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  1. Going well still... Been through lots of different sets of cams to see what's best and finally arrived at some I think work well. In terms of lap times, managed to drop under a minute at Barbs which I'm stoked about, this was with around 700hp and a bit of mid range lacking, the car now has 766hp on high boost and tonnes more mid range but every time I head to the track it seems to be wet. Probably need a bit of aero or weight saving to keep dropping times but thus far I'm fairly happy with my 59.77sec lap and nothing else is really close so I'll just enjoy it for now and wait for inevitably others to start catching me.
  2. Try this...
  3. I like how photobucket is now f**ked so all the pics are gone! Winning
  4. Technically it's rear hub hp, not awhp. I don't think they have an overspeed (it's not an EFR after all) Turning the dyno on SAE correction it shows up 797hp so god knows how much it's making at the flywheel but definitely more than the turbo is rated at. Never measured backpressure in exhaust but air temps after the intercooler are more than reasonable
  5. Smooth idle, not even lumpy at all... I'll get a video on weekend
  6. Yup, there was talk about going a 222/222 and that was actually going to push the advertised duration to 226 but drop the lift down to 10mm From Kelford
  7. Secret! I don't think Kelford do 50 thou, but they are 226 at 1mm
  8. Yes, 182R are newest (I think they were actually labelled 182X on the box)... They are custom 260 10.3mm ones from Kelford
  9. Update, the custom grinds ended up working well (although the GREX were still mighty in hindsight)
  10. The 6262 sillyness is never ending... New cams just got the most power and torque it's ever made
  11. At a guess (4.11s with 265/18s) 112 km/hr is around 4000rpm... So it's gone from 345kw to 230kw which is a massive wack. I've now stopped look at graphs across the x axis for response and now look more to the difference in y axis as it shows a lot more about how a car will drive
  12. It's got twice the horsepower at 4500rpm! That would be a massive difference
  13. I honestly did enjoy the saltyness of the Jem R34 thread because the guy appears to be a bit of a knob... Also so many fanbois butthurt that the $10k manifold and $5k dump pipe work the same as every other one haha
  14. Bobby, Piggaz... Same same
  15. The valve clearances come on the cam spec sheets. I'm fairly sure Kelford clearances are a good 0.1mm tighter than standard and almost certain you will need much thicker shims