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  1. Pics? are these genuine .
  2. RB25 series 1,Rb20, RB26 splitfires. Only used for two track days, like new condition. $450 firm Vic north . 0432 363 101
  3. Hey mate i have some jecs 1200cc side feeds in std rail . Im in melbourne but can send. $500
  4. I also had a bit of weld brake off the collector and damaged my exhaust wheel. I was using a high mount though. Manifold flange kept warping too decked it twice. Good for a streeter I guess, not for the track.
  5. Any fuel cell foam will do, also very cheap.
  6. I had the same problem with my 33 well all 33 seem to do it when you add washers for more lock.. I think its just in the design of the rack, turning left always has more travel. If just got my knuckles modified, were they shorten and straighten the tie rod arm(cut and weld) gets heaps of lock combined with a slip on washer. The advantage is it reduces akerman between the two wheels and also shortens the steering ratio(less turns lock to lock. Win win for a drifter. JDI fabrications do them in Melbourne.
  7. I had same problem with my td06 20g on the std manifold. I found that goin to a thicker sort of crush turbo gasket helped a lot (think it was mls). The single, realy thin stainless gaskets are rubbish. Also stubbled across this on facebook. They might sell 4 studs on their own for the turbo side. Racetune Inconel Studs now available! Pictured here is an RB20 RB25 RB26 RB30 kit featuring Inconel studs with rolled threads and stainless steel lock nuts. Why pay close to $120 for genuine Nissan junk made out of mild steel and guaranteed to break? Get some Inconel studs for $220 delivered Australia wide. Inconel is the same material that turbo shafts and blades are made out of and are highly heat and corrosion resistance. Message us in Facebook or email [email protected] to order. Pickup available from Vic.
  8. Im using a hypergear 22.5g (I think thast what it called). Its an l2 turbine wheel and 10cm rear. The comp wheel is Staos billet 11 blade ss2 wheel , .7 front non antisurge housing. Flows about the same as a t67 with slightly better response. with the hybrid manifold and tial 44mm , the spring combo used boost creped to around 23-24 psi and tapered of slowly to wards redline. Also had a larger gate pipe welded to the manifold With the brae manifold and 50mm gate, its seems to build boost fair bit slower, but was more efficient up top. mad more power than previous manifold and gate on 20 psi. peak power is closer to redline, aslo used 10% less fuel I got rid of the hybrid because it kept on warping the head flange and leaked. A piece of the weld from the collector also broke off and damaged the turbine wheel. So bit the bullet and bought the brae( Staos old setup of his test car). Bit trickier to drive with the lag, but pulls a lot harder. Cant wait to slide on the track Got one run in at calder park managed an 11.7 at 121mph, pretty happy considering its setup for drift , abit more practise think i could run a high 10 second pass I have the dyno plot comparing the two but not too sure how to upload it pink is current(brae with 50mm),
  9. haha funny thing is I lost a shit load of response and torque goin from my hybrid manifold and tial 44mm gate, to a brae performance manifold (ie long runners ,merg collector like a 6boost) and hypergear 50mm waste gate. I did make a lot a lot more top end though even on 3-4 psi less. Also required less fuel. think around 10% a lot more efficient So don't slag the hybrid lol.
  10. Anti sure housing makes them abit doughier onto boost, and generally need more pressure for the same power.
  11. If I was to put an exhaust cam from a rb25det neo onto my de motor (na has around 2mm less lift), would it be a direct swap, or will the cam need to shimmed to tolerance. Will be using my current setup on the neo 25de hoping to make a responsive 350 wkw on flex. (abit worried the smaller intake ports become a restriction though). Has anyone on here pushed a de neo this far.
  12. ahh shit. thought only need shimming if the base circle diam is different. might have to start a thread see if any one know for sure. How much you after for the cam anyway.
  13. Thanks, but I have a de motor that im going to turbocharge, hence the need for the det cam. if I have trouble finding one I might grab the gtr cam off you. (just abit worried about shimming it up , never done it before)
  14. As title, looking for a standard rb25det neo exhaust cam. 0432 363 101