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  1. I had one, but like many many others got rid of after disastrous ownership experience
  2. I wouldn't recommend a PPG or having to deal with them to my worst enemy
  3. I'd agree with Peter in the attached screenshot, track work (not straight line stuff only) puts a lot of pressure on different components. Do Maatouks have any 2.6l N1 builds that do track work?
  4. Is the case the issue, because that's not made by Albins, I figured Albins is the hold up?
  5. The Albins has an internal oil pump so may help for circuit cooling but they appear to be similar. I think B2R are putting the Albins in some decent powered straight line cars at the moment
  6. I don't have a dry sump but I probably should. If I cared more about the engine I probably would but it's a bottom of the ocean junker so it's not a huge concern. I get some concerns with pressure, it always stays above 50psi so at least there is oil there. Is it too soon to bring up dry sumps being a stuff around in the first place
  7. Firstly why don't you spend a bit more coin you rich mother f**ker ? Secondly, start talking about the real race car not the silly GTR
  8. 6062 is bigger than mine in terms of outright power so it's way more than you want. Ryan's 240Z goes 600hp with a 5558 on a RB25, so that's easy enough for your goals
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