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  1. Update, I have played with timing and fuel bit more and retarded the timing 5 degrees and it still made little to no difference. It seems to detect the least knock competitively (if it even is real knock) at about 16* timing at high rpm/wot, which is conservative from what I've seen people online have their 20's at. I also put a tank of fresh 100 AKI (104 RON) and it seemed to make little to no difference of the seemingly high knock values that are spiking to 200+. This is leading me more to think one or more of the sensors is faulty.
  2. Yep, makes sense could be picking up drivetrain “noise” as well. I had a great time helping tune our e46 race car here in the us for a series called lucky dog, had knock ears there and was able to hear it audibly, really helped make it perfect. Just my first dab dealing with rb’s, good to know they’re not reputable
  3. Hi all, I have been tuning my 20det and have into a bit of confusion. When I log the knock sensor values, sensor 2 is has quite different values than sensor one, even at areas where there is little knock possibility. Is this because they could be wired in series? Although wouldn’t make much sense, I haven’t looked into it much. I will get large knock spikes at about 5500rpm -6000rpm, we have taken a lot of timing out down to about 11-13* and ran different types of fuel and have had no luck. I would think that the voltages of the two sensors would be more similar but I could be wrong. I’m not sure if this is false knock or not but I would like to bump the timing back up to 16* ish as the afr’s were spot on and it felt good or if anyone has any other suggestions that would be much appreciated. Unfortunately don’t have access to knock ears. Cheers Set up is a rb20det gt2860rs 440cc injectors platinum pro
  4. Thanks but on that data sheet i couldn't find a dead time chart ( volt vs ms)
  5. Hey all, ive been searching for the dead time of the Deatchsworks 440cc injectors for days and cannot find anything on their website or online. IM wondering if anyone knows them.. thanks
  6. That’s what I was thinking that’s why it’s hard to see if it’s receiving or transmitting data.
  7. The consult wiring guide is the guide I used to rewire my consult port to a new wiring specialties pig tail. I have 12v and a ground, but I’m not sure what I should be seeing at the Rx, tx, and clk connections, if anything.
  8. The car starts and runs great. I also tested the wiring from the consult port to ecu and everything was good, even rewired a new port and still no luck.
  9. Looking for a little electrical help. I have a hcr32 on a Nistune ecu that at first, had problems with holding connection to the software even with the key only in the on position with the engine off(so not an electical noise issue). Now, I cannot connect to the ecu at all with Nistune, or data scan software. I have tried different cables, different laptops, even re-wired a new consult port in. After that I tired the paper clip jump trick to get codes to flash and nothing worked. I have just got another oem ecu, and still have no luck. I’m quite stuck now and id appreciate any help. Thanks
  10. The one under the drivers side dash, yes.
  11. Hi all, I've recently been battling tuning my car(hcr32). A couple months ago I could connect to my ecu(nistune chipped) and it would sometimes lose connection (even with plms cable). This made me make some extra grounds and had no luck. Now recently, I cant even connect at all (Nistune gives me the spare com port error). Ive tried to connect with different cables, nistune software and datascan software, even tried the paperclip jump trick and got no response from the dash when I would before a couple months ago. I took out my ecu and inspected all points inside the ecu and it looks good, when i tried to turn the knob on the ecu to flash the diag led, I got absolutely nothing. I rewired the consult port with new wiring and a new port connection, still get nothing.. Does anyone have any advice? I'm leaning towards a bad ecu since the led wouldn't even light, but i'm not 100% sure. Thanks for any help in advance.
  12. bump, i'm having this same issue. cant connect to data scan or nistune. I checked the inside of the ecu and all points look good. My ecu diag led light also does nothing...
  13. WOW! That's what i thought it was and a SHOP!!!! was telling me it was for the injectors...... wow, i got so confused.
  14. Hey guys, I have a Rb20det in throwing some 444cc Deatschwerks injectors into. My question is do I have to unplug the injector resistor box on the passenger side of the engine bay or should I leave it in? Thanks for any help
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