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  1. SimonR32

    Up to 582kw these days (Mainline hub dyno), ran a 9.6 @ 146mph so power and speed match fairly well
  2. SimonR32

    I'm the same, having issues since going twin walbro 460L Kit should be on the way so over nearly double the amps plus 27 years younger should help
  3. SimonR32

    Do you think the motorsport has hammered the batteries and caused some premature wear compared to a normal commuter?
  4. New Koyorad is a 48mm (rather than old 53mm) so you get better clearance to fan/shroud and it is apparently more efficient. I make around 580kw at the hubs and I tend freak out when it hits over 90C but only really heads that way after a belting and sitting idling, drops temperature when air is flowing at speed.
  5. No but I don't think 1000hp is out of the question with the right gear and tune
  6. Was borderline previous, think gaps were just under 0.5 while easily threw spark at 0.8 with R35 coils
  7. Mine went 770 on dynapack and 780 on mainline with less boost and richer so go figure haha. Mind you it did have some very nice R35 coils throwing spark on mainline
  8. That's a huge hole that's been filled! Mind you, that 6870 probably has 200-300hp left in it
  9. If the ramp rate is the same and the rpm is set up correctly that should have no effect
  10. SimonR32

  11. #notanymore I did a 9.609 @ 146.10mph on Wednesday
  12. SimonR32

    I think that anyone could do it with the right knowledge and skills, but it's not a simple slap on a 6262 and do a 9.6
  13. SimonR32

    Quoted Lith because he loves a oil leaking precision... 9.609 @ 146.10mph last night at the drags Not bad for the baby 62mm, only got one pass and then got the boot