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  1. Looking for some input on shocks and springs. What brand/ spring rates are people running for their road race gtst's? I was looking at the MCA line up but haven't heard much about them over here in the States. I was also thinking of possibly getting a set of custom Penske racing shocks built up, but again not sure what kind of specs to use. I think someone name Ben on here went down that route? Id love to hear some input.
  2. Welp, pretty big update here. The past week has been pretty busy prepping for the first shakedown day that happened this past Saturday. Mapped the car and was able to get a safe 280 whp at only 8-10 psi. Turned the ignition advance up top to around 19 degrees and this makes for a very linear power delivery. Feels similar to an s54 with a bit less downlow torque. The shakedown day went well I had another driver fly in for the week and he was able to get about an hour in the car but wasn't used to rhd hand drive so had a rough time with the shifts. He unfortunately had a missshift going into 4th went into 2nd. He said it only rev'd up to about 8 grand so hopefully no damage, ran for about an hour after that and all seemed fine. All and all got a good 4-5 hours on track and a lot of good data. Not sure how I like my current alignment that will be my next change. Anyways heres a screenshot of me in the car.
  3. Mule engine is dropped in, have to finish up some wiring but cranked it and got 50psi oil pressure then let off. Hoping for first start this Friday.
  4. Awesome thanks for the help, maybe someone will confirm at some point.
  5. Hey guys, I’m looking at some brake options and wondering what people are running for enduro or circuit race cars in general. I would love to stick with AP Racing as I’ve driven with them a lot before, but not sure if they make a kit for the 32 gtst. Will a BnR kit fit on the HCr? Or do you have to use a 300zx kit? Thanks for any help.
  6. Couple of small updates. Got the new clutch in, now waiting on the flywheel to be resurfaced and then to mate the engine with the transmission which will be filled with Torco RTF or MTF. Also got the new brake master onto the car.
  7. Most of the interior wiring is done, finished up some sensor wiring to the bay as well as the switch panel which i have off in this photo. Got the mid drivers net ran through the dash to the bar as well as the side net test fitted.
  8. Thanks! I think its crazy of the amount of 32-33 here that the "build" is a big single, wheels, tomei exhuast, and coilovers, oh yea and maybe a momo steering wheel haha!
  9. Small update I suppose, been quite busy with school recently. Managed to finish up most of the wiring under the dash and for the fuse block. Got the battery mounted on the passenger side turned out nicely. Got the dash bolted in for now and the seat put in to test clearances. This weekend ill cut the dash up to try to fit the mid drivers net through to attach to the dash bar, I'm hoping this can be done cleanly because the dash sits in a weird spot on the bar to cut. Made up a bit of a switch panel too for now although I will go with a pdm down the road this works sweet for the time being. Button is for start, then from right to left it goes ignition, accessories, and fuel system. Transponder and cool suit switches will go in later as well.
  10. Unfortunately all that wiring was torn out so I don't have it anymore.. I would agree with you though that 12v at the pins on the rear screen would most likely do it. I'm not super sure what the noise suppressor would do in this case unless it was somehow a capacitor so its probably not needed.
  11. Bit of an update from the past week. Got the dash cut to fit around the cage and lightened on the bottom side. Finished up all the gauge wiring that is tied to a central fuse block that is controlled through a switch. Also got new pigtails for the knock sensor harness as the old ones were crusty and I was having issues with weird resistance in that circuit before. Planned out the wiring for the main kill switch too, including a "normally open" and "normally closed" connection loop to prevent voltage and amperage spikes from alternator run down time. Now just waiting for a bunch of parts to come in to finish the wiring and battery mounting/circuit.
  12. Paint coming along nicely. Trying out this "2K" clear coat and it seems to be good and thick but unfortunately its so cold outside even with the garage heater its still too cold for a great outcome, but it will work.
  13. I’m a bit confused by what you’re trying to say here. I have plenty of knowledge about vehicle dynamics from real world work in fsae, which in the states is universities designing a small race car from the ground up with cad, fea testing and dynamic testing etc.... I also have plenty of resources at my disposal luckily. As far as the power train goes this is of course not the race motor it’s a mule for testing gates in the sump (plan will probably be an accusump down the road) and seeing what this plenum will do for now as I’ve heard plenty good things about it even though it’s not the nicest casting/design out there. A stock style plenum is not acceptable in this case as the heat soak will be huge and the ease of access to coils, plugs, etc etc is way better with the front facing. Yea it’s not a 1000$ plaza man plenum, but for a low hp motor I wanted to see what it could do. I doubt the race motor will even have individual egt’s though because you have to remember this car will probably only need to have about 300 hp for classing rules, unless of course I find myself going through engines quick.... Tuning would be aided by them yes but I don’t think it would be needed initially and tuning is done at my friends shop (e46 car) where they and I have tuned a couple cars for endurance where you have to do a different approach than a regular map. Anyways, I will keep that in mind that the plenum is no good(?). Thanks
  14. Masking the interior for paint. Plan is to paint tomorrow.
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