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  1. Also good point Richard makes about the water/ethanol boiling, I always drive my car to the track before thrashing so anything that could be potentially hazardous to the engines health with likely be gone by the time any thrashing occurs
  2. The question is, is that ethanol affecting the oil or water condensation? and is that straight after driving the car or because you left warm oil sit in the catch can? Also nice and dandy for straight line stuff, that's never been the issue... Trying hammering around a Racetrack and you will see why it's better to have oil from the catch can drain back into the sump rather than no oil in the sump. I'm also going to take a bet that my car not only survives Racewars and Powercruise weekends (and years and years of them) but also is more than happy to lap tracks running 2 bar with no issues
  3. Once again, how is that different to the oil/mist in the cam covers that drains back to the sump?
  4. Exactly what is the difference between the oil in the cam covers and the catch can? Does it magically change it's properties when it travels through the line between the cam covers and the catch can?
  5. Any updates or news on the PPG front? Any failures since the newer version has been released?
  6. Would be interesting to see power difference between 122 and 127k. I assume that Borg Warner would have a decent percentage or error in those speeds (say 30-60%) so 127k should exactly be on the ragged edge.
  7. Will be good to see how fast it actually is on the black dyno, I suspect it'll be quicker than the figures suggest
  8. I'll be back when you stop f**king around with that baby turbo and get a 9180 on there, or even maybe a 9174 if you want to be soft 300rwkw at 4000rpm is about double (plus some) power that time makes so it's not exactly like you need that much grunt that low
  9. Has the fluff fallen out of Ernie yet? Otherwise not a real EFR
  10. Going well still... Been through lots of different sets of cams to see what's best and finally arrived at some I think work well. In terms of lap times, managed to drop under a minute at Barbs which I'm stoked about, this was with around 700hp and a bit of mid range lacking, the car now has 766hp on high boost and tonnes more mid range but every time I head to the track it seems to be wet. Probably need a bit of aero or weight saving to keep dropping times but thus far I'm fairly happy with my 59.77sec lap and nothing else is really close so I'll just enjoy it for now and wait for inevitably others to start catching me.
  11. Try this...
  12. I like how photobucket is now f**ked so all the pics are gone! Winning
  13. Technically it's rear hub hp, not awhp. I don't think they have an overspeed (it's not an EFR after all) Turning the dyno on SAE correction it shows up 797hp so god knows how much it's making at the flywheel but definitely more than the turbo is rated at. Never measured backpressure in exhaust but air temps after the intercooler are more than reasonable
  14. Smooth idle, not even lumpy at all... I'll get a video on weekend