" x 50ft (BRAND NEW) Slightly negotiable if reasonable. Prefer pick up Sydney NSW.
  6. So I am making this post as I've searched the forums, and the posts I could find aren't fitting my personal situation. I've already got all the supporting mods for my turbo upgrade, Front facing Plenum, 6boost turbo/ exhaust manifold with T3 fitting, 1000cc injectors, walbro 460 fuel pump, all the gaskets you could dream for, electric boost controller (Already in), Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust, and a front mount intercooler. I've tried making another post elsewhere on these forums reguarding a turbo upgrade, and said post got closed as apparently it's totally fine for people to insult a build, but it's not ok for people to make a new post on a forums, asking for help to suit their situation. My build is unique to 99% of builds on here, I am getting all my modifications engineered and permitted accordingly. I'll be installing all the mods myself, making sure they all apply to the legal standards (Plumbing back to exhaust, emissions) and then I'll be paying an engineer to get it certified. For the turbo upgrade, I am wanting a minimum of 350HP, but I'm looking at around 400- 450HP. The turbo that I require will have to be with a T3 housing (I know garrett give the option for a lot of their turbos to suit multiple fittings). I have no experience with turbos at all, as my skyline is the first performance car I've owned. If someone could give some serious suggestions, someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to cars, as to what Turbo is good, and what to avoid, that would be amazing. Also, forgot to mention, but I want this turbo for street performance, and a bit of track time, possibly drifting every now and then on track, so I'm not 100%, but I think that would mean I need a responsive turbo with high boost at low RPM? Cheers!
  7. my goal is to break 500whp yet still be a weekend driver What i have greedy FMIC Apexi power intake kit Tein coilovers and dampener kit 52mill radiator Parts list. Q45 Airflow meter $100-150 Plenum , fuel rail, throttle body $1000 (for engine clean up only minimal performance increase) Walbro 400LPH $200 ECU I have a haltech platinum Pro ecu kit, let me know if I should upgrade this to make 500hp (370rwkw) Injectors 1000cc $1000-$1100 Carbon clutch twin plate with flywheel $2500 (for $300-500 more but can handle upto 800 hp, if anyone gets a gtt to 800 please fill out your will) Camsharft poncam type b $700 Cam pullys $350 And the big one GT35R turbo kit $4200 Whiteline sway bars $700 any tips or advice or different products i should buy?
  8. 6boost t3 manifold ceramic coated black with 60mm turbosmart external gate with 14psi spring $1500 plus postage located in townsville 4817 does not include aeroflow fittings
  9. Hi everybody, This is gear I didn't even know I had, but need it all cleared out ASAP. I think it is all pretty cheap as I want to move it all on, but if you don't think so just make a reasonable offer. I can organise postage for everything (except tyres) at buyer cost. - R33 GTR OEM ABS unit $50.00 - R33 GTR OEM washer bottle and bracket $20.00 - OEM low mount turbo manifolds $40.00 (x2 sets available one from R32 GTR and one from R33 GTR) - R32 GTR OEM rear axles/driveshafts $200.00 - R33 GTR OEM front tailshaft $50.00 - R33 GTR OEM 'Twin Turbo' pipe $20.00 - R33 GTR OEM turbos and dump pipes $100.00 (perfect condition, never boosted more than 11psi as removed from my R33 GTR at roughly 100,000km) - R33 GTR OEM complete wiring loom $100.00 (body, engine, fuse box... complete removed from running car!) - R33 GTR OEM pedals, brake, clutch, accelerator $15.00, $15.00, $10.00 respectively - R33 GTR OEM swaybars front and rear $20.00 each - R32 GTR Atessa pump unit $50.00 (was removed from running car) - Tyres Mazzini ECO605 size 255/35R18 with some tread left see photos $60.00 a pair ($100.00 for all four) Can get more pictures on request. Just text me if you want details or are interested in any items. Thanks, Mike 0456969001
  10. Hi guys, Selling my RB26 Hypertune intake manifold and 100mm throttle body. Was on a 26/30 and was removed a few times so has scratches on side. Not really visible when in car but priced accordingly. Selling due to parted out vehicle. Single throttle body setup, does not come with injectors or fuel rail, just manifold and throttle body. Asking $1600 ono Located in Melbourne Vic. Christian 0423756123
  11. Hey guys anyone know a supplier who stocks RB25 Stainless Steel EX MAN Flanges? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Trying my luck.. Wondering if anyone is selling an HPI manifold for an rb25 turbo to suit stock location? Cheers
  13. Rb26 hypertune intake manifold and throttle body Hi guys, Selling my hypertune intake manifold and 100mm throttle body. Selling due to parted rest of car out. Its in good condition. Has a few scratches underneath due to a few removals when it was on the engine and was on a 26/30 so made it a tight fit. Does not come with injectors or fuel rail. Asking $1800 ono Located Melbourne vic. Christian 0423 756 123
  14. Guide : RB26 Inlet manifold removal Hi. So after finding not too many detailed guides on removing the inlet manifold, some with missing pictures, I decided to have a go at it myself my way and do a guide as I went. This is not an easy job, however it is not impossible. Tools you will need will be various 3 inch, 6 inch 3/8" and 1/4" extension bars, Swivel and Telescopic ratchet, 10mm, 12mm socket. Stubby 10mm and 12mm spanners and stubby ratchet, and Uni-jointed 12mm socket, also long nose pliers of various sizes and angles. Screwdrivers flathead and phillips various. 1. Remove Igniter, Boost Solenoid, Washer Bottle, Fusebox Cover 2. Remove 2 x Fuel hoses, feed/return that are at the underside of the manifold, one goes to a regulator under the manifold, these will leak so you will need some sort of rubber caps to put over them to stop the leakage 3. Unbolt the fuel filter and swing it out of the way. 4. There will be 3 bolts holding the fuel pressure damper and hard-pipes (Pic in Step 2) on the underside of the inlet manifold. You can now remove the 2 little smal hoses that link these to the fuel rail. These are often on very tight and may need to be cut and replaced. You can now remove these hardpipes from under the manifold. Picture below of how the piece looks 5. There will be a large wiring corrugated conduit near the area of these fuel hardpipes that were removed. This is held on by a large plastic holder. Use a flathead screwdriver to unclip the conduit from this holder and lower the conduit. There will also be a cable tie holding a wiring conduit to a bunch of hoses and other things, this cable tie can be unclipped without cutting it 6. The conduit clip in step 5 is attached to a metal holder which is bolted to the inlet manifold. Feel around to see where the bolt is as it's quite difficult to get an idea of it's position, you will feel a "hook" like metal piece here too. Both this hook and the bracket for the conduit clip is held on by the same bolt. As you remove it, note it's orientation so you can put them back in the same way. Picture below shows the orientation, 7. Drain oil and remove oil filter 8. Now it's time to begin unbolting the ISCV from the manifold, this is a big aluminium block bolted to the underside of the manifold. The block is held directly onto the manifold by Three bolts facing upwards, two of which are seen in the photo Below, the third one is at the other side, you will have to feel for it. Remove the bolts shown in the picture, aswell as the hidden bolt not shown in the picture. You will also now be able to remove the clindrical shaped solenoid below the ISCV held on by the bottom 2 bolts shown in picture, it's held on by a gasket that needs to be replaced later, and also has an electrical connector Also remove the cable tie shown in picture below 9. At the rearmost part of the underside of the inlet manifold closer to the firewall there is 2 large hoses that slide onto ports on the manifold, remove the clamps for these using long-nose pliers or whatever method you can and slip the hoses off. There is also a brown plug, unplug it. 10. At the back of the inlet manifold, at the top there will be 2 large rubber hoses connected to hardpipes, remove these rubber hoses from the hardpipes 11. The hardpipes in above photo lead down under the manifold, to a metal coupler that holds them together and to the inlet manifold. You can see this coupler if you peer down the gap between the manifold runners. These hardpipes need to be unbolted either from the inlet manifold, or from the other bracket that holds them to the rest of the hosing assembly to allow the manifold to come out either with this entire pipe together, or without it. Option A - Remove inlet manifold with hardpipes attached. Remove bolt highlighted in yellow. This option is preferred if you can get to this bolt. Option B - Remove inlet manifold without hardpipes attached. Remove bolt that normally will be found in hole circled in red. If you chose this option this bolt will be a very difficult one to get to, requires stubby 1/4" ratchet and socket. You will also need to unbolt these hardpipes from the ISCV via flange held to ISCV by 2 bolts, there is a gasket here too (Highlighted Green) 12. Remove fuel rail and injectors 13. Remove throttle level assembly 14. Remove the large pressure hose from the front of the inlet manifold, loosen both clamps on it to allow the maximum movement. This one is very stubborn and prying to with a screwdriver aswell as spraying WD40 deep inside helps make it loose. You need to pull from the bottom right section of the hose, and pull upward and slightly diagonally. 15. Remove inlet manifold nuts. Here you risk losings washers. There is spring and flat washers. This is most likely to happen for the underside nuts. Here you can use a small magnet attached to a screwdriver, then contact the screwdriver to the stud just enough to pull the washers to your screwdriver/magnet combo. 16. Remove the vacuum hose hose and bracket that goes to the brake master assembly, this will give more clearance for the inlet manifold to slide out. 17. You can now slide the inlet manifold out.
  15. Garrett T51R - 6Boost Manifold - Turbosmart 60mm Wastegate with Screamer Pipe Hey guys, selling the following setup out of a GTR. - Garrett T51R with 1.15 rear housing. The turbo is in near new condition no shaft play or leaks of any sort. The front compresser housing has a 90 degree elbow welded on it and also polished chrome. I have welded a 3.5 inch v-band to the exhaust outlet which is still new it comes with clamp and second flange for dump. - 6Boost Manifold - 60mm Turbosmart Wastegate with Screamer Pipe $2800 ono - Vik. SMS: 0466 605 513
  16. GTS-R R31 Exhaust Manifold I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for the exhaust manifold for the gts-r r31 skyline. Thank you!
  17. WTB VIC RB25det exhaust manifold Hi guys, after a straight rb25det stock exhaust manifold. Preferably located in Melbourne s.e suburbs. If you have one you would part with, pm me. Thanks.
  18. R33 GTR OEM parts plus Trust/Greddy Manifold and RB30 Second hand parts for sale! Can post all items at buyer cost, negotiable on items. Located in Adelaide 0456969001 R33 GTR rear subframe $100 R33 GTR front upper arms $50 (SOLD) R33 GTR rear upper arms $50 R33 GTR rear lower arms $50 R33 GTR standard exhaust system $100 (SOLD) R33 GTR standard front swaybar $30 R33 GTR standard rear swaybar $30 R33 GTR dash board $100 R33 GTR wiring looms: - Complete car loom $400 - Engine loom $200 R33 GTR rear driveshafts $350 R33 GTR front tailshaft $75 RB30 standard bottom end (not sure of model) $200 Trust/Greddy T78/T88 manifold suit RB26 $400 R33 GTR standard turbo kit complete $350 (includes manifolds, turbos, dumps, inlet piping, etc)
  19. 6 BOOST MANIFOLD TAKING ALL SERIOUS OFFERS TAKING ALL SERIOUS OFFERS FOR A SALE TODAY Rb 6boost manifold Twin scroll T4 flange With egt Brand new never fitted Heat wrap was removed when i bought it for inspection because i bought it from another member on hear like 2 years ago I dont want to sell but may need the money to spend on machining so I can make progress on the car... Contact on 04133203two0
  20. EOI 6BOOST manifold Eoi Rb 6boost manifold Twin scroll T4 flange With egt Brand new never fitted Heat wrap was removed when i bought it for inspection because i bought it from another member on hear like 2 years ago I dont want to sell but may need the money to spend on machining so I can make progress on the car... If its going to sell..the earlier a buyer makes a move the more chance they have of buying it 1600 located kingsgrove nsw contact on 0413320three20 can sms pics
  21. R33 Parts Cleanout! Garrett Gtx3582 + turbo manifold + exh + 2 sets of rims drift tek + rotors + sway bars Hi there Doing a big shed cleanup. GOLD COAST VARSITY LAKES All parts off my R33 gtst s2 1996 Genuine Garrett GTX3582. T3 .82 ( i think) little bit of shaft play + 32mm Go Pipes Turbo manifold dual 40mm wastegate. (A few tiny pinholes need a spot weld) + full 3.5" dump pipe and 3" exhaust including cannon and resonator (and pipe with flange to replace resonator) ALL 3 $2500 will split if asked R33 s2 brake rotors set of 4, little surface rust, pretty good life left $20 R33 s2 sway bars front and rear $20 ea R33 crank needs a linish $20 18x8 silver FX motorsport wheels, hero tyres on front good tread, rear micky thompson no tread, removed from r33 $300 18" black drift tek style wheels, front 18x9.5 225 40 18 good tread, rear 18x10.5 235 40 18 no tread, removed from r33 looked awesome! Only changed wheels to get more rubber on the read, $800
  22. Twin Scroll T3 Go Pipes 32mm turbo exhaust manifold RB25 twin wastegate For sale is A Go Pipes rb25 t3 twin scroll manifold 32mm Twin 40mm gate 2 or 3 tiny holes in weld on flange, can see a black spot in pic $800 ono Pickup gold coast
  23. RB30 low mount plus turbo I have a low mount rb30 manifold and 45v2 turbo for sale. $400 ono Sorry for no pics. internet is quite slow atm and wont let me upload. if interested will try and pm pics or find another way around it
  24. I have sold my GTR so no longer need the parts/spares. All parts are located in Brisbane south side, and inspections are welcomed, just message me on here or email me and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can. I will post at buyer's expense, so if you are located elsewhere and if you are interested, please contact me for a quote on freight. Images are located for all the parts here: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/gallery/album/5783-classifieds-images/ Thank you. BCNR33 GTR Skyline RB26DETT Camshaft/Timing Covers One of the camshaft covers has been damaged with a part of it snapped off. $150 FJ20 Cylinder Head with front cover/oil pump Bare FJ20 cylinder head Front Cover with Oil Pump $500 Trust/Greddy Hard Intercooler Pipes http://www.trust-power.com/spec_swf/04cooling/1almi_intake_pipeset.htm Only have two of the pipes out of the set of four. $100 each Greddy T78 33D Turbo http://www.trust-power.com/spec_swf/02turbo/Turbo%20Chargers.htm Split pulse design, rated at 720hp Removed due to going to a twin turbo setup $1500 Greddy Type R Wastegate http://www.trust-power.com/02turbo/waste_gate_valve.html http://www.trust-power.com/spec_swf/02turbo/GReddy%20%20Waste%20Gate%20%20Valve.htm Removed due to going to a twin turbo setup $500 Greddy Type R Split Pulse High Mount Exhaust Manifold http://www.trust-power.com/02turbo/sus_turboex_manifold.html http://www.trust-power.com/spec_swf/02turbo/Sus.Turbo%20Ex.%20Manifold.htm Stainless Steel Split pulse design. Removed due to going to a twin turbo setup $1000 Greddy Heat Shield http://www.trust-power.com/02turbo/heat_insulator.html Removed due to going to a twin turbo setup $50 R33 GTR Dash Cluster Reason for removal was swapped out for an aftermarket cluster. Has 26,000km on Odometer. $300 R33 GTR Fuel Pump Controller $50 R33 GTR YAW Rate Sensor $100 R33 GTR RB26DETT Alternator $100 BCNR33 GTR Skyline N1 Centre Triple Gauge Cluster R33 GTR N1 centre triple gauge cluster Worked perfectly before being removed from the vehicle $100 Nissan Skyline GTR RB26DETT Carbon Fibre Timing Belt Cover Unknown Brand I impulse bought it when I was in Japan. $50 Nismo Skyline BCNR33 Series 3 Front under Diffuser http://www.nismo.co.jp/products/catalogue_2014/#page=265 Genuine Nismo S-Tune aero body kit front under bumper spoiler for the Skyline BCNR33 R33 GTR Nismo S-Tune front bumper. Paid around $1000 and then realized it wouldn’t fit! $500 Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GTR N1 RB26DETT Air Box and Snorkel Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GTR N1 Air Box and Snorkel K&N Air Filter $250 RB26DETT Air Flow Meters These were working fine before being removed from the vehicle, one is genuine and one looks aftermarket. $100 for the pair Trust/Greddy 3.7” “Power Extreme” Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Exhaust with Custom Front/Dump Pipe Hardly used, was only pulled off due to going back to a twin turbo setup on the car. Custom made dump/front pipe to suit 4 Bolt turbo exhaust flange. No catalytic converter. $600 KSP Racing Equipment / Attain Carbon Kevlar Rear Bumper Cover to suit Nissan Skyline R33 GTST or GTR http://www.ksp-eng.co.jp/ATTAIN/exterior/36.html Brand New still in box KSP/Attain Brand Carbon Kevlar $150 Rasty FRP Boot for Skyline R33 GTR/GTS-T http://www.rasty.tv/pro/trunk.html Flat Truck Style painted in QM1 White Some Cracks in the paint where the wing was mounted. Very light $450 R33 GTR Front Lower Arms Stock R33 GTR Front lower arms with ball joints. $150 for the pair Nismo Clear Indicators Brand New Still in Box. $80 R33 GTR R200 Competition Diff Brand New Cusco 2 way Center Brand New Crown Well and Pinion Trust/Greddy Extended High Capacity Diff Cover http://www.trust-power.com/16power_train/diff_cover.html http://www.trust-power.com/spec_swf/05engine/DiffCover_Up_Grade_Kit.htm Diff Cover has also been modified to clear a close fitting exhaust 4.11 Ratio $2000 R32 GTR Dash Speedo Reason for removal was only due to being swapped out for an aftermarket cluster. 52,000km on Odometer. $250 R32 GTR Factory Suspension Inserts and springs. They were removed while they were still in good working cond. $400 R33 GTR ABS Unit Removed from the car only due to installing a pedal box set up. $250 R33 GTR Washer Bottle and Motors Very good condition. $50 R33 GTR RB26DETT Cylinder Head Complete cylinder head with coil packs. Was running perfectly and was only pulled off the engine with the intent to build the bottom end, never happened. $1250 RB26DETT Ind. Throttle Bodies and Plenum. Was running perfectly and was only pulled off the engine with the intent to build the bottom end, never happened. $400 RB26 Starter Motor Was working perfectly and was only pulled off the engine. $100 R33 GTR Sump and Factory Front Diff Was running perfectly and was only pulled off the engine with the intent to build the bottom end, never happened. $300
  25. Hey guys, I made up an adaptor plate kit for my personal car and had a few extras cut at the same time, limited supply Flange/Adaptor kit to attach an R34 NEO AACV Idle air/water temp control unit to an R33 intake/inlet manifold/plenum Necessary when installing the majority of after-market RB25 manifolds ie GReddy/freddy onto a NEO to retain factory idle control Kit comes with bolts and gaskets for both sides (one of which passes over two of the bolt heads, these spots need to be sealed with liquid gasket) $60 posted Australia wide Cheers
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