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  1. Sorry for the late reply guys. So basically when I put the kelfords in I still had the lifters bleeding off. Then I started by taking off my relocation kit, no help. Then I took off the oil cooler off and my oil pressure dropped to 40 from 70. So I had a massive restriction.Luckily I have a tomie pump so I bumped it up to about 90-100 at 8k and problem gone. thinking that it was just the oil pressure I put camtechs back in. To save doing a full retune. Aaaaand it bled them all out again. So back in with the kelfords, tuned, and iv been giving it a hard time for a thousand kms and its been doing well. Before you rip out your oil cooler consider that I have 2.5 thou bearing clearance and 15/50 motul 300v. The thing that im lucky with is that I never spun a bearing with low bearing oil pressure. Whilst the camtechs dont work for me, I wont take anything away from them. Malcolm has been very supportive and helpful. He is also refunding me for the cams. Now who can recommend a cooler plate that will run -10 lines?
  2. So I have updates here. I eventually found an oil supply problem. It was the HEL oil cooler. something in it was restrictive as hell. Lost 20 psi oil by removing it. So I bumped the pressure up. Now im running almost 100psi at 8k. So still no help on lifters. Bit the bullet and bought a set of custom kelfords. 262/272 x9.35 and my problem is gone. I have no idea but they seem to have solved it. Now I need big lines on my cooler.
  3. Hey guys thanks for the replies. Basically I had specs for the wrong inlet cam. mine was custom made. So I dialled it in perfect (<0.02mm) and comp test was about 160 psi. Once I retarded my inlet 15 degrees and it was correct haha. Worked well. 600nm to redline and 400kw. It was never going to work with the old specs.
  4. Vernier gears. Vct still there. All within 0.02mm
  5. Efr7670 comp was about 150 on poncams. Nothing else changed. Couldn't stop knock. Took 7 degrees out of it. Dialed up right at 165 put now will try tune it. Keep in mind 98 octane and went 420 to 350kw.
  6. Cam dial in Hey all, bit of a brains trust question here. I have kelford cams that I have dialled in exactly to the specs I'm given, and my cold compression test is 170 psi. Was 145 with poncams. This extra pressure makes it impossible to tune. I have dialled them in to within 0.02mm of correct lift at 1mm degree point. At a loss as to why pressure is so crazy high. I'm thinking too much intake advance but it's perfect. Brainstorm please
  7. I have a warning light for oil under 30 pound. Never comes on. I can log oil but it's not connected to the haltech. However after 5 years you would think I'd have more dramas if I was running out of oil
  8. And the reason I'm lead to look away from lifter capability is the fact these are a drop in cam and spring package
  9. Thanks for the input guys. Iv measured the bearing journals, they are within 0.02mm of factory cams. I can't really change oils as the bottoms got clearances for that thickness. The lifters are ok, and the second set I tried have identical problems. I'm really thinking stuff it ill put solids in and get cams redone for solids. It's not worth pulling apart another 5 times to work it out in the meantime. I guess I was hoping someone would say 'Oh that happened to me and this was the fix' wishful right ?
  10. Yeah gauge is good mate, not using factory one. Oil supply was a thought but at idle and low rpm lifters pump back up. Which kinda breaks the supply theory
  11. I don't think neo lifters fit plus you need a different ramp on the cam for solids. I already have 15/50 oil can't go heavier with my setup. I'm like the ideas but keep them coming
  12. Thanks guys, it's the springs that came as part of the package with cams from camtech
  13. RB25 lifters bleeding off cannot solve! Hi guys, iv got a brain teaser for you all. Firstly, overview. I have a built 25 in my 33 running tomei pump 2x 1.3mm restrictors etc etc. Ran 4 years problem free. many track days, lots of spirited driving and so on. Then I decided 22 pound wasnt enough so i put in 85lb supertech springs with TI retainers and camtech 272 9mm lift cams. (a 'drop in cam') From there on I instantly had troubles with lifters. originally dropping one or 2 in and out and in no time i was losing all lifter pressure and it sounds exactly like first start up on a new set of lifters. This is all however at high RPM. Anything under 3k is perfectly fine. but one big rev and I lose all pressure and it takes about 5-10 mins idling around to recover. And i guarantee its the lifters. Heres what iv done so far, bumped oil pressure from 65 to 85 pound. Zero change. Replaced all lifters with genuine low km ones i have spare. Zero change. Checked cam type with camtech, all good. checked spring heights, all good. Checked lifter doesn't go past the gallery. all good. Camtech have suggested its the vct bleeding off pressure, it cant be as its got its own feed. We have no idea what is going on. All ideas welcome! Anyone got a similar story or a fix?
  14. Yeah iv checked it all, and made a big 35 square cable for engine earth too I cant unplug it or it dies lol. needs the reading to go into zero throttle idle map. Ill have a play later in the week when I get a chance lol
  15. I have swapped the alternator to one with half the kms, and no welding for a long time before this began. It literally happened after being parked for 5 days. I have run wires directly from ecu to sensor to no resolve. Im thinking of going straight from the ground on the sensor to the negative terminal on battery to rule out poor earth feed? An GTSBoy, the tps is also brand new haha originally it was my only issue. Itd just lose the zero setting and try to idle out of the base map
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