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  1. Ok, so can I just ground one wire from the new sensor and splice the other one into the old sensor?
  2. @mr.carnage on instagram had really wide 15" welds on his 33 gtr. He could probably help you out there
  3. Yea I thought it was the single too, that’s what someone else said too... that’s why I’m confused on the wiring
  4. Ohh , I was told the single was for the gauge! Thanks for the clarification
  5. Hello, so i have my aftermarket coolant gauge wired to an sensor in the upper hose, the 2 wires can be seen going into the sensor, but I want to use the existing port that is for the stock coolant gauge. The problem is there are 2 wires going to the sensor i have now in the upper hose, but only 1 going into the stock location where i want to wire my aftermarket gauge too. What do I have to do to wire it? I dont think the stock sensor is a 1/8th npt size either? (pictures below) Thanks for any help
  6. Hello, I recently installed some gauges into my car and have noticed that the coolant temp will not break above 140*F (60*C) when im moving and will only get up to about 180*F(82*C) if im standing still for a few minutes. Im pretty sure the car has a stock thermostat and it does have electric fans that are wired to turn on at about 190*F(88*C). The fans have a probe sensor that is put into the rad ,which Im not a huge fan of. I also have noticed a few times the fans have turned on well before the car has gotten up to 190, and when im driving when its cold out, around 0*C the temp will rise and then actually fall way down to almost 110*F. Any input on this? Bad thermostat? Thanks for any help.
  7. I’m fitting an rb25 turbo on my RB20 and am wondering what the best sounding outlet pipe is. I’ve looked at the tomei, but I’m not really looking at spending 300 usd for an outlet pipe. What else do you guys think? Also looking at downpipes aswell.
  8. But I thought the window has to be down to get the regulator and motor out?
  9. Hello all, recently I’ve been having some trouble with my drivers side window. The symptoms it was showing would lead me to re solder the window relay, I ended up getting a new one and the problem did not change. The window is stuck up, when I switch the switch to the up position, there is a click from the relay (which is good), when I click the switch down there is no click. So I’m wondering if the problem is the switch or the regulator motor, I’m hoping it’s the switch but I really don’t know. I also took the switch out and cleaned it, then I put it back in and the window went down, so I put it back up again, and when I went to put it down and it was stuck up again. Thank you for any help.
  10. hello, will this sandwich plate fit on my '91 gtst with the rb20det. https://www.amazon.com/GlowShift-Filter-Sandwich-Adapter-Thread/dp/B007SXGAZQ or do I need https://www.amazon.com/GlowShift-Oil-Filter-Sandwich-Adapter/dp/B001PLNDF2/ref=pd_rhf_cr_s_cp_0_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B001PLNDF2&pd_rd_r=PE3WR92ANH9ZN2YZ3TZA&pd_rd_w=j5IbC&pd_rd_wg=nlGKw&psc=1&refRID=PE3WR92ANH9ZN2YZ3TZA Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, I am fitting oil and coolant temp gauges to my r32 gtst. I am wondering a few things Normal Oil operating temperature - Oil temp that I should not go above - Normal Coolant operating temperature - Coolant temp that I should not go above - Thank you.
  12. Hello, i recently bought mishimoto fans and shroud and also https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OBEOT0S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 my plan was to just use the probe sensor in the rad, but i was also wondering if i could splice the probe wire to the existing sensor on the bottom of the rad. Would this work? Although it looks to be as the sensor on the car has 2 wires going into it but the probe only has 1.... maybe splice into one of the 2 on the top of the rad? Thanks for any help
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