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  1. Firstly why don't you spend a bit more coin you rich mother f**ker 🤣 Secondly, start talking about the real race car not the silly GTR
  2. 6062 is bigger than mine in terms of outright power so it's way more than you want. Ryan's 240Z goes 600hp with a 5558 on a RB25, so that's easy enough for your goals
  3. Direct back to back change... Same boost, 30psi 6870 made even more power with extra boost while the 9180 was all out
  4. The precision is the ones that comes on way earlier and makes more power... I'd like to see the transient response make up for that deficit
  5. Not much power wise. Actually exactly the same as last year. Done some suspension (MCA red) but that won't help. May get a quick tune before Racewars using TPS vs MAP and maybe a little more boost
  6. 5558 on a RB25 with 20psi on 98 Going to be fairly rapid in a 240Z, especially once some E85 is used
  7. By the looks of that, basically anything you could pick is going to get a better result. EFR8374 if you're rich, Precision 6262, Garrett GTX35 etc etc. I'd put money on a old Garret T04Z making more power and being a lot more responsive. Smash a decent intercooler in there as well
  8. I'd doubt the compressor is anywhere close to being out, mine is rated at less and puts out 200hp more. Just up the duty cycle top end. I'd also comment that the graph looks extremely lazy. 85kw at 4000rpm is horrible. There is something not right there, does it still retain VCT?
  9. Staggered inlet were too big for my application (Precision 6262) We started at centerlines they suggested, inlet got advanced a fair bit on the dyno. Exhaust stayed the same Which EFR? Grex unknown exact specs but around 9.1 260 or 264, Tomei Poncam Type B 260, Tomei Poncam Type R 250 and the Kelford 182-S
  10. Out of the 5 sets of cams I've tried they are equal best response. On moderate boost levels they make the most power (but head is also now slightly ported), on high boost they make the most power (once again head is ported now). Never apples with apples, but if I did it all over again, I'd be sticking with them
  11. Those 182-X are the custom ones that were made for me. @Piggaz check the sheet
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