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Found 21 results

  1. In need of help Got a 180sx with a rb20 but con rods went through block so did the heart transplant.. btw this is my first time doing anything like this so Im a complete delinquent but I just need clarification. The car has a oil catcher which is whats confusing me and hasnt got a charcoal canister (the orange, light green and brown that go to nothing are just blocked off by a screw) which is also doing my head in with whats necessary and whatnot and so far in the pic is what I got with the previous setup. any help will be very much appreciated!
  2. In desperate need of help Got a 180sx with a rb20 but con rods went through block so did the heart transplant.. btw this is my first time doing anything like this so Im a complete delinquent but I just need clarification. The car has a oil catcher which is whats confusing me and hasnt got a charcoal canister (the orange, light green and brown that go to nothing are just blocked off by a screw) which is also doing my head in with whats necessary and whatnot and so far in the pic is what I got with the previous setup. any help will be very much appreciated!
  3. Hey folks Anyone still or started to use Water wetter and plain old distilled water instead of Glycol/antifreeze for cooling requirements? I live in the tropics so will most definitely not require antifreeze component in coolant and apparently water wetter still has anti-corrosive properties as well as lubing the water pump internals etc... Is Redline the only ones who make Water Wetter in Oz? Not many seem to have heard of water wetters or deal with them for that matter....perhaps for good reasons?? I was planning on flushing out my system on the R32 GTST and my incoming bike as well - figured I would see if going water wetter would be a good idea. Seems to be the real deal but we'll see..
  4. hey guys this morning i went to go for a drive but i had a feeling i should check my fluid levels before i do so and i did, i found a lot of oil in my coolant, we pressure tested the radiator and it held pressure well very small drop in pressure after 15mins, and also did compression test which came back ok. am i looking at a suspected blown head gasket here? or are there other places where the oil could have gotten into the coolant from?
  5. Hi all, Iv been looking around, and cant seem to find anyone having done this. My concern is, when I shut the car off, after a minute I can hear water start to bubble, not like sizzle at all but just pop away slowly. It did it with the garrett and with the new efr. The lines come from factory points, are free from blockage etc. Im wondering if a small transfer pump hooked into the line would be of benefit, to get more water going faster. Or if its not worth worrying about. So has anyone heard of it being done? What pump would work? Is it a problem? - more to the point of getting air in the system. Thoughts?
  6. Hi guys, got a r34 GT-T NEO, checked my coolant this morning and it is dark brown. there was a little bit of sludge on the bottom of the radiator cap and i put my finger in the coolant to find really small traces of oil. from my experience when the head gasket is blown the coolant is a lot worse, but I'm not a mechanic. i have checked a lot of other forums but can't get any specific info that matches up to my issue. i have had the car for 6 months and there has been no problems with cooling system it always sits just under half. Not sure if the following information will be valid but over the weekend i took off the stock turbo and put a high flowed VL turbo, i used my old waste gate and bolted it to 2 plates that were bolted to the side of the compressor housing, i assumed the plates were flexing because it wasn't boosting very well. i then changed the plates to something a bit more sturdy and took it for a drive, on my old turbo i was running 12 psi and when i tested this new turbo it boosted to 17 psi i then straight away turned the boost down to 8 psi. could this have caused me to blow the head gasket when it over boosted?
  7. hey guys just having a random over heating issue and wondering if any of you guys have encountered before?? so my rb25det seems to randomly over heat after i change the coolant. ill take it up the road it will heat right up to 115 degress plus and ill just pull over,turn the car off and let it sit for a few minutes, turn it back on and its back to good again around 85 degress. also sometimes does it if its sit or a few days. what could it be? water pump? blockage?
  8. Hi, trying to look for a good coolant hose kit to replace on my rb25det Non neo. All the small coolant hoses under the intake manifold and heater hoses, had a look on kudos and couldn’t find anything. Ebay only showed hoses from China and not really a fan of getting cheap quality products. Anyone have an idea of where to get a full hose kit?
  9. Hello all, I know this topic has been beaten to death, however many of these threads lead to more questions than answers. As far as single turbo water cooled applications, what return water lines need to be retained. The water feeds are self explanatory, and the returns are too to a certain extent, my questions are mostly focused on the returns on the intake side at the rear of the block. I have attached pictures below from a thread that asks a similar question, however the answers are of a great range and indecisive. My question is, do both water returns under the plenum need to be retained? As far as my knowledge is concerned, the pictures below of the water returns under the plenum, have the arrows showing the wrong direction of water flow. As far as I know, the metal tube under the plenum that goes to the heater core, provides water flow into the thermostat housing, not away from the thermostat housing. The other picture, of the engine outlet, leading toward the radiator inlet, looks to have the correct arrow showing flow showing the turbo water return. The front return makes sense when the thermostat is open ONLY, as that is when water flows through that outlet. The rear return under the plenum that connects the water tube that connects to the thermostat housing, also makes sense, as it provides flow when the thermostat is closed. The one that confuses me is the one that connects to that water chamber connected to the intake plenum. This fitting seems redundant to the one on the front of the intake plenum area. Is that connection "needed" and what is its fiction?
  10. Hey guys I have a coolant leak and i think it's coming behind the turbo shell but i am not sure what the cause of it is. Think i have to take the turbo out to check the gasket or something but i got to wait for my mechanic friend till friday to help me with it. Anyone have any idea's and tips to diagnose this? "Video 1" You will see the water leaking from somewhere behind the turbo shell i think. It was this morning. End up not taking my car to work because i don't think i'd be a great idea driving it now while water is leaking like this "Video 2" was when it happend, i recorded late but you can hear the "tsssssssss" from the water coming out, but after 30minutes it stopped and i filled the radiator with more water to go put the car home. Ignore the language tho, uploaded the video just so u can hear the sound nextday.mp4 night.mp4
  11. Hey all. So I'm having issues with my R32 GTST RB20DET. Basically, after driving it for 5-10 minutes, it starts to steam and white smoke comes from under the hood. It seems to be originating from the area around the #5 fuel injector. It smells like coolant and the day before, it got so bad that my coolant was completely drained. I replaced a couple of faulty vacuum hoses, but it still steams out coolant. My car isn't overheating either. The oil doesn't look creamy and there's no white smoke coming from the exhaust, so there's no clear cut problem. The ac and heat also work just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. I have had coolant poor down from behind the engine somewhere and passing down onto the ground generally when the car gets to temperature. . Rather than replace heater hoses which i think is the issue. I want to delete the heater all together. Is it a big job?
  13. Coolant leak at back of engine RB25DET Hi! Today I discovered a little puddle of coolant under the car when I looked underneth it. I currently have the car jacked up for the winter. Never noticed this leak until now, guess the coolant never made it down to the floor when I used to drive it and it managed to dry up before. Now the car has been standing for about 2 months so now it is visible. The coolant level is fine though so not a huge leak. I tried to follow the leak from the side of the gearbox and upwards. I belive it has dripped down from the coolant feed from the turbo by the looks of it behind the engine. Here are some pics I took, what do you guys belive? Will it be as "easy" as just replacing the nasty looking hose clamp? ? The car is a 94 r33 gtst btw.
  14. Oil/Coolant substance in Engine Harness If it's not one thing after another. So as I was removing my alternator due to an issue with receiving 18v from my charging system, a puddle of what appeared to be a oil/coolant mix formed next to my head on the floor. Now my car hasn't moved since Aug 12th due to a broken leg (only pulled it forward 8ft out of the garage once after disconnecting the alternator to hang ceiling racks and check voltage). This substance was legit pouring out of a connector (engine harness side not the power steering line) plugged into a power steering hard line directly under the alternator. Any ideas/suggestions as to what could be causing this? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks gents!
  15. Hi All, Just clearing my shed with a few spares I have -R33 Coolant bottle $30 -R33 GTR stock rear bar $50 -R33 GTR Stock side skirts $50 -R33 Washer bottle with motor $30 -R34 GTT air flow meter with 3inch Pod adaptor $50 I didn't take a pic of the AFM, but can sms you one on request. Located in Deer Park 3023 Vic. Shoot me a msg or call on 0421 111 542. Cheers Hok
  16. Hi All, Late last year my Bora packed it in. On inspection it was realised that the factory oil cooler had let go allowing all the oil in the engine to go into the cooling system. I turned the engine off before it stopped, so I'm fairly confident that the block is ok. Now, I have some replacement parts to fit, including the oil cooler and some better hoses/pipes for the cooling system. I have a bit of a conundrum. I can't start the engine until the oil cooler is replaced, at which point the coolant will still be contaminated and upon starting the engine, it will pump the sludge through the new parts. Or, is there something I can do to flush the cooling system without the engine running so I can get everything as clean as possible? As a second note, how do you dispose of coolant in Sydney? Thanks.
  17. Intermittent misfiring on rb25det My r33 skyline has recently started intermittently misfiring on idle and while driving. Spark plugs are new, new yellow jacket coil packs, replaced the o2 sensor, and cleaned the maf several times and a fuel system flush has been performed the misfire doesn't sound to be on anyone cylinder. when it does misfire white smoke comes from the exhaust and the coolant level has been going down. Could the turbo be leaking coolant into the intake causing the misfire when it reaches the cylinder? Has this been an issue before?
  18. Changing/cleaning coolant sensors rb25det neo Location for both ecu and dash gauge coolant sensor. How to change or clean them. Take both sensors out and clean them with 600 grit sandpaper. Only the metal parts. Not the thread!!! Clean with clean rag put some high temp thread tape on sensor thread and re install.
  19. Sediment in Coolant? Has anyone seen this before? I've just bought a 2006 Mitsubishi Triton and it has a brown flaky sediment in the cooling system. The stuff isn't gooey like oil mixed with water, and instead is a flaky particulate which when rubbed disintegrates into nothing. It was mostly in the coolant reservoir, accumulated at the bottom of the bottle but also on the walls at the water level. I'd say there was about a half a teaspoon of the stuff in there. I pulled the upper radiator hose off and it seems to be lining the walls of the hose, however here i had to use my fingernail to scrape it off as opposed to it just rubbing away easily. I've seen oil mixed with water in head gasket cases but it seems to form a more solid, milky gooey mass. This stuff is more like tiny specs of matter which when rubbed basically just disintegrate like I mentioned above. The car doesn't appear to lose any oil or coolant. I've cleaned it all up and will see if it reappears, just not sure what it is? Possibly hose rot or contaminated coolant? Pics attached.
  20. Hello everyone, I am fitting oil and coolant temp gauges to my r32 gtst. I am wondering a few things Normal Oil operating temperature - Oil temp that I should not go above - Normal Coolant operating temperature - Coolant temp that I should not go above - Thank you.
  21. So... Does anyone have advice on how to best attack replacing this hose? I guess I just start pulling things off until I can get to it
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